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The performance of a lifetime is about to go down in the latest surreal, dark chapter of the popular escape game series from Rusty Lake.
Physics puzzles get frigid in this cute, chilly game where the goal is to get the ice blocks safely to the bottom platform by removing the blocks they rest on. It's the final chapter in this kooky, zombified interactive comic, as Detective Margh gets closer and closer to the truth. Relationships can be hard, but sometimes they're only complicated if you complicate them yourself. In Peter Achberger's physics puzzler Icesters Trouble these ice cubes jut want a normal life, sitting on the cold frozen ground and preferably not melting. It might be a little hypocritical of me to tell you to "rise and shine" today, since I'm writing this while half awake and it took me six tries to spell "hypocritical", but, well, do as I say and not as I do.
A Normal Lost Phone might possibly be the most immediately suspicious thing to call a phone, but here it's the title of this intriguing interactive narrative, created by the team calling themselves Accidental Queens for Global Game Jam 2016 in France, where you must try to figure out what happened to the phone's owner, a young man named Sam. In GrandMA Studios' hidden-object adventure Whispered Secrets: Everburning Candle, asylums continue to prove that they are a lightning rod for supernatural activity and shady dealings in pop culture.
Some escape games feature elaborate stories, or at least a clearly identified reason as to why you're trapped.
Able Black hates his Mother, but this puzzle-based, narrative-driven experience for iOS by Scott Leach isn't your average tale of teenage rebellion.
It's not a good look when you're a firefighter and the station you're working at is currently going up in flames, so you'll have to find a way to deal with the problem AND find a way out in this escape game that's also free for Android and iOS! Bears will do anything for honey and other forest treats, but you'll need to stay one step ahead of yourself in this fast-paced arcade platformer, when your own shadow is always on your heels and new obstacles appear the longer you last!
Drinking enough to keep you from hearing the company taking off and leaving you on a lone planet, not so good of a thing.
While they are not the only inhabitants in their chilly world, to us they are the only ones that should matter.
To leave this royal banquet, you'll need to find five items bearing the image of Queen Alice, and as usual, some of these are hidden behind puzzles in a crafty manner.
You interact with the phone as you would any smart device, by clicking on icons and dragging the screen to scroll, and you'll need to search through old messages, calendar events, and more to find out the truth, as well as how to unlock certain functions. The one in your town has just gone up in flames that can't be quenched by water, which is a pretty good indication that you're dealing with something weird even before the giant fist of flames starts smacking the firemen around. And then there's Lu-taru's Tsure Game 6.3, which plops you down in front of some sort of freestanding vanity without so much as a "hi, how are ya," folds its arms, and stares at you expectantly. With the last adventure being filled with a crazy theory from a mad man- er zombie, a list of suspicious names, and Detective Margh struggling to decide who to trust, we are all excited for this grand finale. Able's an android, but currently he's languishing away in the dark loneliness of Ark 19, an underground habitat created to save humanity from destruction. Thankfully one of the partiers was able to write up plans for your own rocket, and another one can build it, but they need the special ore you were there to mine in the first place. But one little glowing light has the power to push back the darkness and rekindle the once warm glow the forest had.

A bride who will be wearing the legendary wedding dress last seen in the deepest darkest dungeon.
Similar to great games like Red Remover, you need to remove the right blocks by clicking on them to have the ice land safely on the ground and not flying, rolling, or shaking off into the endless abyss that is the rest of the screen.
Just click around to explore and interact, and keep an eye out for the items and clues you'll need to crack the puzzles in your way. A Normal Lost Phone is largely a simple, personal narrative that will connect more with some than others, but one told in a creative way. It's up to you to figure out the source of this supernatural, fiery fury before the blaze reaches the town, and what do you want to bet there's some sort of shadowy secret behind the asylum? Though it does seem like the faucet is leaking, so maybe you should do something about that?
As the show progresses, things get weirder, and you'll have to think outside the box to reach the final act. Just don't let them fall off, which is easier said than done when new elements are added to the mix! A simple but intriguing minimalistic puzzler where the goal is to draw the line in a way that takes its path from one circle to the next without touching obstacles as you follow the story. But to make the party perfect, Crazy Mom is going to have to gather a few things, and since this is a Carmel Games point-and-click adventure, it's definitely going to get weird.
Light the Dark by Kyu is a free indie platform game where you must light all the beacons and make it to the ending before your light goes out.
While all removable blocks start out purple, new colors with different attributes start taking their place in later levels. Though not as chaotic as the "real" Wonderland, Funkyland's Alice House games are all still pleasantly weird while rarely veering into illogical territory, making Alice's Dinner Party an appealing appetizer of a game that'll whet your appetite without filling you up.
With an interactive quick-travel map, Dark and Distressing Secrets(tm), optional match-3 minigames if you prefer instead of hidden-object scenes, and a serious amount of eye candy, Whispered Secrets: Burning Candle is a creepy but lovely casual adventure that might be a bit predictable, but still makes for an engrossing game.
There's no changing cursor, so click on everything to find out what's interactive and what isn't, especially since you never know where an additional hotspot might be hidden to help you advance. It is really recommended you play the first two parts (found here and here respectively) for even if you don't have an ID account to save your actions from one game to the next, you can have the clues and the people fresh in your mind. Underground Hangovers, a free indie Metroidvania-style platform game by Deconstructeam made in just a few days for Ludum Dare, is all about getting that sweet ore. The woods are filled with obstacles and dark red creators wanting to stop you from saving your world. Explosion blocks, orange blocks that shoot off like a rocket, and green blocks that shake like a toddler after an espresso shot, are going to do their best to take the ice with them when they go. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go order a bunch of decorations and flatware with my face on them for Thanksgiving. The Japanese-only text isn't necessary to solve the game, though combined with the lack of a changing cursor to find what you may be missing to click on, some players may find the lack of helpful feedback frustrating.
While it does have a few moments of some pretty heavy stuff it still has its cheesy humor and lighthearted approach to the zombie world that will have you quietly chuckling to yourself.

PencilKids has you solve another pack of point-and-click adventures, tracking down mini monkey ninjas, to open yet another strange contraption! Moving with the [WASD] and the [arrow] keys, you can explore the cave and find more of the special minerals, mined by tapping your down key. Using the [arrow] keys to run and jump is your only power to make it through this dark world.
Esklavos might be able to pull a bunny out of a hat, but a magician probably can't cure the common cold. The episodes aren't very long so anyone can still try out this humorous yet peculiar story. Told through a series of chapters interspersed with puzzles, Able Black is a short but thoughtful story with an elegant presentation and an engrossing mood.
If you get hit by an enemy you lose more of your precious light that is always draining away.
Charging forward our heroine will bounce off walls, snatch up treasures, and try to cut through any baddie that has the misfortune of standing in the way of her rampage.
When one is removed the remaining swap colors and bring chaos into your careful plan to reunite ice with ice.
And a double dose of Vitamin Hana sends you both to the world's smallest butterfly garden, and then to a tiny deserted island for complaining about it. Thankfully, you have the dual hook which you place with the [spacebar] and then throw with the same key to where you want to go to make a bridge. To help you, spread across the map are glowing squares that will add a few more seconds before you go out. The problem is the dungeons are a big place and not very linear, and while Umbrella can always make it to the exit on her own, there are things she needs that are not on her path, or things she should avoid that are in her way, and that's where you come in. Your miner can walk a tightrope like no other and with this ability you'll be sure to find more pockets of Driliv ore to complete your spaceship, or spend on more goodies to help you along your way. Lighting the diamond beacons by touching it will grant you much more time, but there is never enough to stop and catch your breath.
You are only given only two options for actions to use with Umbrella, and though you'll gain lots of abilities you'll need to decide what two will lead you to more gold and more treasure in your pockets. Some levels will require planning to hit all the beacons, but you have to think quick if you want to save your home world. Collect all the treasures to unlock a hidden level, find weapons and outfits for her to use and keep her alive so she can keep going on her crazy wild adventure.

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