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Sometimes home storage sheds need to be accessed regularly and, despite being close to the house, are still a hassle to go outside and walk over to. By simply building a covered walkway from a back or side door of your house to the door of the shed, both structures will be effectively connected to each other, making the commute between the two easier to do in inclement weather. If you want to go the extra mile to connect your storage shed to your home, an actual hallway can be built between the storage shed and the house itself.
Depending on the reasons for why you want to connect the shed and the house, an additional room can be added on to the house itself. Building a simple, small house out of a wood storage shed isn't as outrageous as it might seem.
Rubbermaid has been manufacturing houseware and other items for your home and garden since the mid-1930s.
Building a wood shed involves building four wall panels, assembling them, and attaching a roof and door.
For people without a garage or basement to store their garden necessities, a prefabricated shed can be a lifesaver. Rubbermaid manufactures durable plastic items that range from kitchen food storage containers to outdoor lawn and garden sheds. The Island Granny Flat Kit is ideal for a variety of applications – for use in holiday parks, guest house or extra space for the kids. The Island  – Brisbane Granny Flat comes with pre-fabricated ready to stand wall panels & roof trusses for easy installation by your preferred builder.

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Granny flats are an excellent and cheaper alternative to extending your home when you need more room for your kids or other family members. Unibuild are leaders in the area of building small homes in your backyard – so call Unibuild for information on all types and sizes of granny flats.
We supply and install Shack in a Pack, and Unibuild’s own small home designs to give your backyard that much needed extra accommodation. A steel kit home or framed house is a great housing solution for your rural property.  Steel is desirable as it provide superior strength and durability against the weather, and also provides more resistance to termites.
Our range encompasses seven stylish, spacious and affordable designs.  Taking you from smaller granny flats for an extension of the living space on your land, through to large single level and even bigger multi-storey layouts, you are sure to find your castle at Sheds n Homes.
Many of our homes customers take on the project as an owner-builder, which allows them to have complete control over the finished product.  For those wanting more assistance, we can work with you and local builders to get your new home completed. When you purchase a steel home building kit, you receive all structural components, screws, bolts, beams, joists, roof sheeting and wall cladding – as well as all of the engineering and construction plans.  This allows you to finish the building as you wish by sourcing your preferred windows, doors, flooring, and interior design elements.
If this concept if new to you, or you have been searching for the perfect kit home for a while, give us a call on 0437 120 410. When this is the case, it is often a good idea to attach the storage shed to the house itself as a sort of ancillary room, which you won't have to deal with going outside to reach.
The pathway between the two structures should be covered with a hard surface like cement or gravel and mortar so that items with wheels can be easily wheeled up and down the path between the two areas.

By using the same basic structure as the covered walkway, a variety of materials can be used as walls in the hallway to protect from inclement weather and extreme cold between the house and the storage shed. This will become a relatively large construction project and building permits will probably have to be acquired from the local building permit office. They can be rented out to supplement your income (or your superannuation) – giving you more dollars in your retirement years.
A metal roof with gutters should, ideally, also be installed, so that runoff doesn't destroy the plant life or landscaping which is growing around the newly covered pathway.
These additional rooms can be any number of things, but it may make the most sense for it to be a garage or shop, so that the additional room's style and decor merges well with a shed simply meant for storage. If you simply want to fully cover the passageway between the house and the storage shed, simple siding made from aluminum can be used.
These additional rooms should have lighting and power and be attached seamlessly to the original structure of the house itself. If you want some insulation in the hallway, a frame will have to be built and insulation installed with sheetrock and siding, so it will hold in heat and cold air.

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