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Irving Smith Jack Architects designed a couple of “sheds” that couldn’t be more different from the garden-variety types you’ve seen before. Built for a family of four, the low-impact offSET Shed House comprises two slightly offset volumes that look like separated buildings from afar, but are actually interconnected. The offSET Shed House’s use of passive design principles makes the building a comfortable stay year-round. Garden Sheds - THE Shed Company supply a range of garden sheds and are available for purchase from our secure online store!
If you need more space for family, friends, work or hobbies, Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats are an ideal solution. Whether you are looking to create extra living space or are looking to generate an income from your backyard, Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats have a design to suit you.
Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats have over 15 years experience in designing, supplying and building Granny Flats. Our very popular Villa Range is a contemporary design with a stylish sloping roof and a large glass stacking doors.
Whether you choose a studio style, 1 or 2 bedroom floor plan, you will enjoy the panel sliding stacking doors, that open the Villa to its natural garden surroundings. The framing, piers, bearers and joists are constructed from treated timber for termite-resistance and longevity. The Deluxe package is an affordable option if you are looking for the complete Granny Flat. After reviewing the various Granny Flat products on the market we decided to choose Greenwood Homes and Granny Flats as we really liked the flexibility that they offered with the style and the layout of the Granny Flat. Nice looking design but if you really want decent covered outdoor space in a rainy area those high roofs that slant back towards the house aren’t a very good choice.
5) Now, because both the new bathroom (former entry) and dining room have been pushed out to the surrounding walls, you can configure the entry to the bedrooms differently.
So first I want to thank Alex for creating an awesome forum for creative people to share their ideas.
Now about this small home by Stillwater Designs, I love the clean modern look and while the materiels used in construction are not cheap, it sure does look good. In regards to the bathroom, well my wife and I have been living with one bathroom for years, and it’s never been an issue for us. I would live to move the master behind the kitchen to share the glass wall and view and put the garage where one of the bedrooms is positioned. Just a passing positive comment; I love the windows that meet at the corner of the room(s).
Walcon - Container Sales and Hire Ireland We sell and hire ‘ready-to-go’ new, used and converted steel containers. Akacbol keszult szelezetlen es szelezett deszkak, lecek,pallok, gerendak,szolokarok, keriteselemek,tuzifa,tuzifa hazak,ronkhazak,keritesek,ronkagyak,otletek-inspiraciok barkacsoloknak. A kepeket amerikai ronkhaz tervezo honlapokrol masoltam ide, de talan arra jo, hogy a fantaziankat megmozgassa. A meretek nyilvan nem a mi zsebunkhoz vannak szabva , de kicsiben,szerenyebb koltsegvetessel megvalosithatok . Talaltam egy honlapot, ahol leirjak,hogyan kell elkesziteni sajat magunknak a ronkhazunkat.

Set in a coastal town near Gisborne, New Zealand, ISJ Architects’ offSET Shed House is a modern beach home that pays homage to the vernacular architecture as well as the site’s former shed, a simple and much smaller building built by the clients’ grandfather in the 1940s.
The home is clad in corrugated black metal on the exterior for an industrial vibe, while the interior is lined with Tasmanian Oak and white surfaces for a homey feel.
The building’s spatial arrangement and south-facing openings maximize the effect of the ocean’s cooling breezes. This 1,836 square foot, 2 to 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom, full basement house has been renovated nicely on the inside. All EasyShed components feature EdgeSAFE® rolled safety edges for ease of handling during assembly. With recent changes to NSW planning laws, assuming you meet the complying development code, you won’t even have to go through your local council for approval.
All Villas include a wide front deck and a skillion roof using Colorbond roofing in the colour of your choice.
We supply and install the Granny Flat to lock up stage, from there you can take full control. We were impressed with the design of the studio from the start as we wanted a generous area that lent itself to a variety of uses but was simple and practical. The entry way is spacious- with a closet- which helps keep everyone’s shoes and coats at bay. He has a passion for exploring and sharing tiny homes (from yurts and RVs to tiny cabins and cottages) and inspiring simple living stories.
Again, I’d use pocket doors to go into the bedrooms, so that provides an ENTIRE WALL of closet space for both bedrooms, where previously, each bedroom had a miniscule closet jammed into the corner of the room. I spent the last two days reading the posts and now I have tons of new ideas for the cabin I have been planning to build.
I agree with Cahow that the entry in the middle is a waste, especially when there are TWO patio doors. Many tiny houses are designed with an open plan to make it feel open and bigger, however, if there is no flow, it can feel like just a big room. I would need to use a stepstool to get to the top cabinets and where do the dry goods get stored? In addition to its contemporary upgrade, the family home was created with passive design principles to take advantage of the site’s winter sun and cooling summer winds. You can make any style of Villa your own by choosing the layout, placement of doors and windows, cladding material, verandah size and internal fittings.
You then purchase your own kitchen and bathroom and employ your own tradespeople to complete the internal fitout.
The “Deluxe” has everything needed for a tenant or family to be comfortable, whilst ensuring a healthy return on your investment. This complete package gives you an upgraded kitchen, floating timber floors, upgraded bathroom, texture coated cladding to the outside and so much more. But maybe if you’re raising a family, planning to, or just living with others this amount of space might be just right.
Please enjoy the tour below and let me know your thoughts in the comments if you’d like to.
We invite you to send in your story and tiny home photos too so we can re-share and inspire others towards a simple life too.

I will not permit guests to traipse through my bedroom to get to the only bath in the house, and I want that private master bath!
Many people have commented about the lack of privacy regarding the ONE bathroom being wedged into a bedroom and the problems that would solve and I agree wholeheartedly!
Cutting all those angles when you can have a straight run of board feet makes far more sense.
Using that same concept, EACH of the bedrooms can now have a toilet & a sink in EACH room where the tub is now sucking up space in the one bedroom.
You also increase the storage space in each bedroom by at least 100% by creating additional walk in closet space and an entire wall of closet space. Doesn’t take much to plan showers and let everyone take a turn to clean teeth in the morning. I like your inclusion of floor plans when you can and also your willingness to include 800 to 1100 sq ft houses now and then since some of us who own land are bound by county codes regarding size. The basement is partially finished and is waiting for you to make your mark, and boasts a cold room, tones of storage, separate entry and a fire proof closet. There is absolutely NOTHING WORSE than being a woman with a full bladder (bursting at the seams) and someone is taking the Worlds’ Longest Shower!
Also, I can’t tell from the plans if there is a sliding wood panel to cover them but there must be, right?
Outside there is a full size shop with concrete floor, woodstove, two bay doors, and is wired for 220 amps. Essentially, you have a Walk In Closet that you then use the aisle to gain access to your private lavatory. Same for some who have agreed with your comments (which btw I love, you give many, many different perspectives etc. There is also plenty of room to expand the yard to create additional space for garden and greenhouse.
And who doesn’t appreciate their own private space to mess up or keep clean without their partner crabbing on them for their mess? I would leave the narrow windows along the ceiling for ventilation and use a good solid wood for the walls.
This means we can supply nearly all customer requirements immediately anywhere in mainland Ireland. I need my wall space for storage and as Virginia pointed out at the beginning of this thread it would provide much better insulation. My cabin is going to be in the deep woods where it gets mighty cold at times, and there are some really big bears wandering around.
Having said that, the thing that I find funny is how so many people commented on needing more bathroom facilities.
I have shared a small apartment with five other people (two guys, four gals) for years and one bathroom is plenty.

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