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Even in today’s electronic world, many businesses and government agencies have hardcopy paper documents that are filed and stored often taking up too much space.
As the volume of paper records outgrows the business space available, businesses may need to look for off-site storage.
Storing paper documents has to be carefully considered.  Outside factors, such as temperature, light and humidity, directly effect paper. Medical, legal, insurance or other industry regulations may require storing contracts, tax records, approved plans, project records or other documents for extended periods of time. Three years – Family and medical leave; and contractors (from date of contract completion).
Business and legal records or documents can take up too much valuable space in your office or home. Backed by the strength of the Guardian network, we offer a wide selection of room sizes, hassle-free drive up locations for easy moving, temperature controlled rooms, outdoor parking, a variety of moving and packing supplies and use our truck for free (some restrictions apply). Our climate-controlled units offer a great alternative for storing excess inventory, seasonal displays, office furniture, and record storage. Manufacture and sales reps can store samples, promotional materials, and customer records and have 24-hour access. In line with the realities of the time, it is essential to deal with professionals who have a proven track record. Secure storage for your business, or your personal property – we have the right containers for you.
We have four storage and workspace rental sites in and around Newcastle for secure storage & great service.
We offer self storage containers at very competitive rental prices, starting at just ?11 per week. Rent a storage unit for 12 months and get the 13th month completely free. Or get free use of our equipment onsite.
We cater for all types of self storage requirement – Business, household, student items, vehicles. As part of our self storage service we offer you the use of our Removals Van and forklift truck. We have been serving the self storage needs of Newcastle & Gateshead for over thirty years.
We would like to share with you our vast experience of self storage – Read our Storage Help and Tips.
Dry, secure and economical storage containers, meeting the precise needs of builders for tools & materials. With 30 years of work space letting and self storage unit hire and rental we know what our customers need and as we own our own land, we can also offer very low self storage rental prices. We have lock up containers to rent and small business units to let and can advise and help you to decide what type and size of self storage facility you need.
We have a range of lock up containers which are particularly suitable for builders or self employed tradesmen. We have a range of versatile industrial units to let at Killingworth and Blaydon, ideal for workshops, offices, training and storage. Chichester’s Premier Self StorageChurchill Self Storage in Chichester offer secure self storage at great value prices.

StorageChurchill Self Storage offer secure individual self storage units at great value prices at our Chichester depot.
The most significant thing that’s likely to eat up your budget is the cost of renting business premises. It’s unsurprising that many companies are choosing to run their business from their own homes instead of renting out expensive business properties. In fact, as savvy businesses already doing this know, there’s huge potential for growth too. Using a self-storage unit to store your stock offers a level of flexibility that no other form of storage can offer.
There’s no business rates to pay when you use a storage unit, and of course, no council tax costs either. Unlike some retail premises (and certainly your home), self-storage units tend to offer a greater level of security; with CCTV, intruder alarms, and other surveillance technology.
By loading these boxes last, you will avoid having to dig for them which will save you valuable time. In the unlikely event of a flood, your documents will be above the water line and will have better air circulation to help them dry should they get wet. Choose a location that is close to your office so you can easily access your documents and records when needed. Some businesses may require backup copies of material to be stored in a secondary location as part of disaster management plans.  Even individuals may have personal papers and family archives that they don’t have space for at home and would like to keep in a private and controlled location outside of their house.
For example, Guardian Self Storage offers a complete “branch office setup service.” Guardian Self Storage staff will meet with you at your place of business and work with you to develop your ideal storage solution—at no charge.
Welcome to Guardian Self Storage, the leading storage solution for homeowners, renters, students and businesses in the Hudson Valley. This service helps to cushion the effects of exorbitant prices to rent warehouses for extended number of years. Although there are currently about 8 operators doing business in this industry, it has witnessed a high level of professionalism in all ramification. This has led to the emergence of world class service and a continuous engagement to serve the best interests of the client. Our container locking systems incorporate a totally enclosed steel lock protector and the site is surrounded by an 8ft security fence, electronically timed gates and CCTV.
Whether you need temporary storage whilst moving home, decorating or traveling, or a longer term storage solution, we will help you pick the right unit size and make the most of your space. Even basic offices and retail properties cost a lot of money to rent per month, and that’s without factoring business rates into the equation! After all, in the comfort of your own house, there are no business rental costs, no overheads and few other expenses involved.
However, if you’re a retail business and require additional space to store your products, this is where operating solely from a home environment can be tricky. Having stock in the home, particularly if it carries value, can act as a magnet for potential criminals. You’re not tied in to any long-term contract; so if you operate seasonally, this means you only have to rent the space for as long as you actually require it. Additionally, some self-storage companies will even accept delivered goods on your behalf, which ensures you don’t waste time hanging around for deliveries.

Believe it or not, there are even some businesses that operate solely from within their storage units! In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. They offer units in many sizes to fit your needs, are easy to access, secure and often offer temperature controlled units. Guardian Self Storage locations are secure and gated with video surveillance, but being diligent with your unit will help insure their security. When you sign with us, we will pick up and move files into your custom-designed storage unit, free!
With 13 convenient locations throughout Dutchess, Orange and Ulster counties, we’ve got the space you need. Essentially, this medium allows you rent space from 2 weeks and above depending on your peculiar need. As part of the features to secure the goods stored, each user is normally granted access to his storage space through identification with biometric fingerprints, Key Card, Digital pin combination and so much more.
And with free collection if you’re storing for over 15 weeks (20 weeks for a small unit) plus the latest security, storing with us is easy and reassuringly secure. Even those with garage or attic space tend to resent having to give up valuable storage room for the sake of their stock. This leaves many a business owner scratching their head and wondering… just what is the solution? Additionally, if you need more or less space, you can adjust the size of unit you rent accordingly.
If you’re based in Glasgow and you want to find out what options are available for your business, get in contact with GTW today.
Furthermore, our units start at under $11 per square foot which is much less than average office rents in the Hudson Valley. The operator provides the storage facility but you control the access to your rented space as and when you need it. There are diverse clients who have enjoyed top class service from the self storage platform. Furthermore, for each of the products that is to be stored, there is a self storage space that is uniquely suited for it. The flexible plan also comes with some added incentives such as Security by the operators and other ancillary services.
A recent statistic put together shows that individuals and the corporate world have well embraced this service.
Based on the current trends in this industry, every savvy individual must take advantage of the self storage space to advance their interests. Interestingly, there is no limit to what you can store as there is a provision to accommodate your needs.

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