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We at BK Steel Interior & Fabrication, provides world class Mild and Stainless Steel Fabrication Services in Delhi, Gurgaon and IMT Manesar (Haryana). BK Steel Interior is one of the Company that provides cost effective solution for Steel and Interior Decoration in Delhi & NCR.
Add another roller door to the rear of any garage design to provide the ultimate in flexibility.
Add a practical and attractive garaport (a carport for your garage!) to provide additional undercover space attached to your garage. The skillion is designed for the space conscious as the roofline of the shed can tuck in nicely at the side of your house or fence. The popular and traditional gable design is reinforced with a steel frame to provide additional strength and durability.
The steel frame option in the skillion range provides added security and peace of mind, particularly for those in exposed areas.
IMMIGRATION Minister Peter Dutton says Manus Island detainees will not be coming to Australia, despite PNG’s Supreme Court ruling their detention is illegal. A THREE-YEAR-OLD boy has died after a tragic accident sent a car careening off the road, crushing him against a wall. Geoff Rogers and daughter Manni, 10, with their dog Gemma, at the point where the fire came within metres of their home.
Smoke still rising in the distance with the landmark Governor's summer residence at Marble Hill in the foreground.
THE smoke has cleared on the communities of Cherryville and Basket Range as families begin to assess the damage caused by last week's bushfire.
As the vital rains eased yesterday morning, many saw just how lucky they were, with flames coming within metres of homes. AN Adelaide Hills community says it hold no grudges against the man who started a burn-off that destroyed one home and razed more than 600 ha.
Mr Rogers said it was an anxious wait for many hours as he lay awake on Thursday night watching the flames roll over the hills. A NOTE ABOUT RELEVANT ADVERTISING: We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites.
While I was more interested in watching and taking photos of the scenery along the way I also kept a watch out for any birds I could see. As our ferry left Circular Quay (see photo above) the whole vista of Sydney’s CBD opened up for us.
After only a few minutes in the ferry we passed under the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge (see below).

The bridge is best viewed close up, usually from a boat, ferry or on foot via many access points around the harbour. After about an hour of cruising the harbour the ferry heads on up the Parramatta River, subject to favourable tidal conditions.
Finally, cruising on the river and on the harbour afforded me an excellent platform for observing the many wonderful and interesting buildings along the harbour. If you are an Australian citizen with a Senior’s Card, Pension or Health Care card, ask for the special fare price when buying your ticket.
Get ready for a night filled with amazing food and an array of South Australia's best craft breweries at Crafty Beer Fork on Friday November 20, 2015. Located in Light Square, Currie Street, Adelaide, this event is open to the public and is suitable for all ages. You'll be spoilt for choice with food trucks such as Sneaky Pickle, Chimichurri Grill, Cheesy Street, Delectaballs, Skwish, The Little Cake Tin and many more, all serving up delicious dishes. WeekendNotes will notify you of the best free community events, concerts, exhibitions, cinema, festivals, and markets in your town or city. SteelChief (5 rib) profiled sheets are riveted to the frame making the shed stronger and more versitile.
Geoff Rogers said the unseasonal bushfire had helped bring the community together and shine a light on the issue of how quickly a fire could strike. It explains that if you do not provide us with information we have requested from you, we may not be able to provide you with the goods and services you require. While I didn’t get a great list of species I really enjoyed the three hour return trip. Leading up to this point I recorded Rock Doves everywhere, especially in the train stations and even in the underground stations. These include dirty industrial sites near Parramatta, magnificent apartment buildings, splendid old mansions – and an old and still very useful boat shed (see below). It's a known fact that everyone loves a food truck, and what better way to end the working week with a delicious feast and a nice beverage to accompany all the food that's on offer.
In addition to all this wonderful food, a mix of breweries including PirateLife Brewing, Swell Brewing, Big Shed Brewing Concern, Brewboys, Campus Brewery, Prancing Pony Brewery, ciders from Lobo Cider, Swell Cider and wine from Three Dark Horses, will also be available for purchase. Not only is a double garage a functional addition, but it adds value and re-sale potential to your home.
Increase flexibility by adding another roller door to the back to create a drive-through garage when you need easy access to an area to the rear. It also explains how you can access or seek correction of your personal information, how you can complain about a breach of the Australian Privacy Principles and how we will deal with a complaint of that nature.

To give me the best chance of getting good photos we stationed ourselves on the seats at the front of the ferry; sure- it was breezy at times but we had come prepared. Around the ferry terminals were many Silver Gulls, Welcome Swallows and even a few Noisy Miners on the jetties, scrounging food dropped by passengers.
It’s only for the brave and not for those scared of heights, though to assure climbers they are secured tethered to the railing at all times.
We had a short wait of about ten minutes for one of the ferries which operate up and down the Parramatta River, stopping at a dozen or more small jetties along the way and terminating near the heart of Parramatta CBD. Opened in 1932 this bridge still serves the city wonderfully, although it is now assisted by several additional bridges to the west and the Harbour Tunnel under the water. I haven’t done the climb and regret not doing it a few years ago when I was fitter and healthier. The smell of the beautiful burgers from Burger Theory will definitely stop you in your tracks! Whether you're heading out with friends, walking to the bus stop from work or just casually strolling through the city, take a detour and visit the Crafty Beer Fork. Three Country Fire Service crews and water bombing aircraft came to his aid, working quickly to extinguish spot fires ahead of the main front. He used sprinklers to defend his home but was full of praise for the work and organisation of the CFS over the weekend in saving dozens of Hills homes.
Contact our valued distributors or ring the SteelChief sales team.You can custom design your garden shed any way you like.
The stronger design allows the customer to include extra wide doors, perfect to accommodate the ski-boat or vehicle.
Options such as additional wall height, a range of door options, your choice of door position, skylights, color combinations and shelving are all available. View our brochure to see the full range of options.There is a garden shed to suit all backyard types, from the popular gable roof or the old world heritage look. Contact our sales office for quote on this type of shed.Go to our Build Centre to design and cost your shed online now. Alternatively, download our fully priced brochure and browse the array of products on offer.

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