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Modern-Sheds are not really restricted in size, however, we categorize them as Small, Medium and Large where a structure which is 8’ in depth (front to back) is “small”.
Requiring a bit larger space -- for an art studio, large office, home gym, man cave or diva den or guest studio?
The climate in poultry houses influences the wellbeing and health of humans as well as the birds. House climate can be influenced by insulation of roof, walls and floor, ventilation, heating, cooling and lighting. The comfort zone is defined as the temperature zone in which the birds are able to keep their body temperature constant with minimum effort.
The thermoneutral zone is defined as the temperature zone in which the birds are able to keep their body temperature constant with the help of physical heat regulation . When temperatures are not within the comfort zone, birds have several mechanisms which enable them to keep their body temperature constant without having to produce extra heat.
Tissue insulation – if birds have a layer of subcutaneous fat, they can afford to let their skin temperature drop.
Feathers – feathers have an insulating effect and decrease the amount of heat that is lost to the environment.
Changing body position and huddling – birds can effectively regulate heat loss through body position. Vaporisation of water – if temperatures are high, or extremely high, sensible heat loss is minimized and almost all heat will have to be lost as insensible (latent) heat. Flow of blood through skin and mucous membranes – the flow of blood to the skin and mucous membranes can be controlled through the contraction and widening of blood vessels.
Another way in which poultry can regulate their body temperature is chemical heat regulation. The best instrument for measuring temperature is the animal itself. Assessing the temperature by observing the birds themselves should only be done when the animals are at rest, not when they are active or eating. The temperature in a house is not uniform and therefore, there are several places where the sensor should not be placed (i.e.
Note: These temperatures are recommended temperatures and should be adapted to local situations as necessary. Maximum humidity = maximum grams of moisture that can be present in 1 m3 of air at a given temperature.
Relative humidity = the relationship between the moisture content of the air and the maximum moisture content at the current air temperature expressed in percentages. Relative humidity in poultry houses is measured to determine whether respiratory disorders are due to too high or too low relative humidity. Humidity is controlled by the intense heating or cooling of house air in response to the temperature outside the house. The most important components of air are nitrogen (N2, approximately 79%) and oxygen (O2, 20.3%).
Carbon dioxide (CO2) – The carbon dioxide in poultry houses largely originates from air exhaled by the birds. Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) – H2S is released when organic matter (protein) in the manure decomposes. Dust is harmful to the health of humans and animals and has a negative influence on the house climate. Whether or not birds are comfortable is very much influenced by air velocity and air temperature. The air movement pattern within a house is easier to control in this way as the influence of air velocity and outside temperature are less. This illustration shows the disk of our Milky Way galaxy, surrounded by a faint, extended halo of old stars. A team of astronomers used Hubble to precisely measure the sideways motions of a small sample of stars located far from the galaxy’s center, shedding new light on the evolution of the Milky Way. Peering deep into the vast stellar halo that envelops our Milky Way galaxy, astronomers using NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope have uncovered tantalizing evidence for the possible existence of a shell of stars that are a relic of cannibalism by our Milky Way. Hubble was used to precisely measure, for the first time ever, the sideways motions of a small sample of stars located far from the galaxy’s center.
A team of astronomers led by Alis Deason of the University of California, Santa Cruz, and van der Marel identified 13 stars located roughly 80,000 light-years from the galaxy’s center. The team was surprised to find that the stars showed more of a sideways, or tangential, amount of motion than they expected.
Deason and her team plucked the outer halo stars out of seven years’ worth of archival Hubble telescope observations of our neighboring Andromeda galaxy. The astronomers identified the stars based on their colors, brightnesses, and sideways motions. The team compared their results with data of halo stars recorded in the Sloan Digital Sky Survey. Shells of stars have been seen in the halos of some galaxies, and astronomers predicted that the Milky Way may contain them, too. Encouraged by this study, the team hopes to search for more distant halo stars in the Hubble archive.
Much more modern than most of the Any ideas on how to make the plans adapt to more traditional shape? A clearinghouse for information on backyard cottages (detached adu's) and small house design. In her new book, Micro-Green: Tiny Houses in Nature, Mimi “Flake House” Dwell meets Abe Lincoln in this our earth-friendly automatic renewal savings plan. Email; Below you’ll find an abbreviated directory of some of the best small, tiny, little, miniature, and micro home plans available. Ct-103 Micro Cottage Instant Download Everything you book cottage is the perfect tiny get-away or guest house Shows all floor plans with key dimensions. David is a wonderful person to work with,he is always very responsive to our request and is prompt on delivery.We reccomend him anytime. David is an outstanding owner who is very responsible, Knowledgeable, and prompt in responding to customers. I highly recommend David from Deep Blue Smarthouse for people looking for steel framed housing solutions that can be shipped anywhere in the world. DeepBlue shed is manufactured from the finest grade Australian steel products with steel sheet cladding for added strength and durability. Mapping the entire Mariana Trench – approximately 400,000 square kilometers -- from August through October 2010, the researchers discovered four bridges spanning the trench and rising as high as 2,500 meters above its floor.

The ridges are being formed as the 180-million-year-old Pacific and far younger Philippine tectonic plates collide. Multibeam echo sounders measure depth by sending sound energy to the ocean floor then analyzing the returning signal.
This mission to the Mariana Trench, the third and fourth cruises to that area by UNH scientists, was undertaken to gather data that can be used to support an extended continental shelf (ECS) under Article 76 of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS). The University of New Hampshire, founded in 1866, is a world-class public research university with the feel of a New England liberal arts college. Perspective view of bathymetry looking at the guyots and ridge approaching the Mariana Trench. Perspective view of bathymetry of Dutton Ridge as it is being subducted into the Mariana Trench.
Copyright © 2011 - UNH Media Relations, 15 Strafford Ave, University of New Hampshire, Durham, NH 03824.
Artists, whether professional or hobbyists, encompassing all aspects of art such as painting, photography, sewing or music usually desire a space they can “get messy” in and don’t have to worry about cleaning up and all have smells and or sounds which may be undesirable, at least at times, within the home itself.
Respiratory, digestive and behavioural disorders are more likely to occur in houses in which the climatic conditions are not up to standard. The climate directly surrounding the birds is called the micro-climate (for example, chickens in a brooding ring). This temperature zone depends on feeding level and housing conditions of the birds and other factors.
Only if the animals are fed properly can they deposit a subcutaneous fat layer when temperature decreases.
Latent heat loss is the heat lost from the body through the elimination of respiratory moisture. Such a measurement can give a lot of useful information and is not expensive or hard to do. Measuring the moisture content in the air may be useful, however there are higher relative costs involved in the measurement of the humidity compared to measurement of temperature alone. Due to this, the moisture content of air is not commonly measured.
When outside temperatures are low, relative humidity in the house is low, which often results in dry dust circulating in the air within the house. In addition to these main components there are several other gasses such as carbon dioxide (CO2), and water (H2O).
It is the result of incomplete combustion due to a lack of oxygen (O2) in gas heaters (clean filters).
The functioning of equipment may also be seriously hampered by dust, including heating, lighting, and ventilation, and dust has also been shown to carry micro-organisms. The dust in poultry houses mainly consists of skin particles, feathers, feed particles, litter and dried manure.
It can be measured in many different ways, however the processes are cumbersome and often require a multiple pieces of equipment as it is not known what is being carried in the dust each time the measurement is taken. It is currently difficult to give practical advice on how to measure the amount of dust, and what to measure for.
These include temperature, relative humidity, type and age of the animals, type of litter used, feeding system, hygiene, etc.
It is not possible to give rules for the air movement pattern within a house because the air movement patterns depend on the ventilation within a house, the house width, the slope of the roof and the way the house is organized. The air movement pattern within a house can be made visible by using a smoke generator or smoke powder.
Astronomers using the Hubble Space Telescope to observe the nearby Andromeda galaxy serendipitously identified a dozen foreground stars in the Milky Way halo. Their unusual lateral motion is circumstantial evidence that the stars may be the remnants of a shredded galaxy that was gravitationally ripped apart by the Milky Way billions of years ago.
They lie in the Milky Way’s outer halo of ancient stars that date back to the formation of our galaxy. This movement is different from what astronomers know about the halo stars near the Sun, which move predominantly in radial orbits.
In those observations, Hubble peered through the Milky Way’s halo to study the Andromeda stars, which are more than 20 times farther away. The halo stars appear to move faster than the Andromeda stars because they are so much closer.
When the team compared the tangential motion of the outer halo stars with their radial motion, they were very surprised to find that the two were equal.
Those observations uncovered a higher density of stars at about the same distance as the 13 outer halo stars in their Hubble study. By knowing the orbits and motions of many halo stars it will also be possible to calculate an accurate mass for the galaxy. Deason (University of California, Santa Cruz), et al., accepted for publication in ApJ, 2013 (PDF document).
Sources for a small house plan The small house plans featured here are from 500 to 1,500 square feet. IMO, the greatest value of sub-micro house designs is to provide design concepts that Like the other visitors I would like to see people living in it and a floor plan.
The best collection of house plans, home plans, and home designs from top architects and designers. All shed designs are fully engineered in accordance with the Standards Association of Australian building codes and are supplied with documentation to simplify building approval. Arrow points to circle that identifies the location of the deepest sounding in the trench (10,994 meters).
While satellite images had suggested the trench might be spanned by one such ridge, Gardner says the mapping mission confirmed the existence of four such features.
A land, sea, and space-grant university, UNH is the state's flagship public institution, enrolling 12,200 undergraduate and 2,300 graduate students. Arrow points to circle that identifies the location of the deepest sounding in the trench (10,994 meters).
Behaviour of birds will change when temperatures rise to above the comfort zone as they will start to pant and change their body position.
The lowest temperature in the thermoneutral zone is called the lowest critical temperature (LCT). In hot weather, on the other hand, the birds increase their body surface as much as possible. Furthermore, the location of the air inlet and heating equipment is important in determining the best position for the temperature sensor. It is best to place it as close to the animals as possible and in such a way that the fresh air passes the sensor before it reaches the animals. The device consists of a pump and its most important components are the tubes which are necessary to determine the gas content. Proper maintenance of poultry houses and regular cleaning creates more comfortable conditions for animals and better working conditions for humans.

They measured the first sideways motions (represented by the arrows) for such distant halo stars.
These stars support the idea that the Milky Way grew, in part, through the accretion of smaller galaxies.
Objects in the outer regions still bear the signatures of events that happened long ago,” said Roeland van der Marel of the Space Telescope Science Institute (STScI) in Baltimore, Maryland. The Milky Way’s halo stars were in the foreground and considered as clutter for the study of Andromeda.
Team member Sangmo Tony Sohn of STScI identified the halo stars and measured both the amount and direction of their slight sideways motion.
Computer simulations of galaxy formation normally show an increasing tendency towards radial motion if one moves further out in the halo.
The halo stars in our galaxy are hard to see because they are dim and spread across the sky. As seamounts on the Pacific plate are pulled beneath the Philippine plate, they are compacted against the wall of the trench, forming these ridges.
He surmises that the bridges are related to earthquake subduction zones, such as the one that caused the March 2011 earthquake in Japan. The majority of our small structures are used for storage space or small personal space such as a small home office, art or craft room or meditation-yoga studio. Modern-Shed can provide the complete shell – fully insulated with finished ceiling and walls.
It is possible that the climate in the house is acceptable but the climate at bird level is unsuitable. Body temperature is kept quite constant and is regulated by part of the chicken brain (the hypophyge). When temperatures are below the comfort zone birds will also change their body position and huddle together.
If temperatures fall to under this temperature the bird will start to use feed energy to warm itself (i.e. The ammonia content of the poultry house air depends on ventilation, temperature, relative humidity and stocking density. Even low concentrations of hydrogen sulphide in the air can be fatal for humans and animals. The tubes are filled with a chemical substance that changes colour when air which contains the gas being measured passes through it. If house temperatures are low, the animals experience higher air velocities as a (severe) draft which can lead to disease. The motions indicate the possible presence of a shell in the halo, which may have formed from the accretion of a dwarf galaxy.
The stars’ tangential motion can be explained if there is an over-density of stars at 80,000 light-years, like cars backing up on an expressway.
The stars move on the sky only about one milliarcsecond a year, which would be like watching a golf ball on the Moon moving one foot per month. The tangential motion will allow us to better measure the total mass distribution of the galaxy, which is dominated by dark matter. The younger the animals are or the higher their production level, the more sensitive they become to the climatic conditions in the house. For example CO2 is a heavy gas and CO2 levels at bird level can be much higher than at 2 m height. This is why it is important to ventilate at maximum capacity while stirring or removing the manure. This observation supports the view that the Milky Way has undergone continuing growth and evolution over its lifetime by consuming smaller galaxies. The observations offered a unique opportunity to look at the motion of Milky Way halo stars.
Nonetheless, this was measured with 5 percent precision, made possible in visible-light observations because of Hubble’s razor-sharp view and instrument consistency. The existence of a shell structure in the Milky Way halo is one plausible explanation of the researchers’ findings. By studying the mass distribution, we can see whether it follows the same distribution as predicted in theories of structure formation,” Deason said.
Utilizing a Modern-Shed for personal space does not usurp the use of the family garage either. Climate can be defined as the sum of environmental factors which influence the functioning of man and animal. Contraction and widening of blood vessels and the speed of respiration influence heat emission and retention which consequently influence the body temperature. The highest temperature in the thermoneutral zone is called the highest critical temperature (HCT). Coast Guard, Department of Energy, National Science Foundation, Environmental Protection Agency, Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, the Arctic Research Commission, and the Executive Office of the President.
A Modern-Exercise room or gym can provide a workout space where you can blare music if you desire without bothering anyone else in the home. The use of brooding rings means that the temperature of the house can be lower as long as the temperature at chicken level (under the brooder) is correct.
It takes some time before heat regulating mechanisms start functioning in newborn animals and therefore they need a higher ambient temperature than adult animals do.
If the temperature rises above this temperature the birds can no longer dissipate their heat.
This is consistent with a picture in which the Milky Way has undergone continuing evolution over its lifetime due to the accretion of satellite galaxies. Modern-Sheds can be customized with higher ceilings or more insulation and as few or as many windows or doors as you want.
Furthermore, the ratio between the surface area and weight of young animals is unfavourable and they do not have any fat reserves. Photographers, artists, corporate heads, you name it, realize that working from a home office contributes to their lives significantly. This size also makes a great yoga studio, meditation room and is the perfect size for just getting away into your personal space.

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