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The trailer is raised, using a hydraulic system, to enable the building to slide off the back.
Next the driver slowly pulls forward allowing the rest of the building to slide off the trailer and into position. In the event that the building needs to be aligned or re-positioned, our trailers come equipped with a sideshift  platform on the back. After the building leaves the trailer, our driver's final step is to make sure the building is level and to shim corners as needed. Finally, all doors and windows are checked to make sure they operate properly and are not stuck or jammed due to the building being off level or any twisting of the building during set-up.
Provide a suitably prepared site with access over a driveway or across, relatively level, solid ground. Provide adequate clearance around any trees, plantings or other structures on the property. 50' to 60' minimum drive-away area from the end of the shed after it comes off the end of the trailer. Be aware of location of septic systems if you have one, we can not drive over your tanks safely because of the weight of truck and trailer. Mainus Construction builds storage sheds using LP Smart Panel Siding and LP Smart Trim boards for outstanding weather protection. When Ethan went full time with One Project Closer back in March, we knew he’d need a place to work. We decided that the best place for a full time work location for Ethan is our home’s two-car garage.

We’ve got a laundry list of things to get done before Ethan can move in to a new workshop, and the biggest one was finding a good place for as much of the junk as we could. We designed the shed to look as much like our house as possible, except that we have aluminum siding and we wanted the shed to have vinyl, so we matched that to our neighbor’s house instead. Best Sheds had a bunch of nice sheds on their lot in Ellicott City, but nothing matched what we wanted. I’ll be writing about this extensively later this week in a separate shed comparison article, but it is worth noting here that this shed is all plywood construction with a pressure-treated plywood subfloor. Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? So why did you go with putting it on a full slab instead of putting the skids on the ground or a couple concrete “cookies”?
Skip’s offers professional storage shed and gazebo relocation services for our buildings as well as those purchased from other vendors. Whether you need your storage shed or gazebo moved within your yard or to your new home give us a call and we will give you an estimated price usually the same day.
With the back of the building on the ground and the front resting on this platform, the building can be shifted up to 2' to the left or to the right before being placed completely on the ground. The shed will be placed on the truck according to our specs above and the truck will back up to your site. We also wanted architectural shingles (the ones that have depth), rather than the traditional 3-tab shingles we have on our house. It’s that kind of detail that made our post-purchase endorsement from Best Sheds so much the better.

I’m pretty sure you put it on a concrete slab to keep moisture away its almost like a house foundation. We’re going to work to get some additional resources, including resources with shed plans that will include parts lists and plans.
Got a question on your own project?Ask your question in our Home Improvement Help Forums.Otherwise, leave a note here!
We follow pro remodelers as they tackle tough renovations, developing step-by-step guides based on their real-life experiences. If we cannot get to your site, you as the customer are ultimately responsible to position your shed, or to pay for extra charges if the driver needs to hand-roll the shed, use extra equipment, or turn the shed.
We knew we wanted the shed there permanently, and so figured that the pad was the way to go. Those patio slabs are a cheaper route to do it if you are going to be putting such a nice shed you don’t skimp out.
It has been sitting in my “starred” folder in my email for over a year now and I still really want to do it! So we decided to order a shed from a local dealer in Ellicott City, Maryland called Best Sheds.
It actually turned out to be almost 6 weeks before the shed arrived, but it was worth the wait.

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