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Designed for use as a recording studio, this pent shed has been hand made in our own workshops in Norfolk to a customer's individual specification. This shed has been manufactured with a lip option; this means that the outer cladding hangs below the base rail and fits the concrete base to prevent water entering the building. Windows: All our windows are hand made in the old fashioned way using mortice and tenon joints and secured with high quality wood glue and star dowels. If you are interested in a bespoke shed then please contact us to discuss your own requirements such as the layout of the building, as many permeations are possible.
We are very proud of our knowledge and experience, if you have any questions on this product please let us know and we'll be pleased to help. Mitchell Motorhomes, machinery (Limited time applies for storage of these items) available.
Queanbeyan Spaces for Cars, limited spaces available.PhillipSpaces for cars (some undercover spaces available) Subject to change. Two of our removalists come to you and load your goods into one of our modern vehicles, securing every item in and wrapping goods safely in furniture blankets.
We transport all goods to where you need to go and unload everything again at your new premises across Australia. Kennards Self Storage are proud to announce the opening of 10 new spaces including Enterprise Spaces at our Fyshwick Centre in Canberra. These Mini Warehouses pack in a huge range of features for customers, not least of which is the wide range of sizes. Most importantly all our spaces come with No Lease, No Bond and No Legals. Stay a week, stay a decade – the choice is yours.
This makes these spaces perfect for any situation – your expanding business, a start-up, or simply the overflow when and where you need it. Darryl joined the Kennards Team in 2005 with the expansion that came from the acquisition of Millers.
The Miniature Gamma Ray and Neutron Detector electronics package (MiniGRAND) is one of the latest developments in a new generation of the Mini-Instrument family that has evolved over the last several years. The MiniGRAND is designed to function autonomously to survive power and communication outages and to adapt to changing conditions.
The basic MiniGRAND boardset includes four electronics boards that may be configured as a stand-alone instrument contained in a compact enclosure or as an open frame board stack for use in detectors where an external box is not necessary.
The ODA accepts host declaration data files in comma separated values (.CSV) in ASCII format from the host PC RS-232 port.

Manufactured using 22mm T&G cladding in the pent style, this shed features two fixed windows, a ventilation grill above one window and a single door. Every building is made specifically for a customer on order and is tailored to your own individual requirements. You may have additional requirements such as alternative cladding, security hinges, double doors, stable doors, heavy duty locks, security windows or skylights. A number of our Sites have outdoor spaces available for Cars, Trucks, Caravans and Motorhomes.
Our trucks and vans are equipped with airbag suspension for smooth transport and hydraulic tailgates for safe loading and unloading of your goods. Whether you’re moving home, moving stock, moving business or for other reasons, we are the professionals who are fast and great value for money.
Having gained his start in hospitality Darryl came to Kennards with many years in the Casino industry. In fact, the MiniGRAND can be used as a drop-in replacement for a GRAND3 in virtually all applications. The MiniGRAND may be configured as a benchtop instrument or as a board stack that can be built into integrated detectors.
Using the on-board +5 V dc supply of the master processor board, this configuration is used when the MiniGRAND is not required to supply bias or external pre-amp power to detectors. By applying an unchangeable time stamp and unique signature to the declaration data, the ODA provides assurance to the facility inspector that the host made the declaration at the stated time. Including heavy duty roofing, rubber felt has been placed on the bottom of the roofing felt. Our roofs are then covered with 20kg green roofing felt as standard however a higher quality, heavy duty felt is available as are bitumen felt tiles. Several other options are also available; strengthened floors, partitions, and even roll on - roll off roofs. As Operations Manager he is responsible for business performance across NSW and the ACT and part of the Marketing Team. Its small size and low power allow the unit to be mounted close to the detector, preferably in a sealed boundary shared by the detector and MiniGRAND. An integrated battery permits operation for a significant amount of time if power is interrupted. A non-resettable counter is appended to each record that is signed and once the declaration is made, the host cannot change it except through specified procedures.

Access to the internal ODA components and its firmware is possible only when the sealed tamper indicating enclosure is opened by an Inspector or other authorized personnel. Most of the NVRAM memory is not accessible and the portions that are accessible are available only from the console, such as the baud rate for the serial connection to the PC and setting the ODA time. Darryl is passionate about the high industry standards that Kennards sets and the value of the solutions provided to customers. This removes the problem of unauthenticated noise or ground loop pickup noise between the detector and the electronics; a problem frequently encountered with previous systems. A large local, battery backed-up memory permits storage of many hours of data if communication with the central computer is interrupted, and local decision-making allows the instrument to adapt to changing conditions. The MiniGRAND can be coupled with an intelligent local node (ILON) or an application board suite, either of which can provide authenticated communication between the remotely located MiniGRAND and a collect computer that would reside within another sealed boundary.
Front Panel Emulator software, which runs on a PC, provides an operator interface for configuration and attended operation of the unit. The ODA has a single main cable and a fixed data cable for connection to the serial port of a PC or laptop using an RS-232 compliant DB-9 connector.
The ODA application software, GemCheck, allows the Inspector an easy method to verify the authenticity of each record in the declaration file and to remove the authentication for further inspection verification use.
Thus, the data and communications are protected from the remote instrument to the collect computer or to other instruments. This memory is written at the factory, and a jumper is removed so that the Flash cannot be changed. The authentication removal process produces a log file of any records that fail authentication. The ODA is protected against corrosion resulting from condensation, as well as against accidental damage of the seal wire or fiber on the recording console.
The compact design of the ODA makes it easy for an Inspector to transport it by hand from one facility to another.

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