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It is important your shed is built on a perfectly level base to maximises the life span of your shed. Our shed bases are crafted from quality timber and can be constructed on top of most surfaces. Do you have a question about a product or would like to get advice on which product best fits your needs?
We offer next-day delivery on orders placed before 12:00pm, within a 30-mile radius of our yard.
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Shire Pressure Treated Shed Bases are an Easy Shed Base that provide a very sturdy and durable base for your garden shed when mounted on Grass or earth (Not suitable for concrete or stone surfaces).
Delivery and Payment InformationThe delivery schedules quoted on our product pages are Working Days and intended as a guide only.

If the product you have purchased has an assembly option and you choose to take this assembly service then the delivery and assembly will not usually take place on the same date. Orders placed during a weekend where next day delivery is stated will usually be delivered on the following Tuesday.
Using a base means that your shed will be built on a perfectly level base and this will maximise its lifespan. Your shed must be supported on a strong and level base to provide maximum anchorage for the building and decrease movement of the structure.Additionally it is important for air to circulate under the building and raise the floor from the damp ground minimising moisture damage to the timber.
Schedules are based on our experience of what is the approximate AVERAGE delivery period of the relevant supplier.
The independent assembly company will endevour to complete the assembly within 7 working days of delivery. Made from pressure treated FSC timber, this base is strong, long lasting and protected from rot and insects.

For more information please see Terms and Conditions of supply with particular reference to: SECTION 4 and 5.
Many Delivery Drivers (but not all) will help to move items beyond the kerb but at Kerb Side goods become your responsibility.
It is very important that all parts are checked and verified before the independent assembly company arrives to carry out the work as failure to do so could result in unnecessary delays once the company arrives. Bank Holiday Weekends: Next Day Delivery Orders received over a bank holiday weekend will usually be delivered on the following Wednesday.

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shed base home depot

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