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Dedicated Vespa and Lambretta scooterists travel the length and breadth of the UK on their classic Vespas and Lambrettas to highly organised national scooter rallies and events.
The British Scooter Rally Association (BSRA), VFM, individual clubs and scooter alliances all help towards organising theIr own annual national events, and this page helps to advertise their flyers and information. Rhyl Rally this year is 11-12-13 Sept and it's back to good old pay on the door fiver a night.

Cheshire wrote:For an introduction, I figured I'd start with a picture on the day I brought her home. If you were ever wondering how a bronze GTS looks with black semi-matt rims, here's the answer.
We live just north of Toronto in the province of Ontario in Canada Spring is finally starting here.

Clubs and individuals have attended scooter rallies for decades - and the ongoing tradition is still as strong today, with thousands attending each rally every year.

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shed scooter rally 2013 video

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