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The Bike Shed Motorcycle Club is dedicated to celebrating the Cafe Racer, Scrambler, Tracker and Brat custom culture.
The world’s finest, most glamorous, most colourful, most informative, global-reaching go fast, turn left magazine.
Iron & Resin is the brainchild of several friends who, after decades of collective experience building successful clothing brands, decided to turn back the clock and start anew. Old Empire Motorcycles - born through an absolute and enduring passion for everything two wheeled, a desire to put their own stamp and style on the motorcycle world and a vision to get interest from a broader and more diverse audience. King of Fuel is a magazine website that features articles, videos and pictures about ‘Gasoline Lifestyle and Culture’ and gasoline powered machines.

They transform bikes, from modern retros to forgotten classics, creating timeless machines with the spirit of that amazing decade. Join the Bike Shed to escape from the world into a place where bikes come first and sensible life choices take a back seat. The result is a small, hand built collection of goods that draws heavily upon the founder’s own lifestyles and experiences.
Two guys and a girl in Camden, London, build motorcycles for everyday use with great individual styling and quality mechanics. From Custom Motorcycles to Cars and Boats to Planes, if it’s got a motor and it’s cool, it’s in.

The bikes they build are redesigned with carefully chosen modern upgrades to creat 'forever' bikes with unique character and style.
They love the 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s and any modern or classic that promises to be bold and different. Sideburn attracts contributions from the finest writers, photographers and racers in motorcycles.

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shed builders magazine luiza

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