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Yet even the low clearance roll-up overhead doors can't match the headroom of the old tilt up. Note we want automatic opening, so we can slide right in with bikes (we do all shopping and much travel by bike). Note: There's a hole in the floor that implies the original 1938 door swung out, but now the driveway slope appears to preclude swing out, at least without grinding away some material.
Update: the ceiling is lathe and plaster directly on the joists, which run parallel to the door opening. As long as your door is structurally sound (no rotting or broken framing pieces) and moves up and down smoothly, you CAN put an opener on this kind of door. Honestly, for your situation, your type of door is the best type to have, as it requires little to no extra headroom.
If you want to refit the door, honestly, your best bet is to talk to a company in western Europe, like the UK, Germany, or Italy, to see about buying the hardware you need. For an opener, you may need to actually mount it back farther in the garage to get the operating clearance you'll need to make everything run smoothly.
Your measurements and your pictures don't appear to agree, or imply that you are taking an "opening" measurement to something that's not actually open - there appears to be ~2 inches above your door, on the inside shot.

As far as I recall, the best I could find 10 years ago was 7 inches above door opening for the "special low-rise door track" - fortunately, I was shopping at building design time, so I just raised the wall height to get something that worked. Edit: Responding to comment: is there some additional aspect going on here, like the garage door company trying to sell you an opener (how they love to sell openers) as well, which is adding 3" to the low rise? Not the answer you're looking for?Browse other questions tagged garage-door or ask your own question. Why do the cameras Canon 1Dx, Nikon D4, Nikon D5 have a different form factor than other DSLRs? Storage shed door sales, installation and shed door repair by Fimbel Paunet Corporation in New Hampshire. Barn Style Country Garage Plans and Kits Build a great barn and roofing and carriage house style overhead garage doors. Price and information for overhead doors, garage doors, commercial overhead doors, residential overhead doors, torsion springs, overhead door track.
Get friendly with a local door company, not a chain company, and see if they could come up with some used track or hardware (whatever is causing you problems) from a door they take out. I do still remove them from time to time, but in the last year, I've only removed 4 of this type of door.
There are some companies that sell this hardware online, but you'll need to contact them first to arrange the international shipping.

If you have to mount it back so far that the two parts of the door arm can't connect, you can make an extension with some thick wall metal electrical conduit. You might be able to simply lower the opening, without really "losing" anything (or much) over what you have now, counting the door hanging there.
Add a few inches at the front in the space above, and you might get there if you opened the ceiling up. Building a shed door is a good Installing an overhead garage door is like assembling toys at Christmastime.
Great for that riding to get into and out of your storage shed, give a hard look at smaller overhead garage doors.. Barn Doors, Barn Restoration, Sliding Doors Vertically Lifted Overhead Garage Doors, Customer Design his building, he included in the plans these custom doors.
That should be an easy adjustment if the garage is deep enough to run the door further back on the horizontal track. The actual lip of the opening should be the low point, and 7" above that should clear the mechanism, so 75 inches should be achievable.

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