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Houses for sale in Odessa, OntarioHere`s your opportunity to start that hobby farm or home based business you`ve always wanted.
Commercial buildings in Belmont, OntarioWe have a mobile wood burning pizza oven business for sale. Commercial buildings in Windsor, OntarioRestaurant Retirement sale after 35 years of successful operation ? Houses for rent in Hastings, OntarioWhy rent when you can own a home for the price of a rental?
Houses for sale in Hastings, OntarioWhy rent when you can own a home for the price of a rental? Houses for sale in Kingston, OntarioFamily home with Income Property - 2 bedroom Apt and Self contained suite.

We specialize in the acquisition, disposition and financing of self storage facilities nationwide. Whether it is an individual investor with a single self storage facility, or an institutional investor with a portfolio of properties, Nick Walker and his team have the knowledge, experience and resources to fulfill all of the client's requirements. By leveraging the strength of CBRE’s Self Storage Advisory Group, in conjunction with market research, a seamless execution process and long-standing relationships, the team can anticipate trends and command capital globally, validating CBRE’s Self Storage Advisory Group as the safest and best choice for results in the global investment property capital market. Please understand that no financial information will be shared until you have seen this exceptional property first hand. Nothing Like this, This is the most safe, secure and professional self storage facility in the service area. By submitting this form, you confirm that you agree to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy. It is now a very manageable 5 Acers zoned highway commercial with a specific amendment for self storage.

LED lighting has been spread out throughout the property along with state of the art surveillance cameras. Beyond the storage business this property leases out space and buildings generating extra monthly income. A cell phone tower lease has also been signed adding another $1000.00 per month for 20 years, because of this contact the cell provider will also pay any increases in property taxes. If you are looking to start a self storage business or simply put another dot on the map this is for you.

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self storage business for sale in ontario waterfront

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