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Jain Net houses are available in different sizes and constructed as per customer requirement. Operation of CO2 Generator, Climate Control, Temperature, Humidity, Heat Radiation, Control of EC, PH, PPM level in irrigation water etc. Jain Net houses have a variety of applications, the majority being, growing of vegetables, floriculture, fruit crop growing for export market. The Creative Shade house design utilizes unique on site tensioned components to allow for speedy construction, wide flexibility in span design and stability against the weather. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.

We choose hot dipped galvanized steel as the framework of the net shed house, which lifetime is more than 20 years.3.
Good after-service: Kingpeng could send engineer go abroad for correct installation, horticultural service and other service for you.
Company Information: Kingpeng is the biggest greenhouse manufacturer and exporter in China. We have exported different kinds of greenhouses to more than 35 countries and regions in different climate area, including Turkey, Iraq, Iran, Russia, Qatar, Kuwait, UAE, Saudi Arabia, America, Ethiopia, and Angola etc.
If you have any requirements and questions about the greenhouse, please feel free to contact us.

Meanwhile, our greenhouse have very high quality and competitive price compared to the same level greenhouse. Delivery Information: The delivery period of greenhouse project depends on the greenhouse type, size and inner configuration etc. Kingpeng makes sure the strongest packing in our factory, the fastest delivery speed and the best quality of our greenhouse product.

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shade net house hyderabad

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