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Bring the classic traditional lines and extra storage space of our New England Shaker Buffet & Hutch into your kitchen or dining room today! Save 20% by purchasing this piece as part of the New England Shaker Round Dining SetFinish: Lacquer. The sides of our line 2 case pieces are crafted using solid hardwoods: cherry, maple, oak, or walnut. All of our woods are sustainably harvested from forests within the continental United States.
At Vermont Woods Studios, each piece of fine furniture is carefully handcrafted and made to order right here in Vermont.
Once complete, your furniture is blanket-wrapped and shipped by our white glove delivery partners. In some cases, for example with small coffee tables, we use standard shipping via Fed Ex or similar carrier. All production and shipping times quoted are approximate only and are not guaranteed.If you live in a location that is outside of our regularly serviced area, please add one to two weeks to your transit time. SHAKER Kitchen Cabinet Doors Here you will pick the SOLID WOOD SHAKER DOOR, FLAT PANEL SHAKER DOOR or FRAME for glass. Wholesale unfinished wooden knobs for kitchen cabinets and bathroom wood drawer knobs and pulls. A bold scenic frieze acts as a transition from wall to ceiling in an Arts & Crafts home. Build-It-Yourself China Hutch - This nearly 8’-tall hutch features an elegant look and ample room for storing and displaying china. Doors come pre-drilled for the hinges, the face frame has marks where to drill and the customer chooses Right or Left during assembly. Yes, but there will be a small gap when two cabinets are side by side, so the TKC (8' toe kick) is needed if cabinets are next to each other. The Brilliant White Shaker collection offers a beautiful, sophisticated look to any style kitchen. Center Stile - Vertical strips of wood that divide cabinets for extra support and durability.
Dado - a groove that is cut into a piece of material so that another piece may slide into it.
Dovetail - Woodworked joints that are used to connect drawer sides to the drawer face without the use of exposed hardware.

Epoxy Coated Glides - A fast drying white protective coating that is baked into hardware metal guides.
Exposed hinge - a hinge type that is visible on the outside edge of the cabinet door when the door is closed. Face frame - the wood frame that is attached to the front edges of the top, bottom and sides of the cabinet box. Framed - a cabinet design that uses a 'face-frame' which is typically a wood frame attached to the front edges of the cabinet box (where the door gets hinged to). Frameless - a cabinet design that does not use a frame on the front outside edges of the cabinet box. Full Extension Glides - Hardware that provides full-access to drawers and allows the drawer to pass the face frame. Full Overlay - A cabinet design whereby the cabinet door or drawer front covers the entire face frame so that only the cabinet door is seen with no part of the face frame visible.
Inset - a cabinet design whereby the doors fit inside of the face frame when closed (rather than overlapping and sitting on top of the face frame). Medium density fiberboard (MDF) - a wood-based product that's produced by the combination of very small wood fibers and a glue, resin or similar bonding agent.
Melamine - a durable plastic, similar to laminate that can be applied to certain areas of cabinets.
Mortise and Tenon - a means of wood joinery that involves part of one piece being inserted into a notch or hole in the mating piece. Overlay - Overlay refers to the amount of face frame that is covered by the cabinet door or drawer front. Particle board - a wood product made up of very small wood pieces and fragments that are fused together with a glue or resin under mechanical pressure.
Plywood - an all wood product made up of several layers of wood with the grain direction running at different angles with respect to each other. Rail - the horizontal pieces of a face frame or door frame (in contrast to a "stile" which is the vertical member of the frame). Self Closing Drawers - Drawers that have mechanisms or magnets that guide the drawer closed. Soft Close Drawers - Drawers containing a piston that respond to various levels of pressure and weight, absorbing the impact and closing the door slowly and safely. Stile - the vertical pieces of a face frame or door frame (in contrast to the "rails" which are the horizontal pieces of the frame).

Veneered and solid wood backs are available for an upcharge of 15% - 45%, contact us for details. These glides are much quieter and as they are full extension, will allow for more access to the drawer.
The built-in buffet of Douglas fir is a notable feature with fine details: hexagonal pilasters with a heavy lintel, flared serving shelf, beveled mirror. The inside surface of cabinet drawers may be 'dadoed' with a groove to accept the drawer bottom panel which helps make for a stronger joint between the drawer side and bottom panels.
The front of the cabinet box is formed by the edges of the top, bottom and side panels of the cabinet box. MDF can be more easily shaped than products like particle board due to the consistency of the material formed by the small fibers. A typical mortise and tenon joint has a square protrusion coming off the end of one piece that fits tightly into a square 'hole' or notch in the piece it's joined to. Veneers can be used on the sides of exposed cabinets (for example, on the end of a run of cabinets) and on the interior surfaces of cabinet boxes.
MDF can be used for shelves, doors (typically painted or covered with melamine) and other cabinet parts. The pieces that make up the outer frame of a cabinet door might be joined using this technique. It reduces the tendency of wood to split when nailed at the edges and reduces expansion and shrinkage, providing improved dimensional stability. Feel welcome to flick through my collection down below, because I included many amazing examples of Mission styled china cabinets, which may embellish your interior and bring some elegance.
Cabinet designs that incorporate this feature are called "framed" or "face-frame" cabinets.
It is commonly seen in the center panels of recessed cabinet door styles (like a Shaker door) to prevent warping and cracking of the center panel during the wood’s natural expansion and contraction throughout the year.

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