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Both ends appear the same-the both have the same flap, with two zippers down each side (the top of each zipper is about 4' tall). You can roll up both sides and secure it with a couple of clamps or you can use some tie-downs that they supply (but it won't lift it to it's maximum heighth). I take my bicycle in and out now and then, and don't bother with securing the flap-it can be done, but it's a bit annoying having the flap against your head-very light, of course.

Bonded with DuPont Premium powder coat process which prevents chipping, peeling, rust and corrosion. Advanced engineered rip stop tough woven polyethylene fabric is triple layered, heat welded seams for ultimate 4 season performance and is 100% waterproof, UV treated inside, outside and in-between with added fade blockers, anti-aging and anti-fungal agents.
Easy to set up and take down as needed with slip fit connectors and best in class swedged tubing.

Easy Slide Cross Rail system locks down and squares up frames for initial and continuous frame to fabric fit.

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shed in a box floor mirror

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