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If you've been thinking of getting into the self-storage business, here are 5 tips on how to start a self-storage business. You've decided to store some items for some time, found a unit and have packed them away and ready to go.
Years ago I went through some tough times, and as a result I had to move out of my house on pretty short notice. Televisions (TV’s) present some of the biggest challenges when it is time to move or store. Secondly and most importantly is packing the TV to either store in a storage unit or in a moving truck.
StorPlace Self Storage has a variety of unit sizes such as 5 x 10 or 10 x 10 heated and cooled units that can be used to store TV’s.
Sentimental value is what has me holding on to dolls, toys, books and projects from when I was a child. OK, with a memory like mine, little reminders like that are great for remembering the good old days, but is that minute that you look at it every 15 years worth storing the stuff?
The self storage unit business has boomed over the last several years to a $24 billion industry (2014 estimates from the Self-Storage Association). In all fairness to us, we eliminated the need for our self storage unit about a year and half ago. We started down this simplifying road – just a little back then – and decided we would go through the storage unit and bring home all of our important belongings. I know it’s hard to let things go, but here are some tips for eliminating “stuff” and decluttering your home … so you can finally get rid of that self storage unit. Picture where the item will go in your house – is there room for it without sacrificing space for something else that’s more important?
Another way you can motivate yourself is to picture something you really want like a vacation. Enter your best email address below & join thousands of people that rely on us for great content.
Some of our tenants are pretty resourceful when moving and storing their belongings with no help. Ramble on in for Road Trip Plans, Couples and Adventure Travel, Dog Travel Tips, Reviews and more! The first step in the process is to find self storage places in your area that are going to be cost effective for you.
Hopefully these tips will help you set up your self storage unit quickly and easily when you start planning for your location independent lifestyle. If these Tips for Finding and Packing a Self Storage Unit for Long Term Travel  were helpful to you, you may want to check out these other long term travel tips.
When we quit our jobs to go traveling we thought that paying for a storage unit wasn’t worth the stuff we had so instead we sold what we could and gave the rest to charity.
Getting rid of things is really hard because for whatever reason I develop a connection to the smallest items.
For me, the most daunting task is always the first: finding the right self storage place in my area. This is some great information, and I appreciate your suggestion to pack things you won’t need in the back. When you launch into your own self-storage business, it gives you the chance to not just be your own boss but also to find out just what kind of salary you can earn on the basis of your profits. Before putting things into the unit itself you may want to organize the space so that you will have easy access to whatever you need, whenever you need it.
Finding a place to rent with two kids, three dogs and a cat was a challenge, but I didn't realize the biggest challenge was yet to come, I wish I had these self storage tips to follow. Just click on the different size units below for helpful tips on how to size up your storage needs. TV’s are often less sturdy, very thin, and sometimes can be the size of a couch or love seat.
During this step, it is important to remove any dust that is built up on the screen or in the air vents in the back of the TV. If you are one of the few people who still have the original box the TV came in, you are in luck.

StorPlace of Hickory Hollow has heated and cooled units that can be used to store your TV as well as other items that are sensitive to temperature change. We are open Monday-Saturday from 9-5:30pm and can be reached at 615-731-1331 if you have any questions or are in need of a unit.
From Honolulu to Kaneohe on Oahu, Kihei to Kahului on Maui, Kona to Hilo on the Big Island and Lihue to Princeville on Kauai.
It’s the downfall of so many of our homes and absolutely fills our minds with clutter we just don’t need.
I ran across this statistic and thought a moment about how much of that annual income was from us? It all started when a Realtor told us we had to get rid of any clutter if we wanted to sell our home. I thought about the space that would be filled with stuff and the closets that would be packed.
As I sorted each box, I kept a critical eye and thought about the last time I used or even saw the item. Don’t let yourself go back to cluttering up your house so you need a self storage unit again. Come join me as I look at ways to cut through some of life's nonsense, ditch things that clutter it up & work towards living more simply. Many times they are unable to find an extra set of hands to lift a heavy object when they need them. A potential new customer came into POUCH Self Storage – Anaheim looking for a small space. At some point you’ll have to make some sacrifices and sell off  or giveaway pretty much everything you own but what do you do with those remaining things that are either too important or to practical to get rid of? In my experience, living in large cities, you are typically best off finding a self storage unit that is both off a major highway (for easy access later when you need it) and as far away from the city center as possible. The key to being able to use all of the space in a unit is to pack boxes all the way to the ceiling. It’s important to try to start this process about 2 months before your leaving date to make sure you have enough time to get it all done.
The whole process was quite stressful mainly because we left it till the very last days, such a mistake! Your tips for finding an affordable storage unit will be useful to know while I’m looking for one that I can use. My husband and I are wanting to make some changes to the shop in our backyard, and we need to take a lot our stuff we’re storing there and move it. I think finding the right self storage unit is the hardest part, balancing size, price, and location.
The owner inspects this location almost daily, and has an excellent reputation with the Oakland County Sheriff.
The dust can be removed with a microfiber or cotton towel as well as using compressed air dust.  The removal of dust helps to prevent scratching, and clarity issues. All you need to do is put the TV back in the plastic, add some packing peanuts to the box for more stability, tape the box and off you go.
Using a temperature controlled unit lessens the constant fluctuations in temperature and humidity changes. It kept me holding on to previous movie tickets, theater tickets and programs, napkins, brochures and all kinds of paper clutter.
We got there, opened the door, looked at each other and thought “we’ve done without all of this for years. I pictured myself having to move all of these things just to reach something I use all of the time. I haven’t thought of any of the stuff we got rid of … not until writing this, and I really don’t miss any of it. The idea of the gift is something you may carry with you, but sometimes those pot holders are just not your style.
I’ve done this with kids’ toys and clothes … but I promise you probably will never try to find that picture, but you’ll have it if you need it. Only buy the essentials (and when I figure out how exactly to only do that … I will let you know).

Over the years, Mark has provided help for thousands of consumers, organizations and small businesses.
Some travelers have the benefit of a friend or family members house or garage, but in our case the only choice we had was to find a long term self storage unit. Being off a major highway will help you in the future when you need to return to your storage unit to either trade out clothing, access supplies, or add a few more items that you’ve collected in your travels.
That way, when you have to go back into storage later you can quickly and easily find what you need. This was the hardest part of our big change and was also the most impactful and fulfilling.
I liked the idea of selling your large items on the internet and then having a big yard sell to get rid of the rest. However, it is comforting to know that I can sell bulky items that are replaceable (like furniture) on Craigslist. The inside of the set is extremely complex and full of a variety of electronic components that is very vulnerable to temperature and humidity changes. If you throw everything away like me, you will need a few supplies which can be found around your home or at a store. It is also important to only store the TV upright; do not lay it flat, or in a position that would cause any pressure to the screen.
I went ahead and got rid of these things, too, because if it’s broken and I haven’t used it in a year, then I really don’t need it. We wanted to share our experience with you and share our tips for finding and packing a long term storage unit. I don’t personally like Ebay very much as they charge you a  lot of fees, and shipping can be difficult and cut down on your profits.
For us, we packed our clothing and supplies that we would need ( like winter and camping gear) in easy access plastic tubs or suitcases, and put everything else in boxes. Also, make sure to pack the things you wont’t need to access in the back corners of the unit.
This idea helps you part with your things easier because you know they are going to someone who will use it, but also, you are making a bit of profit too. Over the past few years, the designs of newer TV sets are often very wide and thin and often times do not fit in a standard moving box. You will need to wrap the TV in a thick comforter or blanket and secure it with bungee cords or a rope.
We were very pleased with ourselves and only had to run over there 2 or 3 times over the next 2 years. Property is cheaper in rural areas so the rent for the storage unit will be cheaper as well. Put the largest and heaviest boxes on the bottom to form a base, and use the small boxes for stacking.
TV sets are also very expensive, so it is important to transport and store one properly to keep it in the best condition possible. Do not use anything that has zippers or buttons that could possibly damage the TV.Make sure you remove the stand from the TV prior to putting in the box and lastly fill the box with packing peanuts for more stability.
No matter how much I liked these items and felt they had sentimental value, they didn’t have a place in the house. Your goal here is to sell everything so don’t be cheap and get what you can for your stuff. Make sure to leave the  space in front for your suitcases and tubs of clothing for easy access. I had clothes from college and even high school and I think that was the last time I had worn them.

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