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The “Ed” in Shed Brewing Company stands in the dark and cavernous former curling rink in Dundas, as a worker finishes sandblasting the interior. Ed Madronich, co-owner of The Shed brewery opening this summer in Dundas, stands in the wood frame structure that was once home to Dundas Curling Club.
Owners Ed Madronich and Shawn Till (the “sh” in Shed) bought the 140-year-old post-and-beam building, fulfilling a dream they talked about when they were students and basketball teammates at McMaster. After university they each built careers—Madronic, a Hamilton native, owns Flat Rock Cellars winery in Jordan, and Till, from Ancaster, is CEO of a risk management company in Virginia.
He envisions the former rink, that was more recently Valley City Furniture, beautifully restored, and featuring a retail space where customers can buy their craft beer and taste samples while watching the brewing process behind a glass wall.
The pair travelled to Germany to research equipment and brewing processes before ordering vats and machinery that he says is as good as it gets.
As you can see, there are numerous utilizes for garden sheds other than the traditional storage of backyard garden resources and yard gear.
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Since last weekend we’ve been insanely busy trying to get the goat shed built for our impending doeling arrivals this spring.
Everything is ten times more challenging when working on a slope.  Even the design on of the shed was complicated by the grade, and moving tools, and lumber, from point A to point B requires more physical effort than if our ground was perfectly level.
The first morning we began by cutting the pressure-treated sill plates, and measuring and drilling out the plates for attachment to the J-bolts on the foundation. Getting the sill plates in place took time, as each plate is bolted to the foundation.  As you can see, the rear wall was a bit tricky, with the multiple changes in elevation. We left the front wall framing for the next day, as framing for the door on that wall was a little more complicated, and we were running out of daylight. Over the course of the week, into this past weekend, we’ve spent every spare hour we could find during daylight hours finishing up the wall framing and blocking.
Unfortunately, we do have other commitments as well, so we’ve had to squeeze in working on the shed anywhere we can.
Once the four walls were framed and in place, it was time to start framing out the roof.  Our local codes not only limit the square footage of the shed, but also restrict the height of the shed at the peak, so the roof pitch is relatively shallow. The roof framing is fairly standard, with a center ridge beam, and bird’s beaks along the rear top plate, and notches cut for the lookout rafters. The tail rafters appear longer in the back of the shed at the moment, as the front roof rafters will be joined to the rafters on the front deck roof, so things look a little lopsided at the moment. If the rain stops today, we hope to get the footings for the deck in place by mid-week so we can finish the roof, and get it sheathed. The deck roof height has to be set before the fencing crew can begin, as the enclosure will be covered, and needs to meet the edge of the deck roof. Taking advantage of our dry weather last week, I spent most of a day preparing the siding for installation.  This required staining a LOT of sheets of T1-11. With the siding stained, and dry, this weekend we focused on getting it installed.  Of course, very little of the siding installation was straightforward, as almost every sheet required some degree of creative cutting, either to accommodate the foundation elevation changes, or the cutouts for windows and doors. We’re not using traditional windows in this barn, but instead constructing vented openings with shutters that can be opened and closed to control airflow within the barn. The shuttered windows, in addition to the roof’s ridge vent, the wall vents, and the dutch door, will help to maintain good air quality, and decrease humidity within the barn. It’s quite a balancing act between the garden and goats this week, but hopefully by the end of this next weekend the shed project will be mostly wrapped up so we can get back to transplanting for spring before the goats arrive.

So, as shed building is temporarily halted due to rain, I’m off to the greenhouse to get some seed starting done. I actually woke up in the middle of the night one night, and went to roll over, but my arms literally felt like lead!
As children have a habit of growing, if your client is amenable, I’d be tempted to see if the play structure might be able to be designed such that it could double as small garden storage shed once her son has outgrown it. They’ll definitely be well protected from the winds here, and they should get some nice shady areas in the heat of the day too.
AMCGeneral Electric announced on Friday that it would shed the bulk of its GE Capital assets. The company will sell most of $26.5 billion in real-estate assets to Blackstone and sell the performing loans from this portfolio to Wells Fargo.
But along with this news, GE added another wrinkle: The company wants to shed its designation as a systemically important financial institution (SIFI).
Regulators formed the SIFI designation after the financial crisis, and companies with this designation are considered by regulators as companies that could trigger a financial crisis if they face financial distress. GE has discussed this plan, aspects of which are subject to regulatory review and approval, with its regulators and staff of the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC). But the company has been reshaping itself over the past couple of years and does not think it is quite as systemically important anymore.
Earlier this year, GE spun off its personal-finance arm, Synchrony Financial, in an initial public offering, and the company said it planned to totally divest this unit by the end of 2015.
In a note to clients on Friday, analysts at Goldman Sachs noted that during the financial crisis, GE's real-estate business saw net income decline 170%. I built it under a deciduous tree so the shade can keep it cool in the summer and it will get sun during the winter when the leaves fall off the tree. Engineering and science have created it possible now to order buildings that are not merely produced out of wood anymore. Typically, greenhouses have been produced from large lumber to shield the plants from severe temperatures and inclement weather conditions.
Garden sheds are growing in reputation to be a location for loved ones to collect to get absent from the home with out actually leaving the property. With so many choices in materials, patterns and customization, there are several techniques to benefit from backyard garden sheds.
Between wrapping up the barn, and thinking about spring prep and planting, I think I need to figure out how to add 12 extra hours to the day! It’s been an awkward place to build a shed, but as it’s on a slope, at least we know it will drain when it rains! Having said that I realize how important it is to build something correctly at the start, and you are doing such a great job. Most of the roof is done, the windows and shutters are finished, and today I’m wrapping up the shed dutch doors. GE also said it would retain some of its "vertical" financing units and planned to return a ton of cash to shareholders.
GE will work closely with these bodies to take the actions necessary to de-designate GE Capital as a Systemically Important Financial Institution (SIFI).
On its own, GE Capital would be the seventh-largest bank in the US, so it makes some sense that the company would be subject to this additional regulation. And now with the divestment of its real-estate operations, and the associated loans, the company said it would shed about $200 billion in ending net investment, or ENI.

The top of the chute lifts up so the poop door can be opened during the day and secured at night. Many people use garden sheds as sophisticated greenhouses to showcase their favorite crops and bushes. This helps make them easy to clear and preserve whilst children are totally free to spend countless hrs outside utilizing their imaginations.
Several of these buildings are turned into recreation locations without having taking up beneficial room within the house.
A good customer of mine wants me to build a play house for her 7 yo, so I have a small building to make also.
I think it often takes us longer to see things in our own backyard than as tourists somewhere else. We have a sloped backyard, and I know exactly how many challenges you face whenever there is a project on the list. The one thing we didn’t think about when we purchased this property was how much more challenging the slopes are to work on.
This brings the company's total ENI to about $90 billion, down from more than $580 billion in the years leading up to the financial crisis. My father was a carpenter, so I guess as my mother says "You have sawdust in your veins." is sort of true.
It has a half door on the coop side and double doors on the opposite side in case the run ever needs mowing. There are many various makes use of for backyard garden sheds which includes a family location for video games and enjoyable with out getting to go away house. Garden sheds today that are great for greenhouses are made from light-weight aluminum materials which offer glazed panels. These types of backyard sheds will mix in properly with the surrounding landscape and compliment the house as an alternative of becoming intrusive and an eye sore. It is tons of entertaining to collect the family in this modernized backyard garden sheds for video games, ping pong, pool or even some karaoke.
We seem to always need so much more time and materials -put in so much more thought- than if we did not have the slope. I mean, we thought about it a little bit, but didn’t quite realize just how much more work it would be. These glazed panels are developed from polycarbonate to be lighter excess weight than standard glass panels used in the previous.
I look forward to seeing the shed when it is completed, and even more I look forward to meeting your new goats.
Additionally, glazed panels provide basic safety functions and provide better quantities of thermal conductivity. These rewards are fantastic for those seeking to use backyard sheds for greenhouses to expand and showcase crops and shrubs, especially throughout the colder months.

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