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604-267-7867 • 8700 Barnard Street, Vancouver, BC • Copyright 2015 Vancouver Self Storage Ltd. You drive right to your door and unload your goods, no stairs, no elevators, no long halls, it`s so easy!
Our moving trucks have more safety features than other moving trucks in the industry including gentle ride suspension and high visibility mirrors to assist the driver. We have over 50,000 sq ft of parking space for motorhomes, recreational vehicles (RV's), trailers and campers all year round. Maple Leaf Self Storage Vancouver Quebec has a wide range of units varying in size from 25 sq ft to 300 sq ft, suitable for both household and business storage customers. Being in the logistics and warehousing industry, it can be tough to find suitable storage solutions for every need. I needed moving boxes and after checking a bunch of places decided to get them from Maple Leaf. I've got absolutely no complaints at all about my experience with Maple Leaf Storage at Quebec Street. When you know you want storage for 12 months and are happy to pay upfront, we’ll thank you for your loyalty by giving you the 12th month free on the same unit.**Offer is available on all units, subject to availability. If you are a university student, Senior Citizen (65 years of age or older) or a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, you can receive a 10% discount over your entire storage term.**Offer is available to new customers only, subject to availability.
The storage industry, formerly known as self-storage, is predominantly a United States phenomenon. There appears to be evidence of a historical nature that publicly available storage was available 6,000 years ago in ancient China.
The US Self-Storage Association says that the earliest record of space being dedicated to personal storage on a rental basis happened in England in the 19th century.
When word of this service spread through England, the vaults at the bank quickly became overloaded with the personal treasures of people who were merely traveling within England.
At some point, the idea for storage facilities traveled to the United States, and during the 1920’s Weimer Storage and Minneapolis Van Lines in Elizabeth, New Jersey offered storage facilities for the personal use of their customers. The switch to self-storage with the liability of the item stored being on the person who contracts for the space happened in the mid-1960’s with the advent of self-storage. Williams and Munn started an industry that spread throughout Texas and later on to California. With such an interesting history to share, storage units in Beaverton stands ready to answer all your storage needs. Storage units have become more and more popular around the globe due to people downsizing their homes and putting part of their things in storage. With attics, basements and spare rooms being converted into home offices, bedrooms and rec rooms, the item formerly stored in these areas need a place to be housed.
While living in a storage unit is strictly prohibited, it has been known to happen when people hit hard times. With space at a premium in some homes, people have been known to decorate a storage unit as if it were a spare living room or a rec room, and invite friends over to watch TV, play games, or for dinner. Plumbers, electricians, and many other professionals use a unit to store their equipment and supplies.
This is what a musician in New York City answered when he was asked how to get to Carnegie Hall.
Manhattan Mini Storage allowed one of their tenants to open an art gallery in a storage unit.
There are definitely things that cannot be done in a storage facility so be sure to ask the manager before you commit to making your storage unit in Beaverton into a creative endeavor. Pack your boxes completely, using bubble wrap to protect delicate things, and wadded up paper or bubble wrap to fill up the holes between the items. When packing books, store them flat in the box rather than turned up on their spines as that can damage them. The most effective way to fill a storage unit is to first stack things all around the sides and the back.
Enjoying your Beaverton storage unit depends on your being able to retrieve your things when you need them.
Your kids are involved in so many sports that you need a place to store the off-season stuff. The type of unit you choose will depend on your reason for storage, how much you will be storing, and what types of things you will be storing. If you are storing furniture or appliances, be sure to allow a little extra space for the wooden pallets you will put under your furniture or appliances to protect them from dampness on the cement floor due to temperature changes.
When you are envisioning your things in the storage unit, be sure to allow walking space all around.
These days, starting a new business is easier than ever, given that entrepreneurs have access to a generous selection of free and almost free tools and resources to pursue their dreams and ambitions.
Why spend a lot of money on expensive office space when you could recreate the perfect business environment inside a storage unit in Beaverton? This entry was posted in Beaverton, Business Storage, Oregon, Organization on February 17, 2016 by irongate. When it comes to adding new colors, depths and meanings to your indoor space, lack of space can be your worst enemy. All the remodeling ideas detailed above can be applied to add a personal touch to your environment and improve your level of comfort at home. This entry was posted in Beaverton, Oregon, Organization, Storage Tips on February 11, 2016 by irongate. While having a beautiful little pocket to retire to after a long day of work or for some much needed you time is ideal for most apartment spaces and homes, if you can devote an entire room to your at-home vacation space, you will dream less about the extravagant vacations you are unable to take do to work, family, or finances. Beyond creating a place in your home that you can relax and enjoy, becoming efficient with the various areas of your house is an important factor to creating lifelong memories and feeling happy about where you live. Admit it: the vast majority of us are guilty of stuffing our house with more stuff that we need.
The less you organize and the more stuff you accumulate, the likelier it is that you are succumbing to being a hoarder. You can stray from becoming a pack rat by packing your prized possessions, valuables, and stuff into an Iron Gate Storage Facility.
This entry was posted in Beaverton, climate controlled storage, Oregon on January 13, 2016 by irongate. These days, limited-editions of the most common, inexpensive items that you could stumble across, like stamps and comic books, could cost a small fortune.
Believe it or not, these things do happen, especially when high-value possessions are at stake.
This entry was posted in Beaverton, Oregon, Storage Tips, Tips on December 16, 2015 by irongate.
Storing delicates is no easy task, especially when you count on very limited space for this important assignment. This entry was posted in Beaverton, Oregon, Storage Tips, Tips on December 11, 2015 by irongate.
Whether you are moving a smaller apartment or a large four-bedroom house, Freeway Mini Storage truck rentals will provide you with the moving truck rental you need to get from point A to point B.
Both the people I dealt with (on pick up and drop off) were really friendly and easy to deal with, and made the experience very smooth. Our Quebec Street downtown Vancouver self storage facility is located at the entrance to the Olympic Village at the intersection of Quebec Street and East 2nd Avenue. This modern two building facility offers four levels of climate-controlled storage, four over-sized elevators, extra-wide corridors and six loading bays to make your storage experience easy and hassle-free. The team at this facility is remarkable and makes my job less stressful, managing from Toronto.

Of the estimated 58,000 storage facilities throughout the world, over 46,000 are located in the United States with more being built every day. Whenever people went on extended voyages for trading or other purposes, they left their valuables with banking institutions in Britain. As a result, in the 1850’s, Bekins and other storage pioneers had the wonderful idea to construct a warehouse that was dedicated to the storage of personal treasures and household goods.
Then, in 1928 Arthur Trachte of Trachte Building Systems in Wisconsin began building interconnected steel building to house what he called ‘cars without homes’ that were used for personal storage of much more than cars. Russ Williams and his stepson, Bob Munn, constructed the first self-storage facility in Corpus Christi, Texas.
Built of block walls with cinderblocks for partitions, it was colored bright yellow with black doors.
Louis Rochester, who sold the land to Williams and Munn for the first storage facility, saw how successful the idea was, and went on to build 25 storage facilities named Colonial Warehouses throughout Texas and New Mexico.
Businesses as well have turned to storage facilities like Beaverton in their attempts to run a more cost effective operation. The creative way one woman used so that other tenants could not tell she was living there was to use a cardboard facade that created the illusion the unit was full of boxes.
A convection oven, a casserole, a salad, paper plates and plastic utensils, and voila – dinner is served.
Some use it as their warehouse, their shipping department, a showroom, and extra stockroom, or a manufacturing setting. They just run by their storage unit, pick up what they need for the jobs for the day, and head out to fix things for customers. A storage unit is the answer to where to go to practice if you are in a band, doing martial arts, or learning any skill you can suitably learn in a storage facility.
Raphael Cohen, an artist in New York could not afford the expensive rental rates in New Your City, so he rented a unit to display his paintings, and even holds a yearly show there. Be sure to sort out the things you will want to access frequently and put them in one or more boxes together. Check for stability after you have stacked a group – you don’t want a stack tumbling down on you. You can store things against the walls and in the middle, but be sure to leave a walkway between the things in the middle and the things along the sides.
It needs to be convenient enough to where you will be that picking things up from it as you need them is easy. If you’re planning on following this path, before estimating your startup expenses, predicting your cash flow, and researching different financing options, you will have to focus on finding the perfect location for your new business venture. These days, it’s difficult to believe that a company could operate smoothly and effectively without being visible online. Why hire one or more employees to redistribute some of your daily business-related assignments, when you could count on the assistance of dependable workers employed by your storage facility of choice?
Moreover, many providers of storage units in Beaverton go the extra mile to keep their tenants happy in the long run by offering them the chance to customize their units. Rent the most amazing ones with Iron Gate Storage and start exploring a number of new ways to achieve entrepreneurial success in your industry.
If you’re looking forward to beautifying one or more rooms and adding real practical value to your property, here are three home remodeling projects that may appeal to you.
Any house has a least a couple of awkward spaces that are very difficult to upgrade, decorate and use. If you spend a lot of time working outdoors, then maybe you would like to improve the appearance of your patio, by managing clutter and adding new decor elements.
If you feel the need to make changes meant to offer you a bit more privacy inside your house, or create a safer environment where you could store valuables, think about designing your own mystery room. If you’re looking for new ways to prep the field for an ample home makeover, start by renting self storage units in Beaverton with Iron Gate Storage and use the extra space to de-clutter your rooms and strip them off unnecessary layers. As you craft the beautification of your space, you will need somewhere to store the things that do not belong in your personal sanctuary. Going all-in can become complicated if you do not have a plan for what you plan to do with what you do not need in your space or the things you plan to remove as you purchase new artifacts to implement your inspired chamber of solace. A home should be a place that you appreciate; it the representation of your hard work and livelihood. Your materials are a vital part of your life, but evaluating their usefulness within your home could make all the difference in how you feel about the cleanliness of where you dwell. With the service and features offered at our facility, you get a sense of relief about the decision you have made to de-clutter your house from stuff.
For instance, a copy of the first comic book that featured Superman was sold for no less than 1 million dollars, according to an article published by Telegraph.
Modern self storage facilities rely on a great variety of security solutions to guard their premises and discourage unauthorized access. After all, you couldn’t possibly keep expensive fur coats and silk dresses under your bed or in the back of your closet, stuffed in garbage bags or plastic containers with lids. As convenient as it may seem, storing fragile fabrics in plastic is never a good idea, simply because plastic doesn’t let your garments breathe and could dry their fabrics, leading to premature yellowing and condensation, which may cause several other problems, such as mold, mildew, and foul odors. Inspect all stored goods periodically to prevent signs of premature aging in a prompt manner.
Keep in mind the fact that prevention is always better (and usually also cheaper) than cure. Just two blocks south of the Telus World of Science, and a short walk from the Olympic Village Canada Line station, this new “state-of-the-art” store is conveniently located for Vancouver storage users. The loading areas are covered for your comfort and the two large staging areas provide the space that you and your movers need. Arrived into Vancouver a day before my goods arrived from Toronto, met the truck and oversaw the unloading into the unit. When the coupon is presented upon rental at any of our stores, you will both reap the benefits!**Offer is subject to the terms and conditions listed on the Refer a Friend coupon. Must present two pieces of valid government-issued identification (such as a passport, driver’s license or birth certificate). The bankers purchased space for storage from moving or drayage companies, who used lofts for the storage.
This type of structure was utilized often throughout England, remaining unchanged for many years. The asphalt drives were much like the asphalt drives in today’s modern facilities like storage units in Beaverton.
He also formed partnerships with other early storage facility builders to create even more self-storage facilities. Interior decorators and staging companies use a unit to store designs and the furniture used to stage houses.
Another advantage is that you know no one else will be using your favorite piece of equipment when you are ready for it like they might be in a gym. Label the boxes, making a list of the contents of each box that you either tape to the box or keep separately with the lists from all your other boxes. Review the things you want to put into storage and then decide where they will go on your floor plan. Wrap table tops in blankets or moving pads to protect them from scratches and store then upright, leaning on their sides against the back or side walls.
It is also a good idea to store large appliances on wooden crates rather than directly on the concrete flooring in a storage unit.
Then put things in the middle of the unit, leaving an aisle all around between the things against the walls and the things in the middle. Storage space in urban areas is sometimes more costly than in suburban areas, so that may also be a consideration.

Storage in Beaverton could be the most convenient, outside the box option at hand for budget-conscious entrepreneurs, given that it comes with a complete set of essential tools, services and features, including the ones listed below. Aside from offering you the expert guidance that you may demand when choosing or upgrading a unit, staff members may also provide a complete service package for businesses, including package delivery and acceptance, faxing and copying. Several facilities ensure easy access to racking systems and installations required for file storage. Modern facilities manage to keep all security threats at bay, by implementing a series of key features, such as individual door alarms, computerized gate access, video surveillance, and constant monitoring ensured by security guards and onsite managers. All three suggestions involve reduced costs and can be conducted with ease by renting self storage units in Beaverton to prevent clutter during remodeling work. You can maximize the spaciousness of your house or apartment and explore the full potential of new, ingenious storage solutions, by turning unused corners into cozy nooks. Start by renting a self storage unit in Beaverton, where you could deposit rarely used gardening tools, old patio furniture, toys and BBQ equipment. Instead of being a packrat and making your closets, basements, or garages the scapegoat for your belongings, find out the benefits and cost efficiency of having a self-storage unit with Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton, Oregon. It initially seemed so spacious, until it became an eyesore congested with “stuff.” If you are a lover of music, arts and craft, film, reading, writing, or just lounging- there are ways to produce an area within your home to enjoy your hobbies and passions. Iron Gate facilities was designed with everyday people in mind; a true focus on understanding what people desire when renting a self-storage unit for the personal property near and dear to them.
Even if you define yourself as simply a “clutter-bug,” you could have potential hoarding habits happening in your living space, and this could be problematic.
They continue adding item after item to their pile of clutter, until they lose sight of what is occurring.
The comfortable bed that you dive into after a hard day at work, the couch with the indentation of your favorite spot, and the kitchen that you like to make meals in deserve operational space for you to enjoy them. In case you also own one or more items that could bring you a significant profit at some point in the future, consider depositing them in a secure self storage unit where you could control the temperature and humidity and keep most risks at bay. By acting like an all-in one heater, AC unit, humidifier, and dehumidifier, units with climate control can maintain the best humidity level and temperature for delicate goods. Non-stop video surveillance, fully fenced perimeters, onsite security guards, and individual door alarms are only a few of the most common and effective features that providers of self storage in Beaverton count on to ensure additional layers of protection for their clients’ assets. Fortunately, the proud owners of valuable clothing items and accessories made of delicate fabrics can always rely on self storage in Beaverton to protect their assets and even increase their lifespan.
Ideally, you should rent a climate-controlled unit design to maintain ideal storage conditions in terms of temperature and humidity. Also, keep in mind that linen items should be rolled first, to prevent creasing; while several other fabrics, like silk or jersey for instance, should be stored flat, given that they tend to lose their original shape when they are kept on hangers.
Also, pay special attention to extremely complex designer pieces with intricate detailing; for instance, the sections with heavy embroidery should be covered with parchment paper, to prevent threads from fraying. Use chemical desiccants to prevent dew and absorb moisture inside your rented room, and add lavender to keep moths at a distance. Ceiling heights at this downtown Vancouver self storage location are 8 ft and the floor plates are small and easy to navigate. Staff greeted me pleasantly when I entered and were super helpful pulling out the boxes I wanted and loaded them onto a dolly. When Williams became aware that people wanted to store more than just their boats in the facility, he added on to it several times with more units and an office. Certain local storage facilities address this basic need by offering free Wi-Fi access on certain floors, upon request.
For instance, you could deposit and display an entire book collection right under the stairs, by replacing your staircase with a new construction featuring strategically placed shelves that could hold all your favorite volumes.
Afterwards, start shopping around for new furniture and embellishments that you could use to accessorize your patio. As a matter of fact, you could achieve excellent results by simply adding a bookcase to the door of your room. Browse the many benefits of using our self-storage units, and make beauty a part of your everyday life.
One of the primary reasons to acquire a self-storage unit with Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton, Oregon, is to avoid becoming a hoarder or acquiring habits of hoarding. While only 2-5 percent of people suffer from hoarding, the percentage just below that are people who are borderline on the signs of becoming a hoarder. Unlike other competitors, we do not give our clients the runaround by bombarding them with numerous and fluctuating quotes.
Here’s how self storage in Beaverton, Oregon can help you take better care of your collectibles and even increase their value. Items that could benefit from these features include paper products (rare documents, certificates of authenticity, books, and so on), metallic items (coins, awards), rare, limited edition clothing and accessories, figurines, or vintage electronics.
Think about it this way: a rare collectible item kept inside your house could be exposed to multiple threats, including theft and premature signs of wear and tear caused by improper storage conditions.
Spend a little more on a room with a strict humidity and temperature control to avoid damages caused by excessive heat, cold, and moisture. Or better yet, choose a modern, dark, clean, and secure unit offered by Iron Gate Storage, and find out why self storage in Beaverton is the key to storing valuables in the most convenient manner. University students must present a recognized college or university student card that is valid throughout the entire storage period.
The space underneath the stairs could also be used to deposit several household contents that you do not wish to keep in plain sight. If you count on a bigger budget for this project and wish to create your own workshop where you could spend your spare time crafting timeless masterpieces, consider turning your old garden shed into a chic artist’s shed. Be aware of how emotionally attached you are and how often you justify the usefulness of your belongings. We make our services clear and concise, so that you do not have to hassle with trying to discover what we offer. Left in plain sight, your rare goods could capture the attention of a team of professional forgers interested in creating perfect duplicates that they could sell at a profit on the black market.
Our business office is spacious and offers an area where clients can relax and enjoy a cup of coffee. Come by for a tour! Canadian Armed Forces personnel and their families must present a valid military ID or a valid Military Family ID card.
Add bigger windows to let more light inside the room; change the floor, repaint the walls in bright colors, add cabinets and other practical storage solutions and display finalized projects to find your inspiration for new assignments. From there, draw a conclusion on what will need to be removed or relocated to produce your vision. There are likely some items within your home that will help you fashion this space, but there are some that will have to be removed as you rearrange your pocket of peace. At this point, sorting and storing your items in a storage facility can help revive the space in your home. At this point, do not make the mistake that most in-house remodelers do: put more junk where there is already junk. At Iron Gate Storage in Beaverton, not only are there numerous storage sizes to fit your needs, there are plenty options for packing and moving your items.
However, the easily- accessible locations at Iron Gate make it no hassle for clients to get to their valuables 7 days a week. Having flexibility to use your storage space, whether you’re moving to a new place or just to re-decorate your living area, is a wise investment.

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