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We currently have a fault with our phone lines, we apologise for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience. Our professional installation team are on hand to build your new garden shed for you whilst you sit back and relax.We aim to install your new garden product within seven working days after you receive delivery.
A stunning metal topped planter that adds style to your garden50x50cm size - ideal for gardens of all sizesIt has been manufactured from pressure treated timber and carries a 15 year guarantee against rot and decayThe metal top is guaranteed against rust for 10 years. Disclaimer: All specification data is provided in good faith and is subject to manufacturer change without notice. A beautifully stylish and elegant structure, with it's unusual pentagon design, our gorgeous Berkshire Thatcham 34mm log cabins are the perfect way to enhance any garden or outdoor space. This inviting 26 acre property is surrounded by conserved land and is in complete privacy and solitude where only the sounds of nature can be heard and peace and quiet abound.
Our Sudbury corner summerhouse would fit snugly and make a feature of a disused corner of your garden.

We cover Norfolk, Cambridge, Bedford, Warwick, Oxford, Kent, Greater London, Sussex, Surrey, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Somerset, Berkshire, Gloucestershire, Devon and Cornwall. Please contact us for advice and confirmation should any value be of essence to your purchase.
It also has the additional added benefit of a discrete hidden side storage area.Large double glazed doors and two large double glazed windows allow for a very light, airy and spacious environment to be created. The main house was built in 1995 though from the outside it looks more like the 1700’s antique cape with its steep pitched roof, 12×12 windows and plank door. The very large 7 metres square space gives you plenty of entertaining space for al fresco dining or entertaining. With easy access due to the double opening doors, this space is ideal for use as a garden office or summerhouse. The driveway splits the main house from the barn and Guest House with fenced paddocks on both sides of the drive.

The opening windows allow the air to circulate during the warmer months whilst the double glazing that is supplied as standard, is ideal for helping to retain the heat during the cooler months.
The English barn was built more recently and has 3 stalls and a tack room, the Guest House was the 2-car garage and is now a great 1-bedroom abode, complete with small kitchen, bedroom upstairs and an open floor plan on the first floor.
The summer house is made from dip treated shiplap timber which comes with a 10 year anti-rot guarantee.

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shed sale berkshire lakes

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