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His clients knew what they wanted for their small St Peters garden – something that felt like an oasis but was also adventurous. It’s the built features of this garden by Matt Cantwell for Secret Gardens that make us want to move in.
I planted potatoes in layers of manure and straw in early July and would like to know when they will be ready to harvest.
Instead of putting it behind fencing or walls, Brendan Moar hides the shed in plain sight, dressed in brilliant stripes.

That’s it on the far left: trimmed and chamfered hardwood posts supporting stainless steel mesh. Take a cutting of approximately 10cm length, including a node (a swollen section of stem where leaves, stems, roots originate). Simply use your hands to feel through the light mix you have used and pull up as many potatoes as you need for dinner.
Dip this into rooting hormone gel or powder and place into propagation mix deep enough so that it stands by itself.

You can keep on harvesting as you need the potatoes until you run out, or until the start of next winter.

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shed design matt smith

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