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From conception to completion The Horse Shed Shop has the ability and resources to cover all aspects of the process, planning, design, pre-fabrication and construction. The Horse Shed Shop Founder RetiresMarch 13, 2013Dene Aitkenhead, the founder of The Horse Shed Shop, retired in October 2012 (well sort of). New Year New ProductsDecember 21, 2012The Horse Shed Shop is continually searching for and developing new products that benefit the Australian horse community.
Shelter Price RiseDecember 21, 2012Unfortunately, 2013 will bring a small increase in the price of our ranges of standard shelters. Gym equipment can be heavy so some modifications are sometimes needed before you can use your shed as a gym.
Art is a hobby many of us enjoy; the chance to be creative often helps relax a mind after a hard day’s work. Security is very important if you are thinking about creating a room with expensive equipment inside. A relaxing space at the bottom of the garden can be the perfect getaway from a busy household. Summerhouses come in many different shapes and sizes; if you want to minimise the amount of floor space left in your garden you could purchase a corner summerhouse.
If you have a motorbike you know how vulnerable they can be; they are easy to steal and are often targeted by thieves. Garden Sheds and other outdoor buildings are often at risk of being broken into due to their vulnerable position in a garden or lack of security.
If you plan to use your garden shed all year round you will need some sort of lighting to be able to see inside during the night.
Due to increased material and production costs since 2010 we have had to pass this small increase. They usually house boring items like compost, tools or even an old rusty bike but now it’s time to break with tradition and make the most of your shed!

Adding extra bearers to the bottom of your shed will help strengthen the floor and increase its capability to hold heavy equipment and daily use. Art can also be a very messy hobby; paint, clay and other materials can quickly turn a room into a mess. Sometimes there isn’t enough space in a busy household to place a film area so adding one to your garden can be the perfect solution. Traditional garden rooms like summerhouses also make great garden buildings but you can easily turn a shed into a summerhouse. Corner summerhouses are specially designed so they fit conveniently into any corner of your garden. Imagine having a pub at the bottom of your garden; simply lock your back door and walk a few steps to your very own boozer. If you just want something simple why not just adds some electrics, a fridge, a music system and some comfortable chairs. Housing your motorbike in a shed can be a great way of keeping your bike safe whilst also lowers insurance costs.
Metal sheds don’t have windows so they help keep your motorbike out of sight; they are also made from solid panels so are very strong. Lighting is also needed if you plan to use your shed as a workshop so you can work late into the night or throughout the winter months.
20121 Kings 8:28 -- But please listen to my prayer and my request, because I am your servant. We guarantee our products will be the best of there type available, that’s why all our products come with a long warranty and many cases a lifetime warranty. Taking your art hobby to the bottom of your garden means you can make as much as you want while being creative. You can easily decorate the interior of a shed with insulation, boards, carpet and furniture to make it feel more like a real room.

There are lots of security options available on the market from shed alarms to bars which can help make your shed more secure. Think about adding more windows to a traditional shed to open it up more and bring more light into the building. Insurance companies are more likely to give you a discount on your premium if your motorbike is stored out of sight and ina secure building like a shed. After taking all the covers off and cleaning as many of the mud daubers nests out of it as I could and blowing it out, I worked on it for a couple of days and finally got it started.It blew out the rest of the mud daubers nests and it runs great. Companies don’t offer this type of warranty unless they are confident in their products. The opportunities are almost endless with a garden shed so get your thinking cap on and make sure you don’t let that space go to waste. Adding an art shed to your garden can also provide you with a quiet, relaxing space to work. You can also add windows to your shed; kits are available from most Garden Centres and DIY Stores. Metal sheds can also be anchored down to a concrete base making them even harder to break into. If you really want to lower your motorbike insurance you could also sink a bar and hook into your shed base. The hook can be use chain a motorbike to; many insurance companies will lower premiums for this measure.

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