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Many people would have bulldozed the building but Philip Barrett-Lennard, a 6th-generation farmer and agricultural consultant, always had a fondness for the place and considered moving his home-office there. AND… it’s a fun, peaceful place to stay with a rustic ambience that charms your socks off.
I lived here for 2 months and its been refurbished to a very high standard with great views and a very spacious living area. I absolutely love your site, very informative, creative and inspirational and the pics amazing. MELBOURNE: Recycled brick specialists, face or builder's bricks, colour matching and landscaping supplies. Join Date Jun 2006 Location Warrington, Cheshire Posts 12,701 Suppose it depends on the condition of your shed, however I'm just confused as to how your shed isn't bursting at the seems, I've got two and they're both a bit on the full side! Join Date Mar 2008 Location Milton Keynes Posts 885 Sheds are a bloke thing, a man can be measured by the size of his shed or by the number he has.
The only thing about what you are thinking of doing is the strength and stability of the shed in question but if it seems a little flimsy when you start cutting out the cladding timbers, then just put 2x2 cross timbers to strengthen it up.
Join Date Jun 2006 Location Warrington, Cheshire Posts 12,701 Originally Posted by Stacey Steve Sheds are a bloke thing, a man can be measured by the size of his shed or by the number he has.
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Back in 2000, the crafty geniuses at Shed spent some time on Whidbey Island getting to know the lay of the land, the original barn and how the light moves across the floor as the sun passes through the day. The existing barn was split up into a main kitchen and living space, a bunkroom off to the side and then an apartment upstairs. The interior was finished with a minimal palette of colors and materials including significant reuse of existing barn materials. I decided today would be a good idea to start emptying 25 years worth off junk out of the shed to convert into my personal brewing den. I go to cuba for 2 weeks tomorrow so wont be finishing it for a while but ive managed to empty about half the space out and i've never seen as many snails in my life.. Looks like its gonna be harder than expected but i aim to use half the space for clearing wines and then invest in a boiler to start extract brewing.

I have been taking photos and will upload my progress when i get a bit further down the line but if anyone can think of anything i might be missing let me know. Ive got a shed and i keep looking at it thinking similar things my self,I've cleared it out last year repaired the rat doors and the rot.Put a new felt roof on. It measures 12' x 8' so plenty of room, the thing that concerns me is temperature variation.In the summer you sweat your chats off in the summer they freeze. Ideas on what to do would be appreciated, I dint know how bigger temperature swing is acceptable and what the best ways of controlling it are. With you on a fermenting cupboard I can see how to keep this up to temprture when its cold outside, but how do you cool it to rather specific tempretures between 18c and 21c in the summer.
Been altered since that photo, upgraded the brewery to an HERMS system, ready to use soon.. Seen your post on your new shiny shiny herms, very nice have you done much to you shed its self eg insulate it how do you control tempreture with in it. I have a garden shed for making my homebrew wine and like you say it gets V hot in the summer. The farm belongs to friends of ours and we stayed in the new building for the first time over the Christmas break.
His daydreams of installing a glass box inside were a tad impractical, so the idea expanded to include accommodation for visitors and finally became a B&B-style renovation with room for an office. The rust is not flaky and they have plenty of space in each room so it didn’t seem necessary. By that I mean taking out the small window in the long side and cutting out and putting in a large glazed window and maybe putting the old window into one of the 'blank' sides? Posts 4,632 You can always send it my way, need an old shed for the chickens - my coop is falling apart! This beautiful project in Whidbey Island, Washington took an old barn and revamped it into something truly spectacular. In that time, they were able to capitalize on a number of opportunities and incorporate more ideas into the project. Original barn siding was reused inside as paneling, and salvaged floor joists were re-milled and used in the stairs, trim and counter tops.

I woke up with the birds and, trust me, watching dawn slide over the paddocks from a warm bed in a tin shed is truly magical.
The hand-cut beams and old tin roof were features Philip and Sally were keen to retain, so the family set to work removing rubbish, sorting reusable materials and paring the building down to the bare frame.
9 months, with a few quiet moments along the way due to Christmas holidays and waiting on materials.
Designed and built by the up and coming Seattle firm, Shed Architecture & Design, the barn was magically transformed into a unique living space and guest house. Certainly not all architecture firms can live on site to learn all the nuances of a place, but the technique certainly pays off in this beautiful adaptive reuse project. The second story opens up to a large living space with a ladder leading up to a lofted bedroom. The insulation stops the inside temperature matching that in the shed, which on a bright sunny day could be up at 30', and I put an ice pack in if it gets too high. Given the skills and no-nonsense approach of our builder and carpenter, we luckily didn’t encounter too many surprises. Shed actually spent some time living on site to learn more about the building in order to better facilitate the transformation. Everything is contained within the original confines of the barn and each space was reworked to soak in natural light and oriented to the surrounding landscape. If there is enough glass bottles and wine inside there is some resitance to the outside temperature.
But as you might expect, one of the biggest difficulties was in deciding what materials to use, and how to use them. Old wood from the exterior is reclaimed and reused inside the home - so we guess you could even say that the barn was turned inside out during this amazing renovation! Skylights, dormers and bay windows were added to further connect the interior with the exterior.

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