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To prevent or eliminate ice dams, we advise our customers to either install and Ice Belt system along the roof edge, install a complete metal roof on the entire house, or install an IB PVC flat roofing membrane on the shallow slope roof. There are several ways to alleviate or improve the situation with the ice dams on the roof.
Second, you should improve attic ventilation to remove the hot and moist air from your attic space. While the two former methods are essential and effective, they do not guarantee 100% success in eliminating ice dams.
At some point, there comes a time when flat roof patches stop working and it needs to be replaced. Residential flat roofs are priced at $675 per square for a simple roof, with no existing roof removal. We are a premium roofing contractor, and we do not compete with other roofing companies solely on price. Fill out our Roofing Estimate Request form and indicate which IB product you are most interested in, as well as details about your roof. Metal is the best and longest lasting roofing material that you can install on your sloped roof, and it offers a number of benefits that cannot be matched by other materials. A metal roof will protect your home from rain, snow, and most important in the north east – ice dams. Installation of metal roofing materials is our specialty, and we have extensive experience in dealing with even the most complicated roofs. While any roofing company can install a field metal roofing panel, the items above are what usually cause roof leaks. Here you will find video profiles of roofs we installed in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island.
You can also check out our roofing job profiles gallery which shows some of the roofs we installed in MA, CT and RI.
This PVC flat roof was installed in Brookline, MA on a roof of a home undergoing major renovations.
This installation included tear off of 2 layers of asphalt shingles, installing the GAF DeckArmor underlayment and Tamko steel metal shingles roof – Stone Crest Slate profile in Vermont Blue color. Besides rubber roof repair, we also provide PVC roof repair services (as well as TPO roof repair) in the metro Boston area, and within 50-mile travel distance from Boston. If you like the work we do, and need to replace your old roof or install a new flat or metal roof, or need a rubber or PVC roof repair done, request a roofing estimate, and get a free roofing price quote – click the Roofing Estimate button below or call us at 617-444-9020. Whether you are considering getting a new roof for your home or business because you’re tired of patching leaks, or because you have heard how much you can save on energy bills with an eco-friendly roof, consider a spray foam roof. Spray foam roofing goes back more than 30 years, and its popularity has been growing exponentially because of its advantages over traditional roofing systems. Usually, two 55 gallon drums, one with an isocyanate and the other with a resin, are hooked up to a machine that heats the liquids and combines them at the best ratio for effectiveness. Once applied to the roof (after it has been cleaned to ensure the most adhesive strength), the combined liquids begin to form bubbles on a microscopic level, expanding to 20 or 30 times their original volume, all within about ten seconds, and you can walk on it in under a minute! The final part of the installation is to apply a UV and weather protective coating to the foam. Gravel and stretchy, elastomeric coatings are among the more popular options for protecting the foam roof. Well, for starters, you will begin seeing a dramatic decline in the cost of heating and cooling as soon as the roof is installed. I hope this article has helped you in choosing a reliable, inexpensive and green roofing solution. This article was provided by Freedom Exteriors, LLC – premium roofing contractor in Arkansas. Spray for roofing is a highly energy efficient flat roofing material, which combines the roof insulation with the waterproofing layer. One thing we want to mention is that SPF is a very popular flat roof material in the southern US, whereas up north, you will rarely see a spray foam roof (though I know of at least two large roofing contractors installing SPF roofs in the northern US with great success). Another thing for you to consider is the situation with ponding water and how well the SPF roof will handle it.
Flat roof installation sequence and the way different components are put together can oftentimes be quite confusing. Installing a flat roof (PVC single ply roofing membrane in this case) can be a pretty straight forward process, or a very confusing endeavor, because each component must be installed in a particular order. Before we install insulation though, we first install a perimeter wood nailer that serves as a rigid nailing base for the PVC-coated drip edge. If there is a ponding water situation, the fastest and most cost-effective way to solve the ponding is to install a so called tapered insulation system, which creates slight roof pitch, which helps divert the water in a required direction and improves roof drainage.
Tapered insulation is basically the same thing as extruded PolyISO insulation with a fiberglass facing. A reinforced PVC single ply roof allows installers a choice of installing the roof in a fully adhered assembly (sheets of membrane glued to the insulation) or a mechanically attached assembly, where each sheet or roll of the roofing material is screwed to the roof deck substrate with heavy duty, corrosion resistant fasteners, and barbed plates. As you can see in the roof installation picture above, the narrow roll of membrane is installed around the roof perimeter and wider rolls are in place, and are ready to be installed. As we mentioned the perimeter half sheet is installed along roof edges, and fastened on the inside with screws and plates – what is holding the half sheet along its outer edge? Both ways are acceptable, but most of the time we use the second method – especially in high winds area.
Once the 10-foot sections of drip-edge are installed, the joins are sealed using an aluminum tape and a PVC patch to mack the joint water-tight and protect the patch from metal expansion and contraction. IB Roof Systems produces a wide variety of flashing accessories, which allow installers to quickly and easily flash almost any roof penetration. Since all roof components are made of PVC, they are all welded together, and the use of any adhesives or glues is completely eliminated, as well as most installation errors by roof mechanics.
After the flashing is installed and welded to the roof, the inside or outside corner flashing is welded to make a permanent watertight joint. All IB flashing accessories are made of 60-mil non-reinforced flashing membrane and can stretch to perfectly adhere to any shape of a penetration on the roof. As you can see in the video, the roof penetration flashing is a very clean process, and a chance of a leak is minimal to none.
We’ve developed a special assembly method, which allows us to still use the ridge vent, and keep the roof watertight.
As you can see, IB PVC roof can be adjusted to virtually any type of flat roof, and roof penetrations.

Also, if you have a flat roof deck that is leaking, check out our roof deck section, to learn more about IB roof installation on flat roof decks, patios and balconies, using special slip-proof roofing material called IB DeckShield. As of June 23, 2008, we now offer our customers a choice of using Recycled on New Poly-Iso insulation. The shed dormer adds appeal and the overhand design creates a sheltered patio on the ground level.
NO INCOME PROOF REQUIRED!Do you want to get mortgage financing to build your home without proof of income? But the problem is that in the week or so will have more snow and same roofs will need to clean up again.
There are other ways to combat Ice Dams, but most of them are ineffective, and in the short period of time will cost homeowners more money, then to install and ice dams proof roofing materials. This methods are also ineffective, because when the next snow falls again the ice dams will grow on the roof once more.
Because ice dams are caused by the heat escaping from inside your house, and melting the snow on the roof you should first and foremost improve the insulation in your attic.
This is especially true for low slope and flat roofs, as well as on the steep slope Hip or Gambrel roofs, where it is nearly impossible to add or improve ventilation and insulation in the attic space. Getting a cheaper roof, such as EPDM Rubber, may be appealing at first, but if you are looking for a long lasting, durable, leak free, energy efficient and low maintenance roofing membrane, an IB PVC Roof is the best choice. Here we review flat roofing cost structure and, IB Roof prices and packages that we offer in Massachusetts and surrounding states ( CT, RI, NH, ME and VT).
Installation price from every roofing company also includes that company’s overhead or cost of running the business.
Our roof packages are priced according to the superior quality, warranty and customer service we provide. They offer the beautiful look of architectural shingle combined with proven reliability of an IB roofing membrane to give you decades of leak-free performance and curb-appeal. We will contact you very soon after receiving your request, and we will work with you to provide the best roofing system available!
While a metal roof is not the least expensive option out there, it will actually be less expensive in the long run, than installing multiple asphalt roofs, and dealing with roof leaks and hassles involved in replacing your roof.
Metal roofing is ice dams proof, as it sheds ice and snow, and its design prevents ice dams from causing roof leaks, as is the case with asphalt shingles. We have installed virtually every metal roofing system there is, and have created and perfected special ways of dealing with and preventing common roof leaks. This is where we stand out from the crowd, with our expertise and special attention to detail on every one of these challenging roof components. These videos will demonstrate how the roof was installed from beginning to end, as well showcase short excerpts taken during roof installation, such as installing standing seam metal roofing panels, or hot-air welding of seams on IB PVC roof installations. The old rubber roof (with 5 layers of tar roofing underneath the rubber) was leaking, and the slate roof adjoining the flat roof was also in poor shape. The video is in two parts – the first, showing preparation work and slate roof repair, and the second one, showing roof installation. We prepared and patched three leaking outside corner flashings – two at HVAC units, and one at a parapet wall. There are four roof sections and about 75 feet of roof to wall flashing, where we had to remove old ceder shingles siding off the walls, so we could install underlayment and side-wall flashing at least 6 inches up the wall. There are several reasons why this particular brand of roofing is so much less expensive than traditional methods.
The type of coating really depends on your budget and how much energy you want to save, as well as how much additional durability you would like the roof to have. Other options include acrylic, silicone, butyl rubber and different types of urethane spray coatings.
Excluding major weather incidents, there are usually no repairs or maintenance necessary for at least 10 to 15, maybe 20 years, depending on the type of system you have installed.
Naturally it depends on a lot of variables including where you are, what kind of foam you prefer (as in density, thickness, etc.), what protective coatings are used, the building itself and the intricacy of the job.
However, spray foam roofing or SPF, requires regular maintenance and complete re-coating every 10 years to maintain the protective layer over the foam. Rubber roofs for example will leak under ponding water, whereas a PVC roof with hot air welded seams will remain watertight. We also get many questions about particular aspects of how roof details work in different situations.
The only difference is that tapered insulation is wider along one edge and narrower along the other. Each roll is screwed to the roof deck on one side, and then the next roll, overlaps a row of screws, and is welded to the first roof, right next to the screws. However, before you get to this point, there is a lot of prep work that has to be done first, and the actual membrane installation is the easy part. After the joints are complete, the cover tape is welded to drip edge starter and the roof itself, and its now time to do the rest of the roof.
Although the most used drip edge is the 2 or 3″ wide face, white starter, you can also choose it to be as much as 8 or more inches wide, as well as in gravel stop style (if you need to divert the water flow or prevent it from going over the edge of the roof.
Drip edge comes in two colors – white and dark bronze, and also can be painted any other color with acrylic paint. First, the roof is terminated that the wall, and then a separate piece of membrane is installed up the wall and welded to the roof. Unlike flashing details on a rubber roof, where a membrane cannot and should not be terminated at the base of the curb, due to high possibility of a leak caused by adhesive failure, the hot air welding process used in sealing overlaps and seams on a PVC roof, eliminates leaks, as well as membrane pull-out caused by contraction of the roofing material in cold weather. We recommend that you check out more roof installation videos on our Roofing Videos channel on YouTube. Since we get recycled ISO board at a discount, we pass on the savings to you, and with more insulation for the same amount of money you would spend on a new ISO, you will continue to save money on your energy costs year round. Roofing contractors around Massachusetts are receiving 30+ phone calls a day from homeowners with ice dam roof leak problems. Prices below do not include tear-off of the existing roof, as that usually varies a lot from one flat roof to another. If you are looking for an 80-mil Color IB roof, there are six standard colors available and $850 per square. You won’t have to rely on faulty and often failing ice and water barrier, or other gimmicks to protect your home from regular roof leaks, and those caused by ice dams.

Here is one of the examples of how we install metal roofing to prevent leaks through ridge vent opening. Most videos are available in High Definition (HD 720P) to better show the details of the work performed. If your rubber roof roof leaks, we offer rubber roof repair service in metro Boston MA, which includes 2 hours of repair work, all needed EPDM flashing materials and accessories, and costs only $375. In all PVC roof repairs, we use new IB PVC roofing material, and MEK cleaning solution or acetone to clean and prepare an old roof for welding a new membrane. One of the main features of SPF is that the foam itself can adhere to nearly any kind of existing roofing material, with the exception of atactic polypropylene bitumen. The color of the coating varies, but white is usually the best choice from an economical perspective. One more coat is applied on top of this spray coating, in order to help prevent physical damage from the elements, including ultraviolet sun rays. What if I told you that when Texas A&M switched roofing systems in 1975 they switched to spray foam roofing.
When the time comes for maintenance, the existing roof will be cleaned and recoated, simple as that. For average SPF systems you will probably be looking at starting prices of approximately $6 per square foot and up.
Our Roof Installation Guide will answer these questions and demonstrate the step by step process of installing an IB PVC flat roofing system. Of course there is an installation spec manual from IB roofs, which we always keep handy, and actually had to use once or twice. Since most other roofing materials are made with oil or asphalt, we always install a protection layer between PVC membrane and either old roof or the roof deck.
Once the wood nailer and insulation are in place, we install one or more rows of perimeter half sheet, which is a 3 foot wide roll of membrane, vs a standard 6 feet width for field rolls. Then the process continues in the same manner, until the whole roof is covered by the membrane. The way IB PVC roof system is designed, allows us to attach the outer edge either directly to the drip edge or run in over the roof edge by a couple of inches, nail it to the fascia board and install a drip edge metal over the membrane. Then we weld a 5″ wide cover strip of the membrane to the roof and to the drip edge, to seal the screw holes and bake the whole detail water-tight. This prevents wind driven water from penetrating the roof, and ridge vent + ridge cap is installed on top, 2 inches up. Moreover, by using recycled insulation, you save space in our nation’s landfills, another invaluable benefit to the environment. We offer financing to build your dream home without the need to worry about proving any income. For a description of that material, scroll down this page and read about the items in our package below. The prop the homeowner must either remove ice and snow from the roof or hire a contractor to do it.
If you would like to upgrade the membrane type or add more insulation, this will slightly increase your price.
The cost of a tear-off is determined on a case-by-case basis, when we perform a roof inspection.
For custom colors the minimum order must be 100 squares ( This is the requirement of IB Roof Systems, and we have no control over it). This means that you don’t have to pay for the roofer to remove your current roof and pay landfill fees. By making the switch to SPF, they saved so much money on energy savings that they were, on most occasions, able to pay off the construction costs within four and a half years, sometimes just two or three! It is best to coat the SPF roof with a urethane coating rather than with cheaper acrylic coating, and to add stone granules to the coating for longest performance.
We welcome any questions you may have – you can ask them in the comments section at the end of this article. However, this manual only shows particular flashing detail or a general way of how the membrane and insulation ought to be installed. We usually use insulation to protect the membrane from being in contact with asphalt and also from deck fastener punctures. However, many roofing contractors that install EPDM rubber roofs, block the ridge vent opening completely to prevent roof leaks.
It is not even necessary to have American, Canadian or British citizenship, the only requirement is to own the piece of land. If, for example, you get a very low bid, consider that the bidder might not be adequately insured or have no insurance at all. Please note: For all residential installations, all IB roofing membranes come with a lifetime residential warranty, therefore there is no need to upgrade from 50 to 80-mil product, as both will perform equally well in protecting your roof from the elements, and will remain water-tight throughout their service life and beyond. It can’t possibly cover all the specifics of the roof installation that come up in the field.
Roof insulation also serves its primary purpose of improving thermal insulation properties of your roof.
The documentation processing fee is only $99 for US and Canadian citizens and 99 euros for Europe. If that is the case and you hire such a contractor, you will be responsible for any damages or injury claims that may occur.
Once we receive a copy of the architectural drawing of your land parcel as well as the deed, we can deliver our decision within five business days.
You need to select the “Turn Key Construction” option from our website which has the following pricing: from $99 to $120 per sq. Once we sign a contract for financing, you would be basically mortgaging the newly constructed house. The principal will be recalculated and you will end up paying less interest.The price that we offer also includes our EUROHOUSE architectural projects. The pictures that you see on our web site are real projects and one of them could be your new, spacious house.

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