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French doors and bi-fold doors can really transform a room by letting natural light in and providing a panoramic view to the outdoors. Customers often seek out doors and windows from our recycling yard as they are looking for a particular size that they cannot locate elsewhere. As you can appreciate well sought after items are sold quickly so it is best to check back regularly.
If you’re currently looking for a particular door or window, please feel free to contact us. Visit the Trading Post Online to view all new and recycled items that we currently have in stock. Please note to avoid disappointment: Photos are examples of previous stock and may not currently be available for sale.
Our recycling yard Brisbane is stocked with various sizes and types of recycled timber which have been salvaged from our demolition projects. Visit the Trading Post Online to view all new and recycled timber that we currently have in stock.

Recycled Building Supplies buy and sell a variety of recycled timber for a number of applications.
Some people may be deterred by the prices of recycled or reclaimed timber compared to new timber, as there is the common opinion that new timber must be better. Below is a list of our recycled or second hand timber that we currently supply to the Sydney market. Salvaged mostly from our demolition projects, second hand doors and windows range from antique through to modern.
These well sought after doors can be expensive, however, you can still style your room at an affordable price when purchasing these items from our demolition yard.
We salvage an assortment of types and sizes of security screens and windows from demolition projects. This is not the case, as recycled timber is generally from trees that are hundreds of years old, whereas new timber is grown in plantations and the timber could be lacking in quality. This is not always the truth, as recycled timber has been sourced from trees hundreds of years old, and not grown in plantations.

If you have a comment or query you would like LifeStyle to respond to, please use our feedback form. You will be surprised at the quality and range … and of course the money you can save from sourcing second hand products as opposed to new. There’s no need to sort through numerous piles of second hand building materials in order to find your second hand door or window.  Our yard is meticulously organised and categorised.
Using recycled timber can save you a fortune however there are a few things to remember to ensure your project is safe and aesthetically pleasing.
You need to make sure all of these nails are taken out before you start work repurposing it.- A lot of recycled timber is full of worm dust.

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second hand timber sheds uk

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