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ModCab homes feature a structural insulated panel (SIP) shell as well as our standard level of interior finish. Our structural shell is pre-cut off site with state of the art technology and labeled for an efficient build at the site by a licensed contractor. Like all ModCabs, the 1366 is the result of much research and an extensive homeowner survey.
FabCab homes are designed with high-quality and eco-friendly products and materials, and incorporate Universal Design principles at every opportunity. Note: Construction estimate pricing is based on Pacific NW labor rates and easily accessible flat land. Gable – A gable roof is a simple triangular roof design that consists of two sloping sides that come together at a ridge. Advantage: The gable roof design is easy to construct and is often used in areas with high rain and snow loads because its sloping sides lend to easy run-off. Disadvantage: Due to its simple construction, the gable roof can be more susceptible to damage from high winds. Hip – Unlike the gable roof, the hipped roof will slope down from a ridge point to the eaves on all sides of the home.
Advantage: Hip roofs too are a great style for snow and rain run-off, while also allowing for large eaves on the home. Disadvantage:Due to their generally shallow slopes, accessing them for maintenance or for additional interior roof space is often difficult. Shed—Similar to the gable roof, the shed roof features a single sloping plane without ridges or valleys. Advantage: Probably the easiest to construct, this roof is great for skylights, but can also protect the interior from excessive sunlight at certain times of day if necessary. Disadvantage:Due to its simple design, it’s not as equipped for proper drainage like other styles. Gambrel – Often seen in barn-style designs, the gambrel roof breaks each sloping section of the roof into two parts—a shallow one closer to the eaves, and one that drops down steeply.
Advantage: Due to its bell shape, this style offers the maximum use of space under the roof. Disadvantage:Because of the two-part planes of its design, the Gambrel roof is not ideal for the pressure of heavy snowfall.
Eaves – Eaves are located at the edges of a roof and usually project out from the body of the home to offer added protection from the elements. Ridges – In contrast to a valley, a ridge is generally located in the center of the roof or where two planes slope up and meet at a horizontal point. The second plan in our Mountain Modern series is the River Run, an exciting, single level timber frame floor plan concept. The timber frame plan’s exterior features two vaulted roof sections that meet above the great room, creating an asymmetrical butterfly shape from the side elevation. Was your new year’s resolution to take the next step in your custom log home or timber home project? Regardless of what stage your project is in, you can find valuable information and inspiration in Rustic Architecture and Elegant Wood Homes.
In the Spring 2015 issue of Rustic Architecture you’ll gain access to exclusive photos of a rustic handcrafted log cabin, a hybrid log and timber weekend retreat and an Asian inspired timber frame home.  Additional articles include details about setting a budget, ways to make your new home look aged, and outdoor kitchen layouts. This Adirondack-inspired design forgoes the prow of traditional log homes in lieu of impressive clerestory windows inside crossing log beams and matching dormers on each side. The Rimrock’s layout has a grand entrance through a porte-cochere into a large foyer that flows to the great room.

The Log Home Floor Plan Blog is proudly powered by WordPressEntries (RSS) and Comments (RSS). Here are pics of a storage building that I built for our local CNH dealer to store combines and hay balers in.
Not in snow country.In snow country, you space the poles and the trusses the same distance apart. Well from the early look of things I can go to trusses and I knew middle poles would be a pain. I can't imagine a 30'x 60' roof being open on both long sides and having enough bracing for snow and wind.
I built mine 24 deep and 32 wide used 26' long metal roof mine is 16' front and 8' in the back,used 1" randum width rough cut hard wood for the sides used 2X12X16' for front middle and end then set the posts on concrete pillars from Home depot (the ground was all shale rock) if the building is side or back to the wind and FULL no fear of lifting the price was $3100 total and is built to add more later. You need to contact your local building department and see what their requirements are first.
You'd be better with a set of trusses- you can make them easily enough yourself if you set up a jig for them- and go up to AB Martins and get some tin for a roof. Was looking at either the conventional 16" or 24" Probably run furring strips over the top. Using #2 Spruce-Pine-Fir and a Ground Snow Load of 30psf No ceiling with a Dead Load = 10psf 2X8 are good for a span of 15'1" at 16 on center. Angstrom shed house contrive may experience multiple roof planes to each one slanted ampere unlike direction shed roof house floor plans. Quartet days ago Shed home In the 1960s and 1970s wide-eyed streamlined throw off house plans feature multiple half gable roofs sloping inward unlike directions delighting.
It is sized to meet maximum accessory dwelling unit (ADU) size requirements in many jurisdictions, including Seattle. Pricing does not include shipping or any applicable sales tax, and should be considered a starting point for budgetary purposes only.
You’ve even researched just about everything, from the layout, to your flooring options, down to the bathroom hardware.
It is a very French inspired roof design and can also be called a pyramid or pavilion roof.
This feature usually has its own roof, which can vary in style itself—gable, shed, or eyebrow. Inside, 2,618 square feet are divided between the kitchen, dining and great room space and two bedroom wings on either side of the main corridor.
This 3,516 square foot plan includes spacious open living areas, 3 bedrooms, and a master suite with deck access.
The luxury master suite includes a fireplace and upstairs are two additional bedrooms, each with their own bath. If they cant previde the engineer then go to your local building inspector and he can give you the required material minimums.
They will be able to tell you the loads, the framing requirements and the bracing requirements for your current design.If I were to build a shed for my toys I would sit down and run the calculations before building.
Fuller, Why don't you make it 15 or 16' high and put a gable roof on it , then you won't need any center posts. Also we are going to be getting a backhoe soon and what to be able to store the boom under roof. They feature multiple roofs sloping inwards different directions which creates style including Ranch Split Level and Contemporary house plans drop homes were.

Download our ModCab Introduction Packet and learn about the materials and finishes we offer. It is ideal for urban in-fill lots as well as a rural vacation cabin, and everything in between. The rectangular floorplan is ideal for urban lots as well as rural acreage, and everything in between. But even the most thought out design would not be complete or protected without the right roof to cap it off. The design also includes a two car garage, mudroom and two back porches with timber pergolas. Most real lumber yards include the truss design at no cost when you buy them and that may be a cheaper way to go because there will be no need for all those footings for all the center posts.
I Planned to run 2x10s doubled up across the front spans then run 2x8's to the next center posts. The choice of roof alternatives allows you to easily configure your home to your site and your family’s needs. Good luck, we have lots of these type building in my area storing hay and straw bales in different sizes. The front poles are 8X8 laminated posts and the 32' 16" microlams are also "let in" and thru bolted to the posts, 16'oc. Here where I live your 6x6 poles would not handle either the wind load on that tall a building, nor the snow load on that big a roof. You can get 30 foot span for about 250 each and you space them 10 to 12 foot apart so you only need 6 to 7 of them to cover 60 feet. Axerophthol cast off style domicile leave usually have a steeply pitched roof that can conciliate solar panels if sited on a South facing If built Hoosier State conjunction with wide. The open floor plan, vaulted ceilings, and careful material choices exude a spaciousness that belies the small footprint of this home.
The open floor plan, careful choice of specified finishes and materials, and commitment to aging-in-place principles all make the 1366 feel larger than it really is. Stick built 2 foot spacing takes more nails and labor, but is easier to finish out.A pole building goes up quicker and only a tiny bit of wood savings. I am in SW PA so we have some decent snow loads and some wind but this is out of most of the winds way.
Angstrom unit cast cap slopes in entirely ace direction with no William Clark Gable peak shed roof house floor plans. Any way I plan to make the span from front to back 15 feet then center pole then the other 15 feet back. It gets pretty windy here, at times, and the concrete not only provides needed height, but also weighs them down, and makes them sturdy.
My posts will be 6x4 running up and my trusses will be made of 2x8s will this be sufficient to support my buildings.

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