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Lightweight and compact Gio pressure washer with 70-bar working pressure, max pressure 120-bar, flow 6 LPM..
We’ve done our fair share of man-cave buildings over the years, but lately the ladies are stealing the spotlight with the new she-shed trend, and why not!? Kathy Taylor of Cedarburg, Wisconsin runs a successful business called Kamaria Fine Jewelry.
Sometimes there would be an article about garden with a shed; that article would find its way in my garden dream file.
Click here for more information about Charlotte’s Palmerston she-shed on our website.
Click here for more information about Mary Ann’s small Palmerston she-shed on our website. We look forward to helping more lovely ladies realize their design dreams and create a she-shed of their very own!
A couple of new additions to the office (paper tray and coffee maker to complete the collection).
Even though this tube amp was originally featured in Dezeen last year, it recently made an appearance in Notcot and was so striking I just had to share it. Back in 2008 Japanese designer Koichi Futatsumata, founder of Case-Real studio, was commisioned to design a tube amp for Elekit Japan whose company develops numerous electronic amplifier kits targeted at both children and adults.
The result is a strikingly minimalist masterpiece which begs the question: If you commission an amazing design firm to make a prototype for your company, why doesn’t it go into production? We currently have the white Pocket String (2 panels, 3 shelves) available in the shop ($200).
If you haven’t had the chance to visit mjolk yet, this weekend is the perfect opportunity. While you’re here, check out a couple of great new shops on Keele, just north of Dundas. Saturday night, catch local musician Justin Rutledge on the stage at 9:30pm, then pop over to Margret for some drinks. We’re really happy with the filing cabinets we found by Jean Nouvel at the Queen West Antique Market. It’s great that it’s looking a lot more polished, but there is still a lot of things to do! Our bedroom update was awhile ago, but we didn’t get the chance to talk about our new bed! But before being wooed in their showroom, it was the comments on this AT post that lead us to another Swedish company called Carpe Diem.
We bounced from bed to bed, feigned sleepy time (with pillows and duvet to complete the experience), laughed at the crazy height of the more luxurious Carpe beds (you need to jump, high!), all the while knowing that the basic Koster model was what we would buy.
Since the beds are made-to-order, we dutifully waited the three months (has to be imported from Sweden as well). We love that they use natural materials, with no threat of off gassing (it has the Eco Label Swan Certification – did you know that most North American brands are sprayed with fire-retardant chemicals?
Expert affordable humane raccoon removal from attics, fireplaces, chimneys, woodstoves near all of Toronto.
Aanteater Pest Control services you with 20 years of structural extermination and wildlife experience.
The raccoon is our most plentiful wild animal found in many neighborhoods not only here in the Toronto area but also throughout Ontario, United States and including all of North America.
The problem is raccoon’s have figured out they live better in the City and around lots of people because people like them, feed them and they choose nice cozy places to live like in your attic, in your chimney , under a porch or shed.
The raccoon when encountered can makes many sounds and when encountered can sound very scary because it makes very large snarls, growls, hisses and and screams that actually sound frightening.
Raccoon’s typically breed between February and June have a 54-65 days gestation and produce 3-6 off spring per year. Its not the trap in many cases why we catch and capture raccoon’s its our experience and knowing where to look and set specialized traps and use them properly.

Some people call us raccoon exterminators because it is a name associated with the pest control industry for the last 50 or longer years.
Sometimes we get request to control raccoon’s damaging lawns and the reason for the lawn damage is they have discovered using their senses the smell of grubs and earthworms in your lawn and will treat your lawn like its a big Smorgasbord and simply overnight your lawn can be destroyed. Raccoon’s usually will make latrines and you will know when you find them because it is used over and over in the same location and the presence of raccoon poop should be very obvious and if you look at the raccoon feces you will find parts of half eaten food like wild berries and who knows what else.
Spring into summer with a beautiful garden shed that complements your yard and kills the clutter! Over the last 20yrs we’ve refined our designs and manufacturing with a constant focus on supplying the best materials and finished product available.
Our customers choose Duro-Shed knowing we’ve got the product and expert advice to ensure they get the very best from their shed.
From first nail to last, our professional installers get the job done right and quicker than you might expect – most installations are done in under a day! There are 24 pieces which sandwich the 2x4s to make 12 roof brackets , also 12 bottom flat brackets. The original plan called for a shed; however, all we could afford was the concrete pad for the shed. Occasionally, there would be an ad for sheds and I would send off for the brochure and that too would go in my file.
Sitting at my desk in the Tulip House as I write this on my laptop; I feel as if I am part of my garden—pure magic.
Each time, my Summerwood shed has gotten rave reviews for the quality, design, and the delightful scent of cedar. Over the years for some reason I’ve been collecting modernist office accessories for the day where I could have my own minimalist Dieter Rams style office. He has one on his desk and every time I visit I coveted it, until I recently found one with N. Awarded the Danish Design Council’s ID prize and included in the Industrial Design Collection at the Museum of Modern Art. The request was for Case-Real studio to design an amplifier marketed to a younger generation who are novice about tube amplifiers, but are naively interested in the charm and atmosphere created by one. Of course we need to give the shelf the old Kitka approval before we start selling it, so we installed one in our office.
But there is still good stuff in a lot of them, things that I don’t really want to forget.
The poles are mounted to the wall where the legs of the pole actually bare the weight of the shelves, it’s a pretty easy install and also pretty affordable. The Junction Arts Festival is going to close down Dundas Street West from Indian Grove to St John’s Road to open the street up to live music, poetry, art, crafts and more ALL weekend! I wish I would’ve known about those cabinets!” Well, then you really should consider adding us to your Twitter! The simple CD player whose form mimics a ventilation fan as it spins its exposed compact disc.
When our bed went missing at the border, Debi quickly fixed the problem by offering us a (luxuriously incredible) loaner bed until the one we ordered was remade and shipped again. You can pick from 5 fabric choices (we picked light grey) and 11 types of legs (we picked birch).
We also cleanup up raccoon latrines in attics, remove raccoon feces from attics, replace soiled attic insulation and treat for any other vermin carried in by a raccoon infestation and a full attic restoration and attic insulation whenever necessary. But the bottom line is they are fed or can easily find food like plentiful trash cans, or a busy restaurant dumpster they will find somewhere nice to live nearby. Most births occur in may, The raccoon young are born blind with closed eyes and leave their raccoon dens in 7-8 weeks.
We have traps designed to capture raccoon’s using  raccoon traps for chimneys, raccoon traps  for access points going into and out of your home and we have traps that work well in attics.
Yes we know how to get rid of your raccoon’s and if you feel comfortable calling us your Toronto Raccoon Exterminators please go ahead.

It allows them to open doors, latches even cooler and be able to get into lots of places and cause lots of damage if they choose to.
In fact, with various options ranging from windows and doors to siding and trim, our sheds look and perform just the way you want!
Forget the frustration and inferior quality of a DIY kit and get the shed you want the fast and easy way. Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy but please confirm by speaking with your local sales representative. Plans are included to build a 7 x 8 ft building, or you can customize for a bigger structure. We’re happy to share some of the projects we’ve done with the design-diva in mind!
No longer do I have to look (hunt sometimes would be a better description) for my garden tools and supplies—they now are in my shed which I have named “Tulip House” (the weathervane features a tulip and hummingbird). Huizenga (of Roncesvalles fame) has opened another vintage shop and across the street from her is Russet & Empire, where owner Micah has curated a wonderful selection of objects of interest, from Canada, Sweden and beyond. Distilled into its most minimal form, the CD player works for people without vision since the player consists of a single speaker, no cover, a vertical power cord, and no digital displays. Like Maxwell, we started the hunt with Hastens, more out of sheer curiosity than intent to follow through.
In an act of rebellion against firm mattresses everywhere, we went with the soft mattress – apparently the level of firmness has nothing to do with support, but personal preference. Aanteater Pest Control and Wildlife Services strictly adhere to a comprehensive and sustainable integrated pest management strategy when dealing with raccoons. We solve and treat any raccoon problem from catching the raccoon’s to cleaning up their raccoon poop and urine messes and then making recommendations to prevent a re-occurrence of any further raccoon damage. For 20+ years we’ve led the pack when it comes to residential sheds, garages and lifestyle structures. NOTE the lumber is not included, am selling the metal brackets only, the pic here is only representative of "barn roof" gambrel style, also you would first need a floor base structure to build from.
Kathy’s Copper Creek building functions as not only her she-shed, but as the home of her highly successful jewelry and interior design business. Included in my Tulip House is a desk, cabinet, tool racks, bins for fertilizer, potting soil. It was fun revealing that I designed it, it came as a kit, and that that it only took a weekend to erect.
Sharon not only created her very own she-shed, but her very own she-garage with lots of room for artistry! At the mjolk shop we are adamant about investing in quality pieces of furniture, and a bed should be no different! Live trapping is rarely a viable option as it does not prevent other animals moving in to replace the original occupant, often within 24 hours!
We’ve achieved so much through attention to detail, quality materials and design, and going above and beyond for our customers. However, we’ll give you all the info you need can refer you to partners who can provide this service.
I plan to add a shelf along the long side above the door to store baskets and other items that are used infrequently. But since we were going for the basic model, we upgraded the top mattress to the Exclusive, which has a cotton-filled summer side, and a wool-filled winter side, just be safe.. We had Debi’s undivided attention and she accommodated all of our whims and fancies for a couple of hours. Also apparently they are getting a new brand in under the Villsam brand, which will fall in the mid-price range.

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