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He was recently diagnosed with an astrocytoma tumor and is currently under going treatment.
I managed to convince a couple of friends that they wanted help me this weekend (they will be beneficaries of the improved workspace). Sunday - Added 2x4's to the end of the trusses, and to the cantilevered portion of the roof.
I also figured out what I'm going to do for the doors, though I haven't actually done them yet. Left work early on Friday to pick up the vinyl from the place I ordered it since they close at 5:00.
A trip to the depot Saturday night to pick up more shingles, nails, and J Channel, and I was back on it Sunday morning.
By Sunday night we had the roof finished, and the whole thing sided with the exception of two pieces, for which we need different trim to terminate the under the eaves.
Probably not going to go with that system, only because I've already got some different stuff hanging in the basement, that I will relocate. This Build a Shed page is the third in the DIY Project series of Post and Beam Wooden Shed construction. My raised floor system required space at the end of the beam to situate and mortice the posts into the corners.

I placed the bearers (sleepers) in place and pondered how to keep them upright as they were secured to the stirrups. Now normally in this 'build a shed' project I would have installed the floor joists at this point but due to the bearer arrangement and post and beam construction, I needed to stand the posts first: I detail that part here. I had been pondering long about the flooring, which had to be pest resistant, tough and smooth. The expense of this treatment is tremendous and we are asking for donations to help offset these medical bills. We put that in Elizabeth's shed and it's great for getting all the garden stuff up off the floor. I decided to dig 800 mm (2ft 8") deep holes for the foundations as there will be a lot of weight in this shed, so my trusty twin spade post hole digger went to work. I sprinkled some water in the holes before pouring the concrete and I left the string lines in place until the concrete was poured and domed.
Most stirrups are a little offset from centre so I used large washers as You can find more plans and details on my Raised Floor System page here.
We also leveled the floor using blocks to provide a raised but even foundation for the new custom two story office building we installed. All donations will be deposited to a special account at American Fidelity Bank in Maryville, Tn., along with other clubs and the SFWDA donation.

The first duty was to clear the site, which required weed digging and some leveling, oh and getting a 100 foot dead gum cut down. Shed placement is obviously critical on your site so consider access to the house, to the driveway and to power.
At this point I completed the setout, leveling and squaring the stringlines, and accurately measuring the depths to determine the pier lengths. I decided to do the preliminary lap joint checkout before I laid the bearers so I sliced the 75mm (3") thick ends at 30mm depth and checked out 90mm (3.5"), the width of the posts. I cut them off the trailer before moving them into place as they were too heavy for a sole worker. I needed to find suitable galvanised stirrups for the sleepers, ones with enough length to be deep into the hole and, for the rear stirrups, high enough to jack them up half a metre.

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shed floor leveling guide

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