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I have fallen into the Alice-in-Wonderland hole that is your blog today and the hour I needed to spend making hypertufa pots for the garden club plant sale in 3 weeks has been consumed. I was bummed you didn’t link your name to your blog… but then, kind of glad since an 1830’s farm would make me cry with envy… I have some kind of old-house fetish.
Victoria, I sent you a message on Facebook about using one your photos here on a blog post about recycled material construction. My little brother, Stuart, has been given a grant from his college UNCA to build a cob building on the campus. My brother would like to start building these and improve his skills so that one day he can make them to live in.
I do not mean to be a disagreeable person but I think what your brother is building is a straw bail house, not cob. Hey there- actually cob houses can be made with wood framing or without- it just depends on the tastes of who is building it. Heybale: u take full bales of hey abd make a wall then cover it with pretty much a cob layer. Based on your requirements, our team of architects and designers can enhance our prefabricated technology to build a house that best suits its environment. Take a look through some examples of custom-designed prefab houses we’ve delivered across Australia. Since then, architecture styles changed enough to allow modern interpretations to offer a trip down memory lane.
Not long ago he and I ate supper together and he gave his proposal for building houses out of this old material. He is at school for Music and Religion and is doing very well and I know that he takes a shower every now and then haha.

He does not have much time these days to work on this project due to school but at least he has started.
Some codes require that you have some wood framing and allow you to fill the framing with the material of your choice including natural building methods like cob or straw bale. Perhaps you’ve already had some plans drawn up, or you like one of the homes designed by our partner architects Pleysier Perkins but can see the benefit of a little tweak here or there.
This is the case of the Far Pond Residence by Bates Masi Architects – a 1970s kit house in Southampton, New York, revived with a contemporary appeal. THE MASTER BEDROOM HAS A WALK IN CLOSET AND THE EN-SUITE HAS A GARDEN TUB FOR SUPERB RELAXATION! The Roosevelt greenhouse is undergoing renovations and will take most of a year to complete. I will be working with his some to make these and I will get some good interview and documentary footage that will make its way here at some point.
When he was pitching this idea to me I told him that he needed to work this idea without looking like the Hippie and tree hugger. But to tell you the truth I dont think that he has been as motivated as I thought that he intended. The cobs shown in the above photo are not straw bales, but cob does indeed include straw and you can see straw in the photos above- they are definitely not bales ?? I have some experience working with cob and also live in asheville- good luck to your brother, i would love to hear updates on his project! Prebuilt embraces the customisation of our designs and will work with you to create your perfect abode. The existing glulam post and beam construction connected with steel plates was extended with the help of an additional volume.Collect this ideaThe design of the existing house was enhanced by building a modern interpretation of that theme, one that focuses on clearly expressing the structural system. He has gained so much music equipment that He would have to make a cob house the size of a football field to hold it all.

Prefabricated elements were used to resolve space problems and keep the old and new parts related: “Examining the strategy of a kit of parts, current material fabrication technologies are utilized to expand on this idea. Some of the Cob Houses that I have looked at are very nice and I think that my brother will do well. This 2 bedroom home has patio doors onto large covered deck area overlooking a nicely landscaped yard with privacy hedge and a large storage shed. Straw bail homes have to have wood framing and then gone over with mud and then a plaster in applied.
When I lived out west in New Mexico I saw a lot of the straw houses but I dont think that I have actually seen a true cob house before. The solid steel transitions to a perforated panel that baffles the sunlight over windows and doors.
The roof can be made from several types of materials such as cut lumber or rough trees even a metal frame can be used.
The eating area next to the bay window has a built in hutch and the kitchen has an open concept into the living room with a 3 seater breakfast bar.
The light quality varies throughout the day as light levels transition through the overlapped perforations. Fins that protrude from the wall panels are laser cut to accept shelving, seating and countertops.
The same perforated steel becomes the dining room chandelier, and the platform for the stair and desk.

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