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Peek through papyrus and verbena bonariensis at this natural stone fire ring and the Mediterranean planting that surrounds it. The chapel, brick walkway, stone patios and rear garden gates in mahogany (tractor shed is off to the right).
Marmont Hill, "Subway Girl and Easter Lily" by George Hughes Print on Canvasby Marmont Hill Inc.
This ready to hang, matted framed art piece features an image of New York City buildings with signage for a subway station.
Go big with shipping containers - Shipping containers make for great storage where space permits, whether you need a mini cube or something of epic proportions. This renovated garage has so much to offer, that it resembles in functionality with a common all-equipped apartment.

Bordered by oak-covered hillsides and a nearby stream, we worked to blend this landscape into its natural surroundings. The stone and stucco house, reminiscent of rustic stone homes from the south of France, looks out onto the pool and yard on one side and inward to an enclosed courtyard on the other.
Royal Wolf specialises in containers of all sizes, which can be turned into practical storage, especially for those occasional-use or seasonal items, such as extra outdoor chairs for parties, garden umbrellas and sun lounges.Photo of an industrial detached shed. Hea€™s a big fan of motorbikes and thought the containersa€™ industrial look would make the perfect garage for his collection.Inspiration for a contemporary garage.
The team that did the conversion made sure the garage function was kept and so they came up with a lot of ingenious solutions for storage.
Bookshelves can be found all around this modern space, as a cool and subtle system of shelving was also implemented.

If you take a closer look, you will notice that this place is not just functional, but also aesthetic, which completely redefines the idea of living in a garage. Just shows what a bit of imagination and ingenuity can do for a space like this.wendy-liondanceLove this kind of loft house!Pingback: ??????

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shed remodel ideas pinterest

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