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A Shed with a difference; this gorgeous shed looks more like a fairy tale cottage than garden storage unit. Beginning with a simple idea of putting some shutters on a garden shed; this shed is transported from the realms of garden storage to the realms of style and originality.
The roof is finished in Cedar Shingles and chrome window and door furniture complements the paint and roof choice perfectly. If you are having trouble placing your order on our website, please feel free to place a telephone order. PAY NO MONEY TODAY! Payment will not be drawn down until the unit is allocated for dispatch, or a delivery date arranged. There's nothing much better for a keen gardener than to spend time in a potting shed, growing their own wide variety of plants from flowers to vegetables.
This is due to the moisture and resin being extracted and results in a highly rot and warp resistant building material. Inside there is an environment with temperature and humidity controlled by roof vents that have automatic openers.
If all these standard features aren't enough, and there are also two shelves and another window, there is a list of options that includes guttering so that rainwater can be re-cycled. Any ambitious gardener will immediately realise that this is a potting shed to satisfy their aspirations, and it's great value as well, with delivery and installation included in the price.

Note: Smaller 6ft x 16ft and larger 6ft x 20ft versions of this potting shed are available.
With a ThermoWood® Paint Finish using an opaque acrylic protective top coat which has resistance against bacteria, mould and UV rays.
High-level shelving offers an invaluable storage space for starting off seedlings and general storage of seed packets, gardening tools and gloves, reference books etc. Add a High Level Shelf to your Potting Shed - Supplied in a standard ThermoWood® non painted finish. The Hunter Gutter and Downpipe Rainwater System allows you to collect and re-use rainwater - the very best water for all your plants. Adds a Rainwater System to your Greenhouse which consists of a Gutter and Downpipe in the required size.
Based on our Posh Potting Style Shed this shed comes complete with a small veranda that provides a shady spot for a cup of tea, or even a glass of wine, at the end of a hard day’s gardening.
A double window with single opening casement forms part of the structure of the left hand side of the shed and a small diamond window glazed with polycarbonate sits at the top at the back of the shed to add an additional decorative feature and let in a little extra light. The roof is finished with wooden cedar shingles and then guttering with downpipe to ground is fitted. What this shed may lack in depth, it makes up for in length and so fits neatly between house and garden boundaries.

An additional door on the left hand side provides an alternative access point and a quick route to the shed from the back door of the main house.
The roof has been finished with slate effect tiles, all glazing is glass and all door and window handles and hinges are black. We all start off with good intentions and mean to keep our sheds organised and uncluttered and if you have the space we can build you a shed large enough to house all your garden equipment and help prevent your shed becoming disorganised. This large shed follows the trademark designs of our Gothic range with wavy ridge and facia board and arching in the door and windows and has an extra double casement window. The roof has been finished with cedar shingles; all glazing is glass and the door and window furniture is black. Staging that occupies the front of the shed is essential for sowing and potting, with the seedlings and plants benefitting from the sunlight that floods through toughened glass.

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shed installation price walmart

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