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From our first meeting Nancy took our ideas and ran with them and made our dream a reality. Do you ever go thru spells where you feel you just can’t get anybody to do anything, no matter how much you pay them?
At The Porch Company, every job we do is completely unique to each home and to each owner’s tastes and preference. To see a page from one of our favorite books that illustrates the different roof lines, click here.
Here is a collection of roof pictures to illustrate roof options for your Nashville-area screened porch.
The Porch Company is a full service design and build construction company specializing in porches. Subscribe To Our Newsletter!Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from the HomeTips team. If you’re adding an overhead to an existing deck, you can bolt the posts to the substructure of the deck, placing them directly above or adjacent to the deck posts. It is convenient to keep a day or two’s worth of firewood and kindling near your fire source. You also have a few options on how to transport your firewood from outside to inside your home.
In the end, you should choose a firewood storage solution that is based on your needs and abilities. It was a pleasure to work with the construction crews and they were always courteous of our family and respectful of our home.

Well, doing business with the Porch Company will restore your faith in mankind and in the concept that some people will do what they say they will do, when they said they would do it. I love my porch and I so appreciate the talent of every team member who helped to create it! While the home’s primary roof is a more steeply pitched hip roof, the porch roof does not need to be the same pitch. You can see the roofline is continued from the house seamlessly to the attached porch to make it look original to the home. The posts support beams and rafters.If the overhead is attached to the house, the ledger takes the place of a beam, supporting the rafters directly.
Open sides or slatted sides provide air circulation which is especially important if your wood still needs to season.
We have built homes and had other building projects in the past and we have never had one go as smoothly and turn out as beautifully as this one. Two of the most significant factors include the back-of-home configuration and the roof style(s) that exist on the home. This roof pitch and style compliments the home and allows the owners to enjoy the sound of the rain while on their open porch.
In order not to obstruct or minimize the view from the upstairs windows, we used a flat roof.
Having my screened porch built is the best thing I’ve ever done, (to my house), and I can’t say enough good things about the Porch Company. In a two-story home, the second story window configuration will often limit the roof style options.

An alternative roof line would have been a shed roof which would have sloped downward toward the door making the roof lower than we would have liked. Still others—glass, steel, built-up, and tile—are best left to professionals.The illustrations below show several types of patio roofs and two methods of building a gazebo roof—one with open sheathing, the other with solid sheathing.
Not only did they build a better product than we had anticipated, but they also did it in less time and with less inconvenience than we ever could have imagined. If there are many second story windows, we don’t want to obstruct those windows so we will use a roof style that accomplishes that objective. With the roof sloping in multiple directions, it’s more protective and sheltering from the rain. By going with the flat roof, the inside of the porch has volume and the view is not obstructed from the upstairs windows. It has a nearly imperceptible slope that allows water to drain properly so water will not pool on the roof.
Another important factor determining what roof style for a new porch is the roof style(s) that exist on the home. If you want to add something to your home that will make it better place to live, add value, and actually be a happy experience WHILE IT’S BEING BUILT, call The Porch Company.

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