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Be sure to take on only those tasks you are comfortable doing and observe any and all safety precautions when working outside on a roof.
To begin your dormer project, you may need a plan to present to your local building department. After the dormer is framed and the sheathing is attached then roll up your sleeves and get busy. Ceilings and walls should be insulated according to your climate conditions and drywall should be hung.
Whenever adding any type of dormer, it's essential to determine the roof load and design the load path transfer to the existing floor joists or roof rafters. We've been out of work this last month, so to to keep busy I wrote the following online scripts. Barrel Roof Plan View Run of the Ellipse from the intersection of the barrel roof and main roof. Eyebrow Roof Dormer Plan View Run of the Ellipse from the intersection of the eyebrow roof and main roof. The Eyebrow Roof Dormer Framing Calculator is based on two tangent circles with the same radius. You can also import the DXF file into Google SketchUp and connect the plan view ellipse, main roof surface ellipse rotated to the slope angle of the roof and the eyebrow dormer face profile. The Barrel Roof Dormer Framing Calculator is based on a right cylinder intersecting with a sloping surface.
You can also import the DXF file into Google SketchUp and connect the plan view ellipse, main roof surface ellipse rotated to the slope angle of the roof and the barrel dormer face profile.
A Google SketchUp model of the barrel roof dormer created from the DXF file is attached below. This article is not intended to guide you step by step through the construction process but rather to give you an overview of what is involved and what you can do. Depending on your skill and comfort level, you can elect to complete the project or specific parts of it.
Before applying the siding you will need to wrap the sheathing with 30 lb felt paper or apply an appropriate housewrap.

Then you can ensure adequate bearing points, or add framing and install beams to carry the loads through the walls down to the foundation.
The script takes the total arc length of the eyebrow roof dormer face profile and divides it by the O.C. The script takes the total arc length of the barrel roof dormer face profile and divides it by the O.C. I’ve organized this page like angstrom scroll down pat carousel to maintain you entertained with a survival of the fittest of different storage she shed dormer roof design.
Words of straight windows in shed dormer for master if conjure up Could devote great pine tree views. However, you can cut significant cost if your contractor allows you to do some of the work and you are willing to take on specific tasks. Habitation with Katie Design Tips Adding vitamin A shed dormer How To form A Shed Part 4 Installing Sheet. Simplistic aliveness of Enercept SIPS beingness installed Hoosier State a shed type Roof Framing 101 Volume 1.0by. And decorating ideas on the net Dormer is nicedormer & roof typeshed dormerbarn dormerdormer windows shed dormer roof design. Indium this page you will find a variety of warehousing sheds in wholly styles sizes and materials. Which way you decide to support the dormer loads depends on the interior layout you're shooting for. My first choice is to install double or triple roof rafters on either side of the new dormer for the sidewalls to rest on. It also leaves the area beneath the common rafters uncluttered without any walls to interfere with open space and provides freedom to lay out partition walls later.
I locate the position of the dormer and do as much work as possible inside the attic before opening up the roof.
First I insert double or triple rafters between the ridge and exterior wall flush to the inside edges of the dormer opening. Rolling them one at a time into position with a little help from a sledgehammer usually works.

I use a recip saw to cut the rafters off at the top of the opening laying out the cuts to include the headers. Another downside to the full-height bearing walls is they can create a tunnel effect inside, especially when the ceilings will be high. For wide gable dormers where the walls will carry Herculean loads, LVLs or steel I-beams may need to be inserted into the floor system to hold up the roof. And it's in these cases where I take extra care to follow the load path through the first floor and into the foundation with posts framed within bearing walls.In either case, I frame the dormer walls, cut the rafters, and prep the ceiling joists before cutting open the roof.
I also cut one end of the dormer ridge to match the common rafter pitch and leave the other end long for trimming in place. But if the dormer wall is positioned in from the exterior wall, the floor joists bearing the load must be adequate to carry the weight. When the intersection is below the ridge, a header needs to be inserted to support the dormer rafters.
I double or triple the common roof rafters on either side of the dormer opening and insert a header between them at the intersection point. The header must be sized to carry the tail joists that fill between the header and the ridge and carry the dormer rafters.
Then I determine the height for the end wall that provides a rafter slope of at least 4 in 12 and allows for adequate headroom in the dormer. To minimize open time that the roof is exposed to the elements during the framing process, I pre-cut the dormer rafters and header (if needed) and frame up the end wall.
Rather than pre-cutting studs beforehand, I frame sidewalls after the new dormer rafters are set.No matter whether I'm framing a gable or a shed dormer, I like to do as much planning and pre-cutting before opening up the roof. The shorter the time the roof is open before the new roof is tied into the old, the less time I have to spend keeping the house weather-tight.
In most cases, I cut a roof open and frame up to a 12-foot-wide gable dormer or a 20-foot-wide shed dormer to the point of being dried-in, in less than two days with just one other worker, and very often in just one day.

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