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Birmingham City Centre Self Storage is the answer, store your goods in a dry, clean and secure self storage container with multi locking points U-Store U-Lock U- keep the keys 20ft or 40ft storage units available. Simple self storage option, no hidden cost, no minimum term or contract, all you pay is ?25 per week for a 20ft self storage unit.
We are based at Curzon st, Birmingham, B7 opposite the Millennium Point next to the new Student accommodation we offer storage space for Household, Business and open yard storage for cars, boats, plant and machinery. We can deliver a Brand New 10ft, 20ft or a 40ft Self storage container right outside your doorstep. Owning a storage unit can be a great business, but it's important to know all the related costs and risks so you can develop a realistic business plan before you jump in. However, a major factor in what you will pay depends on the area in which you build your storage unit. However, don't worry; the rate you charge customers will also depend on rental prices in the area. Before you can even start construction, there will be land development costs to ready the site for building. Once you begin construction of the building, if you're going to build single story units, you can expect to pay $25 to $40 per square foot you build.
The cost of construction will also depend on the unit's amenities, such as if the unit is climate controlled. If you're a new business, you'll need to attract customers, whether you do so through billboards, mailers, Internet ads, or another method. The net average monthly revenue for a non-climate controlled unit is $1.25 per square foot. If you plan to open a franchise of an established self storage company, you may avoid some of the marketing costs since the company will already have a reputation in the community. According to The Self-Storage Expense Guidebook, operating costs for storage units average $3.78 per square foot.
It is worth noting, however, it usually takes somewhere between 8 and 24 months for a self storage unit to operate at its full potential, so don't be discouraged if the first few months are slower than you would like. What licenses are required, and what other city or county requirements apply including zoning regulations? You can also use this handy calculator to determine whether your storage business will be profitable, and to help you figure out exactly how much you can afford to spend on land and construction.
The first step in planning your business is to learn everything you can about the storage industry. When making your plans to start a storage unit business, seek to build facilities that meet and exceed industry standards. If starting a self storage business seems like the right choice for you, there is plenty of information available to help you learn more about how to plan your business. With the self storage industry growing rapidly in America, now is a great time to build your own storage facility. HR Matters is a trusted resource for expert human resource management tips, techniques, explanations, compliance-related information and more. Container storage combined with one of our small offices can help a micro business be up and running from as little as ?240 (+VAT) per month.
A container combined with a mailing address can lift your home based business to a professional business address with storage space specific to your business needs all from just ?115 per month. For more details about renting self-storage space for your business in Dalgety Bay or Rosyth please complete the enquiry for or call us today on 01383 823030.
You may not like it, but for most business owners there comes a time when you need to cut back. Since the early days of the 2008 financial crisis, businesses of all sizes have been under increased pressure. The upsurge in online buying and selling has also contributed to the level of high-street failures and cut-backs, with the same general result – a need to reduce costs and streamline operations. In practice, this often means that when you are in a position to grow again, you’re unable to do so without replacing those assets that you disposed of at rock-bottom prices.

For many businesses, a modestly priced self-storage unit can solve a whole load of problems and take the strain off your shoulders.
If you simply want to move the bulk of your stock off site in order to save money on business rent and rates, then commercial self storage is the answer to your prayers. We offer low-cost, monthly payments for businesses that may be short of cash, allowing you to spread the cost of storing your property over the full term of your agreement, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by our pricing.
If you need to downsize and you don’t have enough space in your new premises to store your stock or your business equipment, call us to find out more about our low-cost storage units in Reading.
This entry was posted in Business Storage, Container Storage, Long Term Storage, Self Storage, Short Term Storage, Slider and tagged downsizing, stock storage on February 28, 2013 by admin. I find that self storage is a great option as it allows you to put items you don’t need straight away in a safe place whilst you downsizing your business. If you have never rented a unit at a self-storage facility, either for your business or for personal use, you might be surprised at just how many ways a self-storage facility can assist you in keeping your business running smoothly while keeping expenses low. The flexibility of adding and removing space as your needs expand or shrink make self-storage ideal for your small business.
Budget Rental Trucks are available, just steps from your self-storage unit, right on our premises. Finally, Eastern Self Storage is conveniently located on 45th Street at Military Trail in West Palm Beach. Although the details in this article are particular to Eastern Self Storage in West Palm Beach, Florida, the ideas contained here will probably be applicable to most of the self-storage facilities in the United States. So come by Eastern Self Storage and let us show you how we can help you start your business with less money and more convenience that you may have expected.
Assess all the costs so you can plan your business appropriately and maximize your chance of success.
With over fifty thousand self storage establishments in the United States, the number is still growing.
In general, according to Mako Steel, you can expect to spend about $1.25 per square foot of land you buy, and your land should make up about 25 to 30 percent of your development costs.
The Self Storage Association reports that currently, 32% of storage units are in urban areas, 52% are in suburban areas, and 16% are in rural areas.
Mako Steel estimates most storage units charge the same amount of rent per square foot as the area's average apartment does. Depending on how much excavation, clearing, and draining is required, the Parham Group says you can expect to pay about $4.25 to $8 per square foot.
Climate controlled units keep temperatures from dropping below 55 degrees or rising to more than 80 degrees, and while they cost more to build and operate, they can attract more customers.
Whichever way you choose to market your business, you should plan to spend about 6 to 8 percent of your gross annual income on marketing. While more than half of other real estate investments fail, storage units have a 92% success rate. If you offer the best in quality, people will seek you out because they want their stored items safe, dry, and accessible. No matter what kind of storage business you want or where you want it, the information above can help you prepare so you know exactly what costs you'll encounter along the way. Many people end up using their garage or spare room to store product samples, tools, excess stock and equipment. Our full time reception staff can help with a small amount of deliveries and greet any clients you may need to meet on site. It may be the recession, a seasonal downturn or simply bad luck, but when you have to downsize, it’s never fun. For many, reduced cash-flow coupled with an inability to borrow money has lead to failure, while others have anticipated the difficult trading conditions and adjusted the scale of their operations to suit.
For many businesses, this means fewer staff and smaller premises, and often results in the disposal of stock and equipment that no longer has a home. At Reading Storage Solutions, we regularly talk to business owners facing tough decisions who desperately want to keep their companies alive.

RSS offers practical, affordable storage facilities for short-term or long-term needs, and we allow you the flexibility to upsize or downsize at short notice as your requirements change. All our units offer seven-day access during normal opening hours, and there are only a few sensible restrictions on the type of goods you can store. You can also drive right up to your unit for easy loading and unloading – we accommodate cars, vans and trucks. Join our many satisfied customers, and we’ll make sure that your business doesn’t have to get rid of its assets just for want of space. After all most people are concerned with finding a place for furniture and equipments for extra space.
People and businesses looking for a place to store their belongings can find the exact amount of space they need at an affordable price. Mako Steel estimates the most high-end self storage facilities have somewhere between 60,000 and 80,000 rentable square feet, and costs $45 to $65 on construction per square foot.
For example, Zippy Shell, a storage company that offers franchises, requires an up-front fee of $60,000 plus royalties from every rental. Mako Steel suggests the most successful storage units have between 83 and 93 percent occupancy rates, but states storage businesses can succeed with occupancy rates as low as 70 percent. To gain accurate information, it is best to hire a professional consultant to evaluate the area's untapped potential and the need for self storage in the area where you plan to build.
Instead of getting an industrial unit which may be too big for your requirements and therefore expensive, why not use a 20 foot secure steel self storage container with Liberty Business Centres. You can have a professional business environment to meet and greet potential customers, whilst keeping your storage close at hand. Fortunately, you can use self storage to avoid having to dispose of hard-earned business assets at fire-sale prices. But one month, you get a really great deal on a popular item and you buy a pallet of the stuff. When your business grows, your self-storage facility can keep you growing with you, one unit at a time.
Of course, if you want to visit Budget Trucks online and make your reservation, be sure and select Eastern Self Storage as your pick-up and drop-off location. You can shop for office supplies, inventory and just about anything else you need for your business without ever leaving our parking lot.
Even though the industry has grown into a multi-billion dollar one, it's constantly expanding to meet demand with new companies starting every day. Keep in mind you will also only use about 45% of the land purchased for your storage unit, so the cost of land can also be looked at as $6.82 per leasable square foot. Another franchise option, Big Box Storage, sells franchises for $45,000 but does not state they require royalty payments. Every month you can decide how much space you need, and adjust your number of units accordingly. However, there may be costs associated with starting a profitable self storage business that you aren't expecting.
Franchise fees will vary from company to company, as will royalty fees, so it is best to contact the company directly to determine exactly what is required to open one of their businesses in your area. Well, you can easily add a 5 X 5 or a 5 X 10 unit to put the extra inventory in, without disturbing your normal space. When you sell the inventory (or reduce it enough to put it in your regular space), you can just vacate the unit.

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