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This piece came out of a series of works I was doing about cartoon deaths - things like, things falling off cliffs, things being run over by a steam roller, things being blown up, shot full of bullets, like Roadrunner or Tom and Jerry.
The Red Shed was a regular garden shed installed in the middle of BBC Scotland's offices at Pacific Quay.
In a collaboration between BBC Scotland and Glasgow School of Art, six artists were invited to use it as a space for art for one week each. Red Shed - Clyde View Box, Jamie Clements"There are a lot of remnants of the heavy industrial past on the Clyde.
Red Shed - Actualizer Pro Wireless 8000, Nadia Rossi and Ruby Pester"The ultimate aim of the APW8000 is to promote and invest in the obsolete and provide a moderate service for the office place and allow our clients to have an easier life." BBC World Affairs Correspondent Allan Little describes some of the key moments from his career and answer questions about what it is like to report the world in an age of conflict.
Ruby Pester and Nadia Rossi graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 2008, receiving degrees in Fine Art and Time Based Art. Red Shed - Quantum Shed, Richard Davies"Quantum Shed is is my playful response to the oddity of having this incongruous object planted for no apparent reason (and slowly become 'invisible' over time) in the BBC building." BBC World Affairs Correspondent Allan Little describes some of the key moments from his career and answer questions about what it is like to report the world in an age of conflict. Richard Davies has an MSc in Electronic Imaging from Dundee University and a BA Hons in Graphic Design from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art, Dundee. Red Shed - The Rest Cure, Risa Tsunegi"The Rest Cure is a hospital for plants, a place for recuperation and distraction. Risa Tsunegi was born in Gumma, Japan and graduated from the Masters of Fine Art course at Glasgow School of Art in 2009.
Red Shed - Retreat, Susie Olczak"I want to make a light box for the office ? a strange bright box glowing in the middle of the ubiquitous office space which is curious yet welcoming." BBC World Affairs Correspondent Allan Little describes some of the key moments from his career and answer questions about what it is like to report the world in an age of conflict. As with all good literature, music and theatre, whatever medium is used, or wherever it is placed, most contemporary art will question, interrogate and respond to the surrounding world, and as such, no subject matter is beyond bounds. Contemporary art may still feature traditional practice such as painting, drawing and sculpting, but performance art, film, sound, installation art, book works, projections, land art, photography and interactive digital art are just as likely to be shown. Whereas conventional art practices often used expensive and difficult materials such as oil paint, bronze and stone; part of contemporary art’s appeal is that it can be fashioned from almost anything imaginable.

Works by Whiteread, as with other contemporary artists, encourage participation and interaction with the visitor; they are to be ‘experienced’ rather than just ‘seen’, which makes them far more appealing to younger audiences. These changes mean that the act of making art becomes very open and accessible, and offers virtually unlimited possibilities for exploration and creativity in the classroom. Chris Ofili, Turner Prize winner in 1998, works in the ‘traditional’ medium of painting, but his choice of materials and style of presentation challenge our perceptions of what a painting really is. Some of Ofili’s work makes a direct reference to political and current affairs, for example: No Woman No Cry, 1998, which features a weeping woman whose tears encapsulate tiny images of the murdered schoolboy, Stephen Lawrence. Studying these paintings can provide a springboard for discussion on a number of sensitive and difficult issues around race, youth culture and the media, using images and ideas that young people are familiar and comfortable with. An artist with a very different approach is Cornelia Parker, who in creating large-scale and powerful installations, uses ordinary everyday and domestic objects to extraordinary effect. In Cold Dark Matter: An Exploded View, 1991, Parker blew up a shed and its contents, then suspended the damaged and blackened remains around a bare light bulb. Parker’s actions are violent, dramatic and destructive, yet the resulting work is fragile, calm and eerily beautiful.
Parker's Perpetual Canon (2004) features sixty instruments that form a full brass band, which have been flattened and hung from the gallery ceiling. Rendering these bold and valuable objects redundant and silent is a comment upon the changes and decline in British working communities, where brass bands were traditionally to be found, and could be studied within the social sciences and English literature. After it was blown up and all the objects were lying on the floor, all very distressed, they had a pathos and somehow putting it back in the air where they were a little while before, it sort of re-animates them. Placed there by the interior designers Graven Images the red shed was designed to be an island amongst the black and grey rows of desks and chairs.
Pester and Rossi currently live and work in Glasgow and are part of the Glasgow-based artist group NOW NOW.
Art in all its forms plays an integral part in examining and celebrating how we live and who we are, so restricting the study of visual art to dedicated art lessons means losing out on many creative exchanges and possibilities.

For example, Rachel Whiteread’s works, Untitled (Nine Tables) 1998 and Untitled (Twenty-Four Switches) 1998, which can be viewed in Tate’s Online collection. See teaching resources for Rachel Whiteread in Tate Online.The boundaries between fine art, craft and design are also increasingly being blurred, with craft techniques and materials regularly crossing over into fine art practice. See works of Ofili's from his past Exhibition at Tate, The Upper Room.The work is not just a visual spectacular, it makes many cultural references that can be explored at greater depth. The title of this work makes a direct reference to the Big Bang, while the delicate, suspended fragments form an almost cosmological model. His sculptures are compiled from ephemeral and archival materials, often featuring group photographs where each individual portrait is enlarged to many times its original size, becoming distorted and ghostly.
6 x 4 ft Wooden Garden Shed assembled in empty shop, drilled over period of one month and floodlit from 12 noon to 12 midnight. Ofili’s imagery reflects his African heritage, and an influence of cave paintings, blaxploitation films, comic book heroes, gangster rap, and musical icons. The act of creating an explosion then collating and assembling the remains can be seen along the lines of an experiment in the physics lab. His work contains particular religious, historical and cultural references, including the Holocaust.
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