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In 2006 my wife, my two small kids and I packed our stuff and moved from Maine to my native Denmark for a year. Fired up and ready to get into this new Passivhaus stuff, I returned to Maine the following year and started up my small design and construction company again.
That was probably not all bad, since I had no experience building energy-efficient homes or anything that smelled like green building (beside common sense). Being builder, designer, and engineer on most of our projects, I found myself with my hands full, but also with the advantage of not having to try to get the builder, the designer, and the engineer on the same page — as long as I can keep my own head somewhat straight.
The OSB air barrierBuilding assembly components that work as a system to restrict air flow through the building envelope.
Wall sheathingMaterial, usually plywood or oriented strand board (OSB), but sometimes wooden boards, installed on the exterior of wall studs, rafters, or roof trusses; siding or roofing installed on the sheathing—sometimes over strapping to create a rainscreen. Getting the fiberboard that we used for exterior sheathing turned out to take almost six weeks. We installed the operable windows by screwing through the jambs, and we installed the fixed windows with brackets. Having installed a Zehnder HRV on a previous project, we decided to use the same HRV for the Newry house.
We decided to hook up the stove without the ducted outdoor air supply and see what happened. I think the fact that their firewood wasn’t fully seasoned made the problem worse, but regardless of the cause, the stove just wasn’t working right. We thought about trying to retrofit the Morso stove to make it more airtight, but the design really doesn’t make this possible. It’s a good idea to get a Solar Pathfinder before you start your project; you definitely want to be do this if you plan to get your project certified. Siding and trim: Prepainted Hardie plank and trim, installed over ?-inch vertical furring strips. Mechanical ventilation: Zehnder 350 HRV with Comfofond ground loop for tempering the incoming air. The design process and the calculation of the construction budget took a couple of months, and then we jumped into construction. When we designed the house, we calculated the inside foundation measurements and ordered the EPS foam that we intended to install under the slab to fit exactly inside the walls. I was concerned about warm inside air hitting the cooler concrete walls and condensing, so we air sealed the seams in the 4’ x 8’ EPS sheets by taping them with 3M 8067 tape. We installed 10 inches of EPS on the exterior of the foundation and 4 inches of EPS on the interior. We sheathed the exterior side of the TJIs with the same type of fiberboard that we used on the Newry Passivhaus. To seal the seams in the OSB air barrier, we used Vana tape purchased from 475 Building Supply instead of Zip tape (which requires priming).
I was a bit nervous about cutting through the OSB air barrier to access the wall cavity for insulating, but my anxiety was unfounded. Then they would run to the basement to cut another hole to make sure that the cavity was packed to their liking; it always was.
Although the thermal performance of the window frame isn’t all that great, the fact that it’s so skinny makes it an amazing product. Since the sash size on the awning windows is exactly as wide as the window frame, it’s impossible to “overinsulate” the exterior of the window frame. After our struggles with the Morso stove at the Newry house, we decided not to install a wood stove in the West Paris house. The West Paris house had close to 50 roof penetrations for the PV and solar hot water systems.
The cost of the Newry Passivhaus (excluding the solar hot water system, the PV system, the well, and the septic system) was $140 per square foot — about 6% more than if we had built it as a traditional home. On the first project, how did you get continuity of air seal if the floor system sat on the interior wall?
Dan , I would love to join you guys, and I think I'll have a bit more time in a month when my wife is done with the bar exam - see you a Maine Green Building Supplies soon I hope.
The foundation detail: We poured regular frost walls, filled in with gravel and placed 14" EPS foam on top of fill, Then we placed 6" of EPS foam vertically on inside of frost walls to separate slab and frost walls. We did caulk the seam between the subfloor and the L from the outside too, but that only worked because we didn't have the fiberboard on the walls.
At some point, there comes a time when flat roof patches stop working and it needs to be replaced. Residential flat roofs are priced at $675 per square for a simple roof, with no existing roof removal.
We are a premium roofing contractor, and we do not compete with other roofing companies solely on price. Fill out our Roofing Estimate Request form and indicate which IB product you are most interested in, as well as details about your roof. Does your pricing calculator factor in the use of a cover board such as DensDeck over the 2″ poly-iso insulation? Our roofing price calculator at this time does not include option for DensDeck as it is rarely used or required. You can use our roof estimate form to submit your project information or reply here, and I will post it up. There are so many roof designs and some are perfectly built, some people choose to have commercial rooftop for commercial purposes.
I was wondering if this system would be good to have a sod grass roof installed on it first. You don’t want to put a green roof and take it apart WHEN rubber or built up roof start leaking.

Some roof installation work may be undertaken by our independent partners, who are also licensed and certified to install IB Roof Systems, and Metal Roofs in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island. When it comes time to choosing a new roof, some key considerations are the type of material, style, color and of course, cost. Over 75% of American roofs have asphalt shingles due to low cost, ease of installation, and resiliency.
Wood shingles and shakes can be purchased in cedar, redwood, southern pine and other woods, cedar being the most costly. Since most wood shingles and shakes only have Class C fire ratings or no ratings at all, be sure to check your local building codes before deciding on this type of roofing. Clay tiles are very heavy, requiring additional roof framing, but they are non-combustible and extremely durable. Concrete roofing tiles offer elegant, enduring aesthetics for your home’s design and added value.
Metal roofs are some of the coolest roofs around, both in temperature and style for new homes. Metal shingles typically simulate traditional roof coverings, such as wood shakes, shingles, slate and tile. The shed dormer adds appeal and the overhand design creates a sheltered patio on the ground level. NO INCOME PROOF REQUIRED!Do you want to get mortgage financing to build your home without proof of income?
It gave me plenty of time to research the Passivhaus standard, to take the Passive HouseA residential building construction standard requiring very low levels of air leakage, very high levels of insulation, and windows with a very low U-factor. We installed 14 inches of horizontal EPS below grade and separated the slab from the frost walls with 6 inches of vertical EPS. Balanced ventilation system in which most of the heat from outgoing exhaust air is transferred to incoming fresh air via an air-to-air heat exchanger; a similar device, an energy-recovery ventilator, also transfers water vapor. First the PVC pipe was caulked and taped to the air barrier (belt and suspenders); then the wire was brought through the pipe, and finally spray foam was used to fill the pipe, making a tight and long-lasting seal.
We taped the exterior seam between each window and the sheathing with vapor-open Contega EXO tape, and then we “overinsulated” the exterior of the window frames with 1 ? inch of XPSExtruded polystyrene. The flexible duct system, the integrated silencers, and the manifold design make this HRV a breeze to install.
Although the wood stove is not a success so far, the owners really like the idea of being able to heat the house when there is no power, and so we’ll keep working on it. During the blower-door testTest used to determine a home’s airtightness: a powerful fan is mounted in an exterior door opening and used to pressurize or depressurize the house. The windows are finished on the interior with a beautiful pine frame (they can provide pretty much any kind of wood), while the exterior parts are made of fiberglass. A company called Revision Energy installed a solar thermal system with three flat-plate collectors. We then ran 10 mill poly over horizontal EPS and ran it up the vertical EPS and left about 1' folded out over the foundation walls (while the slab was poured and power troweled).
I tried to get one but was informed that this stove is not certified for the US and there were no plans to do so.
Getting a cheaper roof, such as EPDM Rubber, may be appealing at first, but if you are looking for a long lasting, durable, leak free, energy efficient and low maintenance roofing membrane, an IB PVC Roof is the best choice.
Here we review flat roofing cost structure and, IB Roof prices and packages that we offer in Massachusetts and surrounding states ( CT, RI, NH, ME and VT).
Installation price from every roofing company also includes that company’s overhead or cost of running the business. Our roof packages are priced according to the superior quality, warranty and customer service we provide. They offer the beautiful look of architectural shingle combined with proven reliability of an IB roofing membrane to give you decades of leak-free performance and curb-appeal.
We will contact you very soon after receiving your request, and we will work with you to provide the best roofing system available! However most of our roofs are mechanically attached, unless it is required to do a fully adhered assembly. The information you have given can greatly make other people’s life easier, especially when it comes to deciding which roof they should use.
Unfortunately, asphalt shingles have a low insulative value and a shorter lifespan than many other roofing materials available today. Clay roofing tiles can come in lighter colors, which adhere to the cool roof standards and can reflect well over 50% of the sun’s solar energy. Metal roofs are available in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel, and often have a high percentage of recycled content. Developed in the early 1990s by Bo Adamson and Wolfgang Feist, the standard is now promoted by the Passivhaus Institut in Darmstadt, Germany. Tall oak trees provide eastern and western shade which helps keep the house cool in hot weather. If you just run your wire through the air barrier and seal it with caulk or tape, the penetration can easily leak, especially if someone tugs on the wire.
Highly insulating, water-resistant rigid foam insulation that is widely used above and below grade, such as on exterior walls and underneath concrete floor slabs. There is very little shade; that is great for heating purposes, but it makes the house very prone to overheating. The exterior side of the waterproofed foundation has a perm rating of near zero, but I think we’ll be fine.
We eliminated the wiring chase on the inside of the wall, since all of the wiring and plumbing can be run in the 2x6 wall, just as it is in a traditional house. The plywood plate helped to create an airtight seal between the EPS on the interior side of the foundation walls and the TJI wall.

I had my doubts about leaving the Vana tape exposed to the exterior, but my doubts were unfounded.
By measuring the force needed to maintain a certain pressure difference, a measure of the home’s airtightness can be determined. Prices below do not include tear-off of the existing roof, as that usually varies a lot from one flat roof to another. If you are looking for an 80-mil Color IB roof, there are six standard colors available and $850 per square. One of the reasons for mechanically attached roof installation is better wind uplift ratings and ability to install roofs during the winter. I do service work for Cell tower companies and one of our sites is on a rubber roofing Waltham MA. They are also made from petroleum products and are not usually recyclable because of the layer of fiberglass added to the shingles.
These flexible tiles come in so many different hues, shapes, textures and styles that they don’t even look like tiles at all. They offer high insulation solar reflectance, and durability, often lasting twice as long as wood or asphalt. We offer financing to build your dream home without the need to worry about proving any income. But when the cold weather arrives, the trees are bare and the eastern and western windows get plenty of sun. In hot climates, the function is reversed so that the cooler inside air reduces the temperature of the incoming hot air. If you would like to upgrade the membrane type or add more insulation, this will slightly increase your price. The cost of a tear-off is determined on a case-by-case basis, when we perform a roof inspection. For custom colors the minimum order must be 100 squares ( This is the requirement of IB Roof Systems, and we have no control over it). I need to make some repairs on some Coax cables that get screwed down to the roof that got pulled off. It is not even necessary to have American, Canadian or British citizenship, the only requirement is to own the piece of land.
The standard recommends, but does not require, a maximum design heating load of 10 W per square meter and windows with a maximum U-factor of 0.14. One couple’s main motivation is cutting their carbon footprintAmount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that a person, community, industry, or other entity contributes to the atmosphere through energy use, transportation, and other means. All of the OSB seams were primed with Perm-A-Barrier (a Grace product) and taped with either Gryce Vycor tape or Zip System tape. XPS has higher density and R-value and lower vapor permeability than EPS rigid insulation.. When I told them that foam is used as fill under highways and train tracks, they nodded, but still didn’t look convinced. We used spray foam to seal the small gap between the top of the EPS foam and the plywood plate.
If, for example, you get a very low bid, consider that the bidder might not be adequately insured or have no insurance at all.
Please note: For all residential installations, all IB roofing membranes come with a lifetime residential warranty, therefore there is no need to upgrade from 50 to 80-mil product, as both will perform equally well in protecting your roof from the elements, and will remain water-tight throughout their service life and beyond. So my question is would you be able to have a 1 guy meet me on site so I can reattach the cables and have your guy it so the roof wont leak. The documentation processing fee is only $99 for US and Canadian citizens and 99 euros for Europe.
The Passivhaus standard was developed for buildings in central and northern Europe; efforts are underway to clarify the best techniques to achieve the standard for buildings in hot climates. Type of rigid foam insulation that, unlike extruded polystyrene (XPS), does not contain ozone-depleting HCFCs. We could have covered more of the frame, but decided to leave some of the frame visible for aesthetics. If that is the case and you hire such a contractor, you will be responsible for any damages or injury claims that may occur. Once we receive a copy of the architectural drawing of your land parcel as well as the deed, we can deliver our decision within five business days. Certified Consultant training through PHIUS, and to try to find the best way to build a passive house.
You need to select the “Turn Key Construction” option from our website which has the following pricing: from $99 to $120 per sq.
EPS insulation is classified by type: Type I is lowest in density and strength and Type X is highest.
Once we sign a contract for financing, you would be basically mortgaging the newly constructed house. The heating loadRate at which heat must be added to a space to maintain a desired temperature. The principal will be recalculated and you will end up paying less interest.The price that we offer also includes our EUROHOUSE architectural projects. The pictures that you see on our web site are real projects and one of them could be your new, spacious house.

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