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Aztech Lifestyle Sheds, Garages & Storage BuildingsFrom simple lean-to (mono-slope roof) and gable roof sheds for storage purposes to American Barn style buildings for your classic car collection, Aztech's customisable building designs allow you to create your ultimate shed, garage or storage building. Standard Building Range - popular choices for Sheds, Garages & StorageYou can select from our Standard Building Range (which has fully customisable features). General information about Storage Sheds & GaragesAztech's timber pole structure is best for buildings 3m and higher, and economically, the optimum minimum span for a gable roof is 6m. We provide dairy parlour, farm building and residential building services with professionalism and high quality workmanship. With a focus on dairy based construction and other farm buildings, the dairy parlour builders at Quintin Oakes in Taranaki also have expert experience in residential construction and renovation. 01.about usEstablished in 2001, Quintin Oakes is a family run business that has been designing and constructing dairy parlours and other farm buildings for dairies in Taranaki for over 10 years. 02.rotary parlourDesigned to integrate easily with new milking technologies, Rotary parlours are fast becoming the preferred model of milking parlour for larger herds. At Quintin Oakes Builders we have the experience to adapt and customise the Rotary parlour model so that it is built to seamlessly fit in with your existing milking procedures. 03.herringbone parlourTraditionally the more popular model in New Zealand, Herringbone parlours are perfect for smaller herds.
The beauty of Herringbone parlours is their flexibility and how they can be easily extended and adapted for growth in your herd size and dairy operation. From bathroom renovations to kitchen re-installs to the design and construction of a whole new home or cottage for the homestead, our professional and qualified builders can take care of all your residential building needs – with skill and first class workmanship. Quintin Oakes Builders have the experience to adapt the Rotary parlour model so that it fits seamlessly into your existing dairy operations – making it as simple or as sophisticated as you need it to be. At Quintin Oakes Builders, we give advice and then customise a Herringbone parlour for your dairy operation that allows the flexibility for growth, and is designed to enhance and seamlessly integrate with your dairy operations – so that you maximise your milking capacity.

Our years of experience in the building industry allow us to offer professional building services for all your residential building needs. Tim & Sandie wanted a more open plan living, larger Garage and a bedroom that had a nice large walk in wardrobe and en suite.
The shed is a  36 aside Herringbone and was built in 2014, the plant was installed by Dairy Master. Azspan clear-span systemAzspan ® - the market leading clear-span system by Aztech Buildings. If you have specific details in relation to your building requirements we recommend taking an extra 5-10mins to fill in the detailed building enquiry form (click here) or continue below.
At Quintin Oakes we can build a Herringbone parlour that will allow for growth, maximise productivity and add value to your dairy operation. Fully relined, new electrical and plumbing, this renovation has turned this house into a modern home.
The milking plant is a de Laval and the platform installed by Hotters engineering from Eltham.
Just take one look at an Azspan portal to see the strength and functionality of the time-saving clear-span system. So we have changed the entire Entertainment flow with this new outstanding vitex water shed deck. Whether you want a garage for motorbikes, the boat, your classic cars or the tractor, Aztech Buildings have the practical and cost effective solution. Some of the main features of Azspan include: The proven design resulting from extensive research Provides superior durability and strength compared to alternative systems. We used the hidden nailing system instead of the usual face nailing system which over the years has the tendency to pop and can cause serious injury not to just small children but elderly people just as much.

The council was not easy and I was impressed with Aztechs planners dealing with them for so long. With the fastest construction time on the market, Aztech Kitsets are the easiest to put together. Using this outstanding wide vitex water shed hardwood looks and creates a much better overall look.
Integrating even further time savings with the Azspan clear-span system, results in installation savings that any builder would dream of. Azspan the comprehensively simple clear-span system.Bird-proof structure Azspan plays an integral part in the Proven Construction Systems by Aztech.
When your ready to have a Deck looking just as good as this one or any deck choice we can help design just what your looking for. To make your deck look and last much longer we recommend that you give it a coating either a stain or natural look. You should make sure that you perform this within the first three weeks after completion and then follow in a second coat within the next six months.
We also recommend that within a year after this you may wish to put just one more coat on it.

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