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Add to ideabookby Parallel Lines Studio by Parallel Lines Studio With 40 square feet, the coop (nestled inside a toolshed) has more than enough space for Dalley's chickens, Ruby, Hiko and Ash. Private Comment Add to ideabookby Parallel Lines Studio by Parallel Lines Studio Although the designer wanted to coop to look great, the proper location was just as important. The coop gets a modern twist with diagonal cedar planks, aligned at the same angles as the cross bracing inside the shed.
From out of space: This 'Starliner Diner' was entered by Chris Galley from Chichester, West Sussex.

Room with a view:A Ben Filmore, from Amersham in Buckinghamshire, is hoping that his 'Shedservatory' will be popular among the judges. When Dalley decided to host a small flock in her Ely, Nevada, backyard, she used some of the principles from her interior design work in her new chicken coop.
The chickens needed a space where they could roam but stay safe, since neighborhood dogs often show up unannounced, so Dalley built a 100-square-foot chicken run outside the coop. Since the chickens love to scratch around and kick up the pine shavings on the floor, Dalley raised their food containers to keep the space tidy.

Providing the essentials a€” protection, food and comfort a€” came first, but she built an efficient space that looks great, too. A hanging tumbleweed that Dalley and her husband found on the property adds a bit of rustic decor and filters some of the light from the overhead bulb.

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