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We'll I'm finally getting around to posting some pictures of the shed I designed and built for my B2620. Well my garage was getting more and more stuffed so my wife said why not go ahead and get the shed built before winter. I started out using a 3d modeling program called Rhino 3d, that I used to use to design our hovercrafts, to draw up the shed I wanted to build on the existing concrete pad, which was about 10'x14'. First thing I had to do is get spot ready for the shed, I remembered there being a sapling growing behind the pad, but it turned out to be more of a full sized mulberry, about 10" dia and 25' tall or so, and it was leaning over the neighbors fence.
I built the side walls down in the garage where I had power and air and then loaded them up on the trailer. Then I put the tractor to work again to pull the trailer out back and I put the side walls up and anchored them. I also built my trusses ahead of time down in the garage, and made up spacers with my gusset plates. Then I built the back wall of the shed, followed by putting up the first truss, that way I could C-clamp the truss to the wall, and then go down and get the bottoms sides lined up on the wall.
And then I got in a grove and forgot to take more pictures :D But I put hurricane clips on all the trusses, and got the front wall and door header put up. Then I finished up all the walls, I sealed all the seems before I put the OSB up, for now I'll just be painting the shed until we side the house next year.
Then I go the roofing put on, 2 layers of 30lb felt up top, 1 on the sides, and good ole 3 tab shingles (they were on sale and had a mail in rebate :D). I also got a couple stainless eye screws for the outside and a couple bungee's so I could strap the doors open so I don't have to worry about the wind blowing them shuts, on the inside of the doors are a couple screws to stretch the bungee's across so I don't loose them.

For power temporarily I have some outdoor 12-3 running across the yard, I'll get that underground in the spring, but I have a circuit for the block heater, and another for the battery tender and lights if I want to put a couple up.
I ended up moving my mower to the location with the outward swinging doors to make room in my garage (with standard overhead doors) for the tractor.
This outdoor storage shed is perfect for long handled tools and other small outdoor items like rakes and shovels.
The Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed is the perfect shed for storing long handled tools along with other items. Three hundred and seven customers who purchased the Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Shed, 17-Cubic Foot left a customer review.
There are a lot of happy customer reviews than there is unhappy reviews for the Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed. The Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed, 17-cubic foot is the perfect storage shed for long handled tools and equipment. The price is affordable, which is what most consumers are wanting with a smaller storage shed.I would purchase the Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed. I have purchased other Rubbermaid products, and years later I am still using these products, so Rubbermaid makes durable, long lasting products.
This entry was posted in Outdoor Storage and tagged FG374901OLVSS, Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed, Rubbermaid Plastic Vertical Outdoor Storage Shed 17-Cubic Foot, rubbermaid shed review, rubbermaid small vertical plastic storage shed on November 19, 2014 by admin. The walls on the outdoor storage shed comes with a unique double-walled construction that is durable and heavy-duty. The doors are lockable, so items that are placed in the storage shed can be secure and safe.

These unhappy customers claim that the outdoor storage shed was hard to assemble, and that two people were needed to assemble the shed properly.
I will probably purchase the vertical outdoor storage shed in the spring when gardening season starts. The floors are impact resistant that has special grooves added to keep tools from sliding around, and staying securely in place.
The outdoor storage shed is affordable, and all the customers were in agreement with that statement.
It can fit anywhere, and looks great, so homeowners can proudly put the storage shed anywhere on their property.
Rubbermaid has been making durable sheds and products for over eighty years, so you know the storage shed will be durable and long lasting.
These happy customers all claim that the outdoor storage shed was awesome, great shed, easy to assemble and very affordable. Another benefit that attracts me to the storage shed is there is no maintenance required, which is excellent. These customers all would purchase the shed again in the future, and highly recommended the outdoor storage shed. Use Rubbermaid wall anchors (sold separately) to easily organize your belongings inside the shed.

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