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See our most popular sheds, the Kent Apex Wooden Outdoor Garden Shed, Essex Pent Wooden Garden Shed and Canterbury Garden Shed Pressure Treated! You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. It is essential that all garden buildings are assembled on a firm and level base constructed from an appropriate and durable material. When deciding where to place your garden building, you need to take a few things into consideration. Firstly, please remember not to place the base too close to any walls or fences as there may be a slight overhang on the roof of the garden building. Furthermore, when deciding the optimum location for your base and garden building please consider access – for example access around each side of the garden building in order to apply wood treatments or preservative. The guide below will help you to prepare and complete a base for your garden building using the suitable material of your choice. Within the excavated area, lay approximately 3” (75mm) of firmly compacted hardcore, scalping or brick rubble to act as a sound foundation and level with compacted sand if appropriate.
By measuring, cutting and fitting timber rails or steel shuttering to the shape of the base, board up the base as portrayed in the diagram.
Spread the concrete evenly in the shuttering, taking particular care to push the concrete into the corners and edges. Within the excavated area, lay approximately 1.5" (40mm) mix of one part cement to eight parts building sand. Brush off any excess sand and cement mix - the base is now ready for you to begin assembly of your garden building. Domestic Ready Mix Concrete Services in Surrey and South LondonAdvantage Concrete Company is proud to provide a one-stop shop for all your domestic concrete requirements in Surrey and South London. Whether you are laying a concrete base for a garden shed, creating a path or driveway or laying foundations for your home extension, we look forward to helping you with your project. By mixing your concrete on site, you only pay for what you use, saving you money and eliminating wastage.
The Right Ready Mix Concrete for Your JobAdvantage Concrete offers ready mix concrete and screed in a variety of different grades.
Helping You All The WayNot only will we supply you with top quality concrete or screed at a competitive price, we can also help you lay it too. If you don’t fancy the hard slog of barrowing your concrete from our lorry to your job site, we offer a barrow and lay service where we provide the tools and labour to do the job for you.
All our rolling stock has to be kept somewhere: keeping the coaches under tarpaulins in the garden is fine in summer, but, having spent a lot of time and effort building them, we were worried that they'd get damaged over the winter. We decided to make the base about 3.3m x 4-6m, so that the shed would point directly at the place we were going to make a new gateway to take the stock in and out of the garden.
It is extremely important that all garden buildings are constructed on a firm and level base which is constructed from the correct, durable material. We also specialize in Custom Made Sheds and delivery areas include London and the South East, including Kent, Essex, Sussex, Surrey, Middlesex, Hampshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire & Middlesex.

Secondly, placing the base next to trees or large bushes could also cause problems from overhanging branches especially if these are likely to grow and come into contact with the building in the future.
Try to visualise what the garden building will look like in the position selected – you may not want to carry large or heavy objects right down to the end of your garden. Arguably the best method to lay the concrete is to do it a layer at a time and compact it until the shuttering frame is full. Please note however that the concrete must not be allowed to dry out too quickly and so spraying it with water may be necessary, particularly in warm and dry weather conditions. The surface of the paving slabs should be slightly higher than the surrounding ground to encourage rain water drainage. Level this mix - you may wish to use a rake and a spirit level to aid with the levelling process. These should be equally spaced at intervals of approx 400-600mm ensuring they are to run perpendicular to any floor joists which already come built in to your garden building. No ProblemUsing our modern Volumetric Concrete Mixing Vehicles, we specialise in on-site concrete mixing. If you’re not sure of the correct concrete specification for your project then speak to our friendly customer service team who will be happy to help. This would hopefully make getting the stock in and out of the garden much easier than it had been.
It's amazing what you can salvage from skips…….) for hardcore, and filled the base to about 2-3" from the top. Then I hand-mixed a bit (about 100kg - a 25kg bag of cement and 3 x 25kg bags of sand) of mortar to fix it there. I got it from a firm (Mixamate) who will mix it for you at your site, and lend you nice strong barrows to shift it with, and will wait (but not forever….) while you shift it.
Also, before the stuff arrives, set up a tipping plan in your head - on the day you'll be working so hard that you won't have time to think. What I did to design the shed was to look at the way sheds were put together - visiting garden centres etc. The only drawback you'll find is that the 50x50mm can be cut into almost any length you want - but I couldn't find a timber yard that would cut the shiplap (which is also the most expensive part) to length. This was a great day - I felt really proud to have given it all a good place to stay and I can't help going for a peep inside everytime I go into the garden. This was pretty straightforward stuff, with plenty of suitable places to attach the cable to.
Assembling the base incorrectly can lead to future deterioration of the product such as doors dropping out of square, thus becoming complicated to use or causing a water leakage.
Assembling a garden building on an incorrect base is also likely to invalidate any guarantee that your product may carry. You may also want to consider where the building is most likely to receive natural light or a have nice view, especially for buildings such summerhouses or log cabins. Leave the concrete flush with the top of the framework and smooth it out using either a wooden or plastic float.

I'd also hankered over having a workshop as well to do repairs, and, hopefully, to build (at least one) other locomotive in. There will be another 0.75m spare width on one side, to store the track in and also have a good-sized (6' long) bench. The idea was that it would need to be firm because it would likely get hit by the barrows of concrete, and we wouldn't have time to sort it out on the day. The other advantage over getting ready mix dumped on your drive is that, given notice (when you book the load) they will quite happily mix a bit more if you need it (in 0.25 cu metre multiples). I decided to fill in between the tracks first, then between the rails, then the side panel (from the back to the front) and, lastly, the back of the pad. The frame was nailed together using 4" nails, then carefully made square by measuring the diagonals and holding firm with a piece of scrap timber nailed over one of the top corners. Note: The incorrect assembling of a garden building on an incorrect base is also likely to void any guarantee that may come with your shed. Once the garden building has been assembled, please check overhanging foliage regularly as any rubbing on the roofing felt may lead to your garden building becoming susceptible to rain and extreme weather conditions. Finally, if you intend to fit an electricity or water supply to your garden building, you may need to consider where would be most appropriate to cater for this (i.e. I built the lot as one unit in order to make it more rigid and also ensure that the tracks stayed the correct distance apart even when concrete was poured into the base. They're actually very simple - a basic frame held together with a few nails, then panelled over with whatever you want (125mm shiplap is usual). I decided on 50x50mm timber for the frame as the shed's so large - commercial sheds differ in their frame thickness, cheaper sheds generally use thinner wood.
First of all, always remember that placing the base too close to any walls, fences or other objects may cause problems. Branches are likely to grow and come into contact with your shed, so do your best to avoid. Check for overhanging foliage regularly as any rubbing on the roofing felt may well lead to your shed becoming vulnerable to adverse weather conditions and even rain. The reason for the original excavation to be 2" bigger all round is to take into consideration the wooden frame, you will now have an internal area exactly 8'x 6'. If you decide to use thicker timber you will need to take this into consideration at the stringing out stage.
A concrete mix of 5 parts ballast 1 part cement should now be mixed and poured into the area, enough concrete should be poured so that it is just proud of the formwork, it can now be tampered down level and flat using a straight piece of solid timber, the result is a smooth level concrete pad.
This wooden frame can then be levelled into the pea shingle for a well drained wooden base. Which ever base you decide to build it is important that the floor has enough support the entire length of the building and this support has to be level and flat.

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