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Every home needs a place for garden tools and this small garden shed provides for plenty of storage without taking up too much space. Local respected builders of detached garages with 20 years of experience and A+ Rating with the better business bureau.
Local respected garage and shed builders with 20 years of experience and A+ Rating with the better business bureau.
Shows up on time, works hard all day and finished the job in 4 days and it was half the cost of a tuff shed.
Shed the illusion that the building in your yard in which tools and backyard equipment are stored must be, by definition, a boring and ugly necessity.
Now revised and expanded, SHEDS contains absolutely everything you need to know to design, build and enjoy the ultimate backyard shed. Award-winning designer David Stiles helps you think through the issues involved in shed design, such as use, size, cost, placement and "degree of difficulty." Following a chapter on construction basics, he guides you through each step of building a simple 8 x 10-foot shed -- from foundation to cupola and everything in between.
This core chapter includes a materials list, step-by-step illustrated instructions and a daily labor schedule, as well as new information on timber framing and moving your shed to a different location.
The book then presents several basic sheds, along with a number of more complex special-use sheds, including a basic 8 x 10 shed, 11 x 10 saltbox shed, irish garden shed, japanese boat shed, 9 x 10 storage shed on posts, and a 10 x 11 potting shed. Packed with detailed illustrations, plans, commonsense advice and an inspiring selection of color photographs, SHEDS is like having a consultant at your side as you work. Whether you are an average amateur builder or an ambitious expert, this book has something for you. Hello there, I’ve been meaning to send you some photos of one your shed designs I built a couple years ago and finally got around to it over these holidays.
My husband purchased your book: Sheds The Do-It-Yourself Guide for Backyard Builders and used many of the plans and techniques from it.
This book was fantastic and I wanted to let all your readers know that even a little old Grandma can build a shed just like the ones pictured here.

I have bought and read every book I cold find about designing and building small buildings. When it comes to quality and appearance, no other outdoor shed or garage compares to a Stateline Builders custom built A-Frame. The compact design will fit almost anywhere and you can make the entire shed out of timber and board that you will find at your local Builders Warehouse. The shed is made from three components: the roof, the walls and the doors, with edges covered by trim boards.
Start with an L-shaped 50 x 100mm, then add the inside panel supports, inside panel, sheathing and trim. Nail the cedar trim to the sides, aligning the 22 x 76mm boards on the sides with the overhanging edge of plywood along the front edge. As an alternative you can cut a solid fibre cement panel to cover the front opening, or cut 6mm plywood tiles to fit.
Add or take away gravel under the footings until the shed is tight against the siding and the gap above the doors is even. Come take a look at one of the area's largest shed display lots, where you will find a storage shed to fit your style and budget. We were hoping for a well-built, custom-designed shed that didn't require a second mortgage. Mike was extremely courteous and professional the whole time while making the changes I requested on a 2x6 framed 12 x 20 barn shed, all while providing instant quote updates that reflected them Installation was fast and professional, even at the remote location the shed was being installed in eastern Utah.
As a total ‘Do-It-Yourselfer’, I used this book as a guide through the entire building process. Choose from a variety of options including board & batten siding, a steep roof pitch, eye-brow trim, transom glass, custom windows and doors, or one of our many cupolas. You have the choice of using marine plywood, commercial plywood and fibre cement boards for various outer panelling sections.

Nail together the side walls, then square them with the plywood or fibre cement side panels. To top off the roof you can use vinyl or cement tiles, fibre cement board cut to size, or fibreglass sheeting. Screw on the collar ties at the points shown in the diagram above, then screw on the front and rear nailers.
He went above and beyond and dug our yard out, leveled it, laid the concrete, and even used the extra concrete to fix my sidewalk. Now he has a full size door and storage to boot hence I call it an attached shed, but it still serves as an entrance to his basement. Browse through our gallery of a-frame sheds below to see what our experienced builders can design for you. Marine plywood and commercial plywood can be sanded, stained and sealed, while fibre cement board can be painted. Overhang the panels 19mm at the front - this will hide the gap at the corner when you hang the doors.
As you start to construct the garden shed the project won't appear as daunting as looking at the cutting list. Attach flashing and felt to the front panel, then cover it with cement fibre board or plywood panels.
Although we still have several finishing touches to complete (I think that is part of the process when you do your own renovating!), the projects are essentially complete and we are very proud of our final product.
The sides, top and bottom are all mirror images of each other except for the top front rim joist, which is set down 12mm from the top so it stops the doors (see above).

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