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Strange Auction Services (Auctioneer) acts as agents for the Landlords of Self Storage facilities.
Our auctions are conducted in accordance with the applicable State Self Storage Facility Laws - the tenants of auctioned storage units are in default of rent for their units. Tax Exempt buyers must present their current Resale Certificate, or they will pay Sales Tax. Buyers may be charged a Cleaning Deposit of $50 or $100, at the discretion of the Facility Manager. Any applicable deposits are to be paid at the facility in order to gain access to your unit and will be returned to the buyer after the storage unit has been handed back to the Facility Manager in a "broom clean" condition. The Buyers Premium plus sales tax will be added to the bid price to equal the total purchase price paid for auction items. Your credit card used at registration will be charged the full amount within 24 hours and you will receive receipt of payment which you must show to the facility staff, when removing items. Nothing may be removed until after full payment has been made and you have been emailed receipt of payment. When placing a bid, the buyer accepts the fact that he or she is entering into a legal binding contract. You are bidding on ALL items within each lot, and the winning bidder is responsible for removing everything in that lot from the storage facility, within 72 hours. If you fail to remove any item within 7 days, it will be considered abandoned and immediately becomes the sole property of the Storage Facility, who may dispose of it in any manner that they choose.
If the buyer does not abide by the legal binding contract, the credit card on file may be charged late fees and penalty fees.
The buyer agrees to these terms by registering and using this site and agrees not to dispute any credit card charges that are processed through this site.
Bidder agrees to indemnify and holds harmless Auctioneer and Landlord of any damages or injury resulting from attendance at any auction and the removal of property from any auction. Upon acceptance of a bid by the Auctioneer, the risk of loss to the property shifts to the Winning Bidder. If you find any "personal items," including family pictures, personal paperwork or business records, then YOU MUST hand them to the Storage Facility Manager, who will attempt to return them to the tenant. The Facility retains the right to request that certain items or a complete lot be purchased back by the Facility, in order to prevent any court action with the tenant.

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self storage facilities for sale in sacramento ca obituaries

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