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Make sure to check building codes in your area before you build so you don't find out later that you've violated one and have to move your shed or make it smaller. In our climate you usually need to build a structure like this on frost footings, but the ground here is too rocky to dig that deep.
If you have to do some digging, have the locations of your underground pipes and gas and electrical lines marked clearly by your utility companies. The door header is a pair of 2x4's with some half-inch plywood sandwiched in between to make it the same width as a 2x4. We framed all the walls first and then raised them one at a time starting with the back wall. With the walls up we made sure they were all plumb and square and then braced them in place with 2x4's. We also made a frame for the clerestory windows that span across the top of the front wall. 2x4 sub-fascia boards were nailed across the front and back ends of the rafters to support the roof sheathing and trim. TIP: Snap chalklines on your sheathing where your rafters fall so you know where to nail or staple them. We put the fascia boards on before the shingles to give us a finished edge to nail the shingles to.

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We built ours using a plan we saw in a magazine, but most lumberyards and home centers will have plans and kits available. One option is to divide the shed into two rooms; one for storage and one for a workshop area.
We used concrete blocks instead, and are counting on the shed to absorb a little ground heaving as the frosts come and go.
We made all of the walls 7 feet high, but our plan called for windows across the top of the front wall. Then we put plywood cap plates on top of the walls to overlap the ends and give the corners extra strength. You need a framing square to figure out this cut, and it can get pretty complicated, but once you have one done you can just trace the cuts on to the other rafters. Usually when you put on fascia boards you're worried about plumb cuts and mitered corners, but our shed style was so informal that we used regular square cuts and butt joints at the corners. Six Reviews Garden sheds perform some-more than than ampere practical duty they emanate as good as grass tractor strew designs conclude space particularise a grassed area spaces as good as punctuate a extraordinary gardening.

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shed kits alaska quotes

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