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Have you heard of anyone who has tried this "stepped" ladder pad idea?  I would appreciate comments on it if anyone has any thoughts or experiences.
Sometimes, depending on the level grade and size of your property, as well as the composition of the soil, we may need to do some site preparation. Gravel - We often suggest a level crushed stone pad made up of either Quarry-Process commonly known as QP or Crushed Recycled Concrete. Please consult with us before you make alternate arrangements outside of these guidelines. Pouring concrete is on the cusp of what many do-it-yourselfers will tackle, but with the right preparations and knowledge you can really build something worthwhile. Pouring a shed pad is a great solution for sheds that will be built or delivered onto relatively level ground. It’s important to get the OK from any homeowners association, and, if necessary, obtain a permit. This shed will be placed on the property line and we used a laser distance measurer to ensure we had the right distance from the house. Regardless, we removed the top layer of earth to get down to more solid ground and ensure the top of our form would sit at least 1″ above ground. You can purchase kits to make your concrete form, but we choose to stick build it from 2 x 6 boards. Gravel is useful for areas with poor drainage because it allows water to run through without eroding the soil. Reinforcing bar (rebar) are ribbed steel bars used to provide tensile strength to concrete. Concrete gains strength through the chemical process of hydration as water combines with the Portland cement. As we dumped each batch, two people would use a shovel and garden rack to spread the concrete throughout the form and into the corners.
Next, we cut all the wooden stakes so that they didn’t extend over the top of the form.
Our pad is for a shed so we didn’t much care what the surface looked like after it cured. Subscribe and never miss an article!Free articles delivered conveniently to your inbox(and no spam, we promise)Enjoy this? Portal frame construction is typically seen in sheds, garages, warehouses, barns and other places where large, open spaces are required at a low cost and a pitched roof is acceptable or desired. Portal frames can be clad with all sorts of material, the most popular being metal cladding like Colorbond or Zincalume. Generally portal frames consist of 2 Columns, 2 Rafters, 2 Knee plates, 2 footing brackets and an Apex plate. You can purchase the components to build Portal Frames here, online, and have them delivered to you Australia wide.

This entry was posted in Shed Building, Shed Components, Shed Construction, Shed Gear, Sheds garages carports and tagged apex, build shed portal frames, buy shed brackets, cee, knee, portal frames, shed, steel. We want you to be completely satisfied that you’re your new shed will rest properly on the ground and remain stable for many years to come.
Ask about the advantages of either one of those products over other products that are available. This is the least expensive site prep cost for sheds of 100 square feet or less in most towns. This is the most expensive form of site prep and in certain cases it is the only way to do the job properly.
It’s not an overly difficult project, especially when you enlist a handful of friends to help. For installations on sloped ground, you’ll need to get more creative with a shed foundation designed for slopes and hills.
We went about getting approval from the HOA architectural committee and the adjacent neighbors.
We waited for spring to arrive and ground temperatures to rise well above freezing before starting.
We dug deep enough to account for a few inches of gravel and to ensure the slab was 4″ thick.
The easiest way to accomplish this is to measure the distance on the diagonal (from one corner to the opposite). We put down a couple inches of all-purpose gravel being mindful to maintain the 4″ minimum concrete depth. We used a 12′ screed board to strike off the concrete level with the top of our form, making several passes. If you’re pouring a stoop, steps or anything else that will be visible, consider using a trowel, float or brush to finish the surface.
We mentioned earlier that it’s important to prevent concrete from drying too quickly as that results in a poor bond. It sounds like you’ve got some experience with all this, and we always appreciate good reader insight.
For a slab this size, another good way to keep moisture in while it cures is just to drape plastic over it. Got a question on your own project?Ask your question in our Home Improvement Help Forums.Otherwise, leave a note here! We follow pro remodelers as they tackle tough renovations, developing step-by-step guides based on their real-life experiences.
The Roof and wall sheeting are fixed to Battens or Girts that are placed between the Portal Frames. These components are fastened together with either nuts and bolts or tek screws, usually depending on the size, design or engineering requirments of the shed and the windspeeds and location of your building.An integral part of your Portal Column is the method that is used to fix the building down.

Depending on the shed brand and the engineering requirements for the building they are fastened with either nuts and bolts or self drilling metal screws. A level crushed stone pad will also extend the life of your building and meet most town requirements for sheds over 100 square feet in size and less than 200 square feet. This alternative method for supporting a shed uses post-and-beam construction over poured concrete footers to achieve a level surface for the shed. Do yourself a favor and avoid big slopes that will require lots of digging and more concrete. Concrete can be successfully poured in colder temperatures but you need to use warm water and insulated blankets to ensure the concrete cures properly.
We ended up shuffling the dirt around a bit more than necessary because we dug too deep in certain places. Make sure you get good, straight lumber and keep in mind that the inside measurement is what matters. It takes some back-and-forth to make sure they measure the same but this is very important. A brush finish provides texture and is ideal for steps or other areas that will be slippery when wet. There are a couple different methods for curing concrete, and we choose to periodically mist the slab with water over the next few days. Even the number of bolts securing knee and apex plates to columns and rafters varies from brand to brand.
Call at least 48 hours prior to the start of your project, and they will come out and mark any buried power, communication, gas and water lines. The loppers came in handy for cutting tree roots and the garden hoe for cutting in the edges.
Cast in slab brackets , straps or bolts are generally considered the most effective method to fix your shed down. QUICKRETE also has a useful calculator to determine how many bags of concrete you’ll need. Troweling takes place after the surface moisture has evaporated, and the concrete has lost its sheen.
The mixer was worthwhile because it eliminated un-mixed pockets of concrete and helped us work faster.
Once everything is square and level, introduce a slight slope to allow water to run downhill.

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