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Bernard the Beer Boffin is our 'all knowing' landlord, whose passion is showing you to the best real ale pubs serving great beers that you love. Volunteer monitoring began at Bitter Lake in the 1980s and continued from 1997 through 2008 when it was discontinued. This bathymetric map shows contour lines of equal depth, similar to a topographic map would for mountains and valleys.
Popcorn Park Zoo employees are calling it "Devlin's Great Escape." Young pit bull had no food or water. The collected data indicated this city lake (Seattle) was nearly colorfree and moderate in primary productivity (mesotrophic), with good water quality, and that it remained stable over time with no significant trends found.

Generally speaking, the larger a watershed is relative to a lake, the greater the influence land use practices on lake water quality.
Fancy a nutty, roasty, malty ruby real ale or a refreshing citrus, hoppy golden India Pale Ale? Thermal stratification appeared stable through the summer, and sedimentary phosphorus release added to deep water concentrations.
Download the FREE Perfect Pint App, and Bernard will show the beers you like, serving near you, right now.
Nitrogen to phosphorus ratios were occasionally below 20:1, which generally favored algae other than bluegreens.

Under Bernard's guidance you will not be disappointed with the beers on offer when you visit the pub. Bluegreen species were occasionally present, but never common.Bitter Lake has no public access boat ramp, but car top boats can be launched through the city park.
Residents should monitor aquatic plants growing nearshore to catch early infestations of Eurasian milfoil, Brazilian elodea, or other noxious aquatic weeds.

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shed a bitter tear

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