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I would cut away the siding as it would interfere with getting a solid connection or laminate to the house.
You might consider just leaving the lean to unattached of the house so you don't have to do any cosmetic touch ups after?? I'm thinking by not attaching this to your house you could get a few friends over after the shed is up and move the lean to where your shed is and attach it to the shed?? I am still debating but leaning more towards just leaving it unattached and not bothering the cosmetics of the house. Might need feedback on what to use for a skirt on my slope to prevent animals from making homes int here. The wood seems to be coming in at around ?800 - does this seem about right to experienced shed builders? Obviously there will be some felt, hinges, windows, preservative etc to factor in and probably insulation & more ply inside at some point. Wood prices on the web are generally a bit more expensive, Get a list of materials and contact a couple of local suppliers, you'll generally get a better deal. I got a 10 x 8 double door top quality shed for about ?750, 23mm shiplap and was rock solid. If I had to do it again I wouldn't build, it don't save that much money as the shed builders get economies of scale as they buy so much wood. I have built a shed before at my old house - on a concrete base, with 6"x6" exposed uprights and frame - it was a lean-to affair, which you could have driven a car into and it wouldn't shift. Tinribz not a bad idea at all, just factor in the permanent structure planning bollox etc and whether any of your neighbours are liable to moan?? Got palnning permission, sheds of a certain size need it or a big legal bill, and not to close to a road.
There may be a couple of points in there that lean towards me requiring it (relating to bondaries), but not the overall size.
That's uncanny as you've just described what I'm planning to build in my back garden, pretty much same size too, mine will be 3m x 4.5m.
I painted cars with a High School shop teacher and one summer he needed a shed so we built one. Projects like this for the non shop teacher just need to be thought through completely before starting. It would be nice to be able to retreat into it, but not necessary, I have an office for that. A buddy of mine has a shed that he conversted into a bar & grill establishment for when his friends come over.
To insulate the walls and ceiling (the roof will be unvented) I am looking for something with a degree of noise reduction. Sounds like it's going to be a nice little shed, but you may want to double check your building code requirements. With two people do you think I could frame the floor, put down the pressure treated plywood, and then flip it so that the pressure treated plywood is now face down? If I put pressure treated plywood on the bottom could I just set rigid foam between the joists (2 x4 or 2 x 6?) onto the plywood or is it better to have it on furring strips flush with the floor?
No problem luka, I've gleaned a lot of useful information from this site and am just glad I could return the favor.

Unless you're planning on moving some heavy machinery in there, your floor joist pattern looks like overkill. You don't need the jack studs on the gable (non-bearing) end, or the 2x6's header, a single 2x4 flat will work.
I was planning on builing a 12 x 16 shed this summer as I need to clear space in my garage. This might be a nice project to start off with beofre i tackle the larger shed, stairs from 2nd floor deck, and finishing my basement (walkout). I would then attach a 2x6 to the exposed exterior wall of the house spanning the length of the lean to roof. I think theres just alot of poeple asking for help here that you sometimes get bumped out lol. 1) you'll have to mess with your siding, 2) if it's attached to the house it would be best if it was below the frost line so the lean to is not moving against your house. Was not sure if some sort of skirt woulddo or to put more gravel underneath to deter them from digging. I bought it for a motorbike and then spent about another ?120 on 25mm chipboard to line it out, bit of insulating inbwtween the ply's and when I moved and left it behind it was still bone dry inside after 5 years and reckon it wouldn't need treated for at least another 5 years. It will be on stilts at one end too, due to a sharp fall in the ground, so will be quite bespoke.
However, permission is required for any shed which covers over half the garden, which is not for domestic use or which is over 3 metres high with a pent roof or 4 metres high with an apex roof. However, approval is required for any shed with an internal floor area of more than 30 square metres.
He scratched out his plans in 5 minutes, we went for the lumber and by the end of the day a fair sized rock solid gambreled roof shed appeared.
I'd like to see how the round one is built because it looks like it would be a fun project! You have the link so see if you can get anymore information using it as a base for search terms. It's loaded with memorabilia, but until he installs a wood burning stove, it's only a three season establishment.
I will use T111 siding on the outside and am thinking about maybe a metal roof but am unsure. I would just lay the skids on the ground but don't want the ground to shift from frost and crack my drywall up. I'm not trying to sound proof this shed but I thought if possible I would insulate with something like Green Fiber that will reduce sound by 90%. Around here it's not so much the size of the building that determines if a permit is required, but rather the fact that it is built on skids and therefore considered moveable. Set the skids in place with the furring strips in located so the plywood bottom rest on top of them. Larger sheds which are within 2 metres of a boundary and over 2.5m high (8'2") require planning permission.
Please note that the building regulations apply to any building in excess of 30 square metres whether temporary or permanent including garden sheds.
It seems to me it would be easier to begin with a blow up (large) baloon, strengthen it with rebar, and apply a light mix shotcrete.

I'd like to know what the white stuff is, if panels of a good insulator can be bent over time without harm and how to get a hollow space between roof & interior walls. I am considering putting these on cement piers that I pour inside of cardboard sonotubes below the frost line. Then put something like a furring strip 2 inches down in between the 2x6s and lay 2 inch rigid foam between them. Once you attach it to some kind of foundation, or piers in your case, the requirements may indeed change. As far as adding more 4x4s, I was going to put this on poured piers and if I add 4x4s I would have to add piers right?
I wouldn't put gravel everywhere if this is temporary as you would have to clean it up after. I've attached a pic of the shed, and wqill be using vinyl siding and not the t1-11 in the plans. Somewhere online I saw a recipe for making big pots using some concrete but also lighter material I can't recall. I think I will probably put them for the first 4 feet in the front and put a small loft storage area in.
You would also get better use of your materials if you could kick out the width to twelve feet instead of ten.
Planning permission may also be required for any shed which is nearer to a public highway than the original dwelling. My idea would be to cover a wet rounded mound of sand with an old cloth tarp or painter's dropcloth and build fiberglass on that. I feel like I can build the frame, put up siding, and drywall no problem but am getting lost in some of the details.
I don't know if I would lay the 6x6 skids on top or put a 6x6 vertically in the tube and attach that to the skid maybe with mending plates. Then I was thinking that sound is just going to lost through the wall vents anyways so I don't know if it's worth it to worry about this unless there is a wall vent out there that won't just let noise escape. Also, if you are placing the lean to next to your house, what are you doing about the slope?
For planning purposes a public highway includes any road or footpath with a public right of way. I checked with my township about building permits and won't need one because of the small square footage. If you live in a Conservation Area or a Listed Building permission may be required for any shed over 10 cubic metres. I think I had read that mice will chew that rigid foam but then couldn't validate this anywhere. Please note that planning regulations apply to any building whether temporary or permanent including garden sheds.

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