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If your possessions and vehicles are important, you will see the value in investing in a quality steel garage.
Our range of steel garages are pre-engineered and feature COLORBOND® wall sheeting and trim as standard.
Sheds n Homes Geelong also has a long list of optional extras for you to further enhance your steel structure. We have worked on perfecting our designs, so that you can have the peace of mind that your shed and what you store in side is protected throughout the year. Invest in only the best, and contact Sheds n Homes Geelong today and ask about our competitive residential garage prices.
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We welcome your thoughts about the GHC Online Image Library and if there is a particular subject you would like us to include please submit details via the feedback form below. OnSite StudiosInspiration for a farmhouse gray two-story exterior in Boston with wood siding. This new North Carolina house has been faithfully designed in an original Craftsman bungalow style. When we are young, we use our parents’ houses to store our possessions, safe in the knowledge that as long as they live there and agree to indulge us, cost is not an issue.

But there comes a time when we are left to look after ourselves, and then the idea of cheap, big storage units becomes very appealing. Enter shipping containers, which are useful objects, reflecting their owners’ creativity. They can be used for anything from giant store boxes to small houses, and their steel exterior makes for an ideal protective surface. Although many people do not consider shipping containers relevant to their daily lives, the Geelong Advertiser classifieds reveal that the container trade is alive and growing, with people finding many ways to convert the big steel boxes into interesting projects.
Ivan Menzel, a specialist in container sales, says the structures provide ideal storage space, and are often used by retired people to store furniture when they want to travel. The end products can be pricey, starting at $35,000 for a one-bedroom model, but people can fit them out without professional help for much less.
I am a freelance writer and journalist with years of exprience working in mainstream media. We have a comprehensive collection of residential garage designs, all made with A-grade materials designed to meet and often exceed the latest Australian engineering standards. Our portal frame incorporates extended overlaps on purlin and girts as well as a robust haunch bracket system to prevent axial torque. You have the choice of how many bays that you need, whether you want standard or extra wide roller doors, and if you require internal dividing walls between bays.
Alternatively, submit an obligation free steel garage quote request, and we will be in touch shortly.

I spy five.Photo of a mid-sized beach style two-story exterior in Portland Maine with wood siding. See this lovely 8x12 Shed in your backyard and Imagine how it could beautify your property. The dormer has a shed roof form, which tapers back to meet the ridge line of the main roof.
Instead of building a shed, people prefer to buy a shipping container, which costs around $2300,” he says.
Height, span and length are tailored to suit your requirements and available space on your site. Most modern interpretations of this type of Craftsman bungalow have a completed second level. Gable roof options permit an extension which can create a garaport with additional covered parking space.
Ita€™s considered a half story since it fits under and within the primary gabled roof form.Craftsman blue two-story exterior in Raleigh with a gable roof. If you need more protection with a skillion roof garage, you can always add a lean-to onto one side.

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