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Putting a shed on a wood deck or floor that is bigger usually runs into problems with water remaining on the wood for long periods of time. A problem you may run into when trying to renew or replace the floor is warping or deforming of the shed body during the brief time it is not supported by the floor. The biggest problem we found in building a shed like this, being made of metal,  is that you must keep the snow from accumulating on it. I could keep my garden cart in there instead, along with the lawn mower and anything that has to do with our garden. This floor extends beyond the walls of the metal shed so when it rains the water will run down the sides of the shed, onto the floor and back into the shed in the gap between the floor and the walls. Right now the root cellar has all my gardening containers and I’d like that out of there. I had a thought of building a carport type of roof over the top so it wouldn’t be such a problem.

In the future, it will have electric added to it, so he can use tools and lights while working in there.
If you live in an especially wet area or termite prone area you could make the entire floor out of pressure treated wood. This winter, my husband had to really keep an eye on it, as we had a lot of snow along with the extreme cold temperatures. The floor had to be above the ground due to spring rains causing our ground to become wet and muddy in some areas. Even though these sheds don’t have the best reputation, they can be used for a long time if you take care of it before anything happens to it.
We built a barn for our horses, but I think we could have gotten away with building just the lean-to, that my husband originally built for the horses.
I am not sure if I could use it for starting seeds, as it doesn’t have any windows or lights.

I will be watching for rust marks or anything like that that may compromise it’s durability. Otherwise you will be fighting a leaky floor for the entire life of your metal or plastic storage shed. We never did make separate stalls for each horse, so the lean-to would have been just fine.
Electric can be added to it very easily and then put in some type of lights for the seedlings. We planned on using it to store my parents’  furniture, that my son would be taking with him, when he moved next year into his own place.

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shed floor wet room

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