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I just had the pleasure to echo that one shade of my favourite colour blue was selected Colour of the Year 2010! The book on international colour trends 2010 shows many shades of blue along with the selected light airy one. I’m looking for paint – a blue as blue as the sky or sea – and at Fired Earth I found some great hues. I’m in the middle of choosing a blue hue to paint the walls in my new guest and study, so the award and inspirational colours came very handy. There are only two light ‘Fired earth blues’ that are actually blue: Welkin Blue ( a great hue though it’s almost baby blue) and Zenith Blue – a dusky greyish blue. I was discussing it here; I think blue stimulates creativity and bring calm and serenity – especially the ocean or sky hues. The book points out which direction the trend colours are moving and as for the blue hues, they are airy and optimistic – to lift the spirit and light the darkness.

The shades of aqua blue can be one of the mostly used shades of blue colors since this creates the sense of water resulting in a fresh and calming look in your home instantly.
There are soulful teals and turquoises – sophisticated serene, subtle and understated shades – suggesting deepest space; a place of mystery, imagination and atmosphere.
From the look of the colour palette: I hereby appoint Fired Earth Paint Supplier of the Year 2010!
Because of its soothing effect, aqua blue can be included to your consideration if you want to decorate your home.Using the shades of aqua blue in your home can be achieved through some ways. So, this is easy for you to bring the seaside vacation look to your home decor through the vintage items. You can also use aqua blue for painting the walls of your living room and pair the walls with darker blue accents like lamp shades or curtain shades to cool the shade. This is also useful for using aqua blues in your bedroom making your space look like in the seaside.

You can create a tropical swimming pool design using a palm frond pillow and vivid lighting. Shades of aqua blue can be used not only for creating a retro style, but also luxurious style.
You can make your bedroom more luxurious with billowing window treatments and silky bedding allowing you create a majestic feel in your bedroom.
Decorating your bathroom in aqua blue can also be achieved using pool-blue tile and white paneling to add warmth to your bathroom.So, this is easy and fun to use shades of aqua blue in your home decor because you just need to combine some shades to create a beautiful aqua blue room decor.

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