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The truth is, if ever anyone wanted a signpost put up outside the club telling each and all exactly what this club is about, it was hammered into the sodden earth outside Elland Road today: ‘Everything Must Go!! Today there has been the general chorus of refusing to renew season tickets, and walking away from the club after supporting it for 10, 20, 30, 40, even 50 years in some cases. Other’s want to up the game and send a message to Bates, with talk of a rally before the match against Ipswich.
Just like those Americans who took to the streets in the States when news got out that Osama Bin Laden had been killed, it is not a pleasant spectacle, however understandable it may be.
So the mind, when cornered, considers the macabre with a little more titilation than it usually does.
The recent release of the film, The Iron Lady, has stirred up resentment amongst quite a few, especially in the North and Scotland, towards Margaret Thatcher. All I know is that the only reason he left Chelsea was because of financial trouble, so the only exit I can see is to stop funding him. Finally, one critical reading regarding Osama Bin Laden: I never compared Ken Bates to Osama Bin Laden. Ken Bates presided over the lowest league position in almost 80 years and brought us into administration, broke god knows how many regulations. Could we not start a House of Commons e-petition demanding that the Inland Revenue begin a thorough investigation into all things Bates. If every Leeds fan visiting Elland Road on saturday chipped in a couple of quid we could hire a hitman!
The problem we have I thinkis that the Bates desciples are already gathering behind their messiah…belittling Howsons contribution in preparation for Bates vile insults which will surely follow Howsons eventual departure. This of course is the problem , the support is divided.The club is divided, The sensible , who know exactly what Bates is and the stupid who still cannot see it.
But now I have grieved the loss and come to terms with it, I still want Bates to FUCK OFF and the sooner the better, but my anger is also to those annoying Bastards from East Anglia.
I just remembered something, can’t remember if it was someone like Napoli or some Argentinian team. Support the team but show the club, and lets remember bates is not the club, that we want that Chelsea Pensioner out of Elland Road forever!! Perhaps the lack of movement in the odds is a reflection of how difficult the Championship is to call.
Is there any other league in the world where a team could be considered to have an equal chance of winning the league as they do getting relegated from it? It doesn’t happen because the Premier League always has clear and unmistakable favourites. So common is its usage, calling the Championship “the toughest league in the world to predict” is bordering on cliche, but how else do you explain the lack of effect a positive transfer window (thus far at least) has had on our odds? Maybe they’ve seen one too many false dawns at Leeds United and are now struggling to predict what we’ll do next? But these last eleven days, Leeds United fans have been more optimistic than I’ve seen them in years. Looking at the league and other teams this season I feel we have a real chance and the value is there so it will be the first season in a while I throw down a packet on us to actually achieve promotion, come on you mighty whites.
Noel Hunt should do well for us, and I hope Smith & Murphy can step to a new challenge for them. We are probably near top six, but a big quality centre half and a couple of good wingers (at least one anyway) and the outlook changes. What we have to remember is that we are not the only club who are looking to improve this year and others are also strengthening at the same time! But my recommendation is that try to keep cool head and really follow the other teams as well if posiible in order to make right choices.
I can’t see the likes of Brown, Diouf, Pugh and Varney getting a single game next season other than for the worst injury list. They make the same mistake every year of making the relegated teams odds on to go straight back up when it often doesn’t happen. If I was a betting man, which, I’m not, I would only give them an outside chance of making the play-offs. I feel exactly the same and until 2 wingers and a central defender arrive at Leeds, it is difficult to say just where Leeds will finish next season.
Just to add: the point being that, since talent at this level is difficult to monoplise or concentrate in a few clubs, for financial reasons, it tedns to be disrributed fairly evenly throughout the Division. Can TSS please invent a technique for writing on a webpage so the likes of me wouldn’t have to apologise for typos.
I am not the only person that does not rate Varney and even the Yorkshire Radio commentators at the Farsley game were still saying that Varney looked indecisive. All I want is an improvement on last season, Its going to take time to get back to the premiership, Lets all get behind the team and move onwards and upwards togethrt.
Our problem is, most of our key players get to big for their boots (pardon the pun) and want premiership football to soon, which causes leeds to slip up. Nah to be honest, it’s the clubs inability to offer players of quality a wage that matches a club bidding for them.
Firstly, I know the headline may seem like a not-so-subtle ploy to grab your attention (which, by definition, is what a headline is) but it’s perfectly justified. More often than not, supporting Leeds United is a torturous experience, one which leaves us angry, upset and questioning the reasons we waste so much money doing so.
The tribal nature of football defies conventional wisdom, often impossible to explain to our loved ones who find it difficult to understand our insatiable thirst for more. Even those of you who started supporting Leeds United for the pleasure and glory of victory are now willingly torturing yourselves too, which makes you just as stupid as those of us who justify our support based on Elland Road’s proximity to our place of birth. Dolf Zillman called it the excitation-transfer theory which is a clever way of explaining why we feel so much additional pleasure from success when we’ve overcome tremendous adversity. If emotions were measured on a scale, with 0 being content, -10 being emotional wreck and +10 being ecstatically happy, the aim of a climatic action film is to take you from 0, up and down through the minuses, before leaving you at a positive figure. I mention both horror and action films because I’m somewhat torn between what example best fits Leeds United. The first option could contradict the headline, though it largely depends on the intensity of the trade-off.
If we just considered stadium size alone assuming we sell out(which i think we would if we were prem again) we’d be almost top half of the premier league table in gate receipts alone. We buy a product from a shop, but it lets us down and we send it back, and depending on the shop’s attitude, we may not deal with them again.
The players & coaching staff are very well paid, compared to most fans, but do not like being criticised.
Totally agree, still care but can’t be arsed with the hassle of getting to ER to watch what is, 75% of the time, utter dross.
Best season EVER, me & my mates were all 18-19-20, none of us gave a damn about everything we worry about now. Maybe one day we can see another group come through or be bought who care as much as we do. I was born in Somerset, no one in my family supports Leeds, I got into watching football by hanging at my Arsenal mad friend’s gaff but chose Leeds as my team once I had a better understanding of football and football history. I put myself through all this shi% and I’ve no reason to do it other than unrequited love of a football club.
You can change your job, house and even wife but there are some thing a man never changes, now 50 years old and still upset when we lose MOT.
I have never lost my faith for the Whites fortunes but what comes to supporting well some things do not change.
To think, when we get promoted to the Premier League, the jealous little Yorkshire sides like Huddersfield, Bradford City, Donny, Sheffield(Both teams) will still be saying how much they hate us. That was a funny line I am still laughing now, I am from London my dad supported us from dons era probably for the glory as he is a fully fledged cockney but his passion for the club rubbed off on me, as he used to take me to Elland road when he could and the vibe and environment could not be matched to any other ground I have needlessly dragged myself to since, as I said before I am a world away from my beloved club but through thick and thin regardless of how many other londoners could not understand the passion for the whites I had, I have maintained the same love and if anything through the dark times it has strengthened, I love leeds United and will refuse to swap sides with anyone else even if our club was liquidated the badge is eternally emblazoned on my chest .
I lived in West London and just about everyone else was Chelsea mad and in the 70’s that was a fierce rivalry.
Shoppers have been descending on stores of the collapsed JJB Sports chain that have been sold to rival Sports Direct. The final demise of JJB Sports was announced on Monday, when administrators KPMG said the partial sale of the business had saved 550 jobs. More on this story Man cautioned as shoppers flock to JJB sale in Londonderry 2 October 2012 What went wrong at JJB Sports?
Ninety-six football fans were unlawfully killed in the Hillsborough disaster, a jury finds - sparking jubilation and relief among families.
The majority of fans in attendance at Elland Road tomorrow will struggle to remember the last time we beat Cardiff City, which is hardly surprising when you discover the last time was 1984 – some of our fans won’t have been alive! It’s almost like someone decided enough was enough back in 1984, placing a curse on Leeds United that would make them incapable of beating Cardiff City ever again. Perhaps the hooligan problem of the 80’s caused the shift in attitudes, and developed another largely one-sided rivalry.
Cardiff, we owe them several dont we, and wouldnt it be brilliant if McCormack and Keogh put a few past them. These next 3 games are critical for us, and form me will play a big part in the shape of the division. The Scratching ShedFounded in 2008, The Scratching Shed is an independent fansite written by, and for, the fans of Leeds United Football Club. With exactly one month to go until the transfer window opens, you’d think there would be more pressing matters for the news agencies and sites to report than potential moves, but alas, fans love nothing more than dreaming of what could be, so why shouldn’t the evil news agencies deliver that to them? In the case of Leeds United, two players have already been churned out of the old rumour mill. The second rumour may provide more room for optimism, as Leeds are rumoured by Sky Sports to be part of a Championship trio chasing Stevenage’s Lawrie Wilson. With last year’s Jan transfer window in fresh memory I would say the odds are on that you are spot on. We need players in the middle of the park that can command and dominate the midfield, players that can hold on to the ball and keep the play up so other teams can not put us under so much presssure during the final part of the game. We simply need to strengthening the team and that can not be done by players from lower leagues, players that are not even regulars in their own teams. The only story on Sky Sports that got my attention is the one where Bates is demanding promotion. The big thing for me come January is i think its make or break for the relationship between the fans and the club .Now i am NOT saying the fans will stop going but i do think us the fans have had enough of not been on that boat when it comes to signing quality players to take us on further . The last 3 seasons have been the same , in my opinion it nearly cost us in league 1 and we struggled last season after Christmas ,because some would say in a lack of investment in January either in quality loans or permanent signings .. I feel we should do all our permanent signings in august with a tweak in January with quality if needed but its perfect for loans at this time , but they need to add something and i agree with grayson to a degree they need to be loans that will displace whoever it is and be playing thus bring more to the team than we had .. On paper i like the idea of Bates and his we need to go up for the fans , but every ounce of scepticism in my body tells me otherwise to dismiss it as the ramblings of an octogenarion psychopath who cares nothing about us and is trying to win the morons round before he does something to wind us up a bit more . Ins for me would be Pugh on a permanent, Lichaj on loan until the end of season (if fit), and then a quality centre back, centre mid and centre forward, i’d let Keogh go back after his loan is up, great effort not enough goals. After the dissaster with Barnsley, as true Leeds fans, we are full of optimism after winning against Forest; a team that many seems to have forgotten is placed third from bottom of table. UNLESS mr Bates provide the funds that we all understand are needed and we buy, borrow or steal a quality defender, midfielder and forward. One can only dream of where we would have been with the players in the etam today and if we would have been able to hold on to Schmiechel, Jonson and Gradel.
It’s not who we bring in but whether we can negotiate the window without losing Snodgrass to any number of Premiership strugglers. Max Gradel has told Leeds United fans that if they want to see him back at Elland Road, they need to convince the club to facilitate his return. The Ivory Coast international left Elland Road in 2011 for French side St Etienne and has since posted a series of tweets expressing his love for Leeds United. Gradel, still only 24 years of age, was a huge hit with Whites fans scoring 22 goals in 63 league appearances for the club. Neil Warnock has made no secret of his desire to sign a new wide man following the departure of Robert Snodgrass, but a lack of funds has left him unable to do so thus far. Since leaving Elland Road, Gradel has made 24 appearances for Saint Etienne scoring 6 goals.
The point is Max is saying he wants to come back so to answer your question is yes, yes he would. I don’t understand why Leeds fans have to be so negative about every single player we’re linked to? None of us are expecting anything to happen without TOMA, but Warnock reckons good news within 10 days and he’s not the kind of person who would mislead fans, so I think we can dare to dream a little.
His account seems fake, every other tweet about Leeds United, 4 followers and surely his first language is french?
I’ve heard that Seb Carole is also wanting a return and may have been offered a short term contract. Sorry but we have too many false dawns already without an imminent self-flagellaiton over the dashed hopes of a returning prodigal son. Its family reasons why he left, important ones that he had no control over, it was more for the safety and well being of his (younger) siblings. He was faster, more hard working and statistically better than Snodgrass, so it must only be wishful thinking. Ah dude, your post got viciously voted down, I can see why as Gradel is a good player and should come back. The problem with the in-house system was I was deleting about 15 posts a day trying to sell fake crap from China.
Seb Carole is playing for Knaresborough Town in NCEL Division One & has been since the start of the year so I really can see that being true!
Seriously, he came on in a Cote d’Ivoire side that has superstars from the top Champions League clubs and play gravitated towards him. Out of the players who left or were sold, Mad Max would be top of my list to come back … in fact, one of the very few. If there’s one sure fire way to give Leeds United fans a desperately needed lift this January then re-signing Jermaine Beckford from Leicester City would be top of any list. When Jermaine Beckford left Elland Road, he did so with dreams of taking the Premier League by storm at Everton. The fact Leicester City are struggling more than we are should mean we’re the better bet for Premier League football next season though, shouldn’t it?
Leeds on the other hand are achieving pretty much what we all expected them to, and there’s no real reason to believe our position will improve by much. The only reason Leicester City were able to prise Jermaine Beckford away from his cushy little earner in the Premier League was by offering wages well above what Ken Bates likes to dish out.
The theory falls apart however when you try to sign anyone that is above the standard quality of this division. Leicester City paid ?2.5m for Jermaine Beckford, and the rumour is, that they want to recoup as much of that as possible. The single biggest reason why I can’t see this happening is the small matter of not actually needing a striker.
Transfer windows open, fans get excited and it’s always the glamour players that people want to talk about. We have a midfield held together by a 34-year old mad man with all the creativity of a paint-by-numbers masterpiece and a defence taking shifts in the injury room to ensure Ben Parker has some company. If we were the Man City of Championship football, then signing Jermaine Beckford would be a no-brainer. Interesting spelling but surely you jest, he was invaluable to us and if ken allows the funds I think he could be again.
Beckford was all those things but his record of actually scoring for leeds was as good as anyone anywhere (well except billy paynter at swindon) . But Keogh enjoys helping others score and, more importantly, can bring the ball under control, and go forward in a single movement, neither of which are notable features of Macca’s game.

Spent ?2.5m on a Premiership striker and four months and eight days later you are trying to offload him. It does seem unlikely, but considering Beckford struck professional football later than most players, and that he is 28 (peak age for a striker), he’ll be looking for regular football and not the subs bench.
Yeah, although he can move abroad or be loaned to a club in England, which I suspect is what Leicester City would do but only on the basis of a sale at the end of season. Would love Beckford back at Elland Road, and fuck those that hold grudges against him for leaving. Just iin case I did want to have a pop on something I’d have an interest in, what exact SP are you offering for the meteor? Sorry to crash the party, but I’m not a fan of bringing him back, even if it were possible. The appeal of Beckford is that we already have the ideal formula to ensure we get goals with him in the team. I was hoping for forgotten man Simon Cox to be lured, but after a rare start yesterday in the cup he scored a hat trick, which will give RH something to think about…bugger! Beckford has not shown anything like the form he once had, even at Leicester, so any repurchase would be risky as well as costly.
I hope he never comes near Leeds again…he wanted out and nearly messed up our promotion! After Leicester agreed a fee with Doncaster yesterday for Billy Sharp, I think you may have to change your mind on if, but when Beckford will return to Leeds! The journey takes fans on a trip through run-down housing estates and industrial areas where Millwall fans line the streets to greet the travelling opposition fans with a generally classless repertoire of disgusting chants, an assortment of missiles and constant attempts to break the Police line and assault whoever is unlucky enough to be in the way.
As the Police attempted to keep fans separated, one Leeds United fan was struck across the head with a baton from behind. Whether the Police officer in question feels he had justification for the attack is irrelevant, we do not believe a baton around the back of the head is reasonable force under any circumstances. The Scratching Shed hopes the victim of this unjustifiable assault is recovering well and that the Policeman involved will be dealt with by the relevant authorities. Not for one second defending the copper, but for every one of those there are 100 unprovoked attacks on police officers. I enjoy football and go to watch it to support my team and not be some pathetic moron who wants to kick off and cause trouble. Look at Rugby League, fans drink together and there isn’t forced segregation in the stands.
I am a football fan (above Rugby League), go to games for the right reason, i.e to support my team. Having attended this match on Sunday via coach from Elland Road the police escourt was just one police van which was no protection had there been any incidents but they did get us in early before Millwall fans were up i think!!!!! At end of match one Millwall fan kicked off it took 6 police to get him out and then when you looked there were no police only stewards and there fans really kicking offf towards Leeds fans. Disgraceful the way the media hasn’t made a bigger issue of this, if the situation was reversed and the fan attacked the officer, the name Leeds United would be dragged through the dirt again, but that Police officer gets away scot free. To anyone who says a proportion of our fans are thugs, you’re probably right but that has nothing, I repeat NOTHING to do with this. If I was as bad at my job as that copper is at his I’d be unemployable and on the street. But we never have a go at them, we always blame the bloke who gets hit, who probably contributes to their wages, and who frankly deserves better.
I saw the whole event and the pr-eluding minutes, the attack was completely unjustified and the policeman in question was constantly goading the Leeds United fans, even threatening to have a fight with one when he was off duty. So, if you condone this it suggests that the police have carte Blanche instruction to treat members of the public who are not threatening the force in anyway, with force. The Met act with impunity in every situation, under the woeful guidance of being required not only to be in the right, but to be obviously asserting it. I agree that hitting this guy is completely unacceptable but I was at the game on Sunday and I must say the police did a really good job in what was an unbelievably difficult situation to manage. I’m in the process of making a complaint to the Independent Police Complaints Commission. I personally think that the assault by the police officer was disgraceful.A complete abuse of power.
Massimo Cellino’s search for a successor to David Hockaday will end with the appointment of Darko Milanic early this week. May I be the first person on here to say I have no idea if this guy is good or bad for the club.
It is a tough one, I guess we have to patient and see, all we can do is wish him the best as he has a pretty good squad to work with, so there can be no excuses in the long run. Well reading up on Darko’s wiki page he looks to have a real winning mentality, I hope he can match the records he has in the brutally inconsistent land of the championship, fortunately Redders has given him a head start with recent results and morale should be at a high, I wish him luck I hope he can deliver, also does anyone know how good his English is?
As long as one of them is English no really that is great news, I do not understand if you cannot communicate with players how you can really get your point across, that would be a flawed appointment for me and something that is in the modern game that I just do not get, how do you create a bond, relay tactical advice or relate with someone that does not speak your language?
Language is less important with Italian players, who receive a far better football education than those from the UK.
Agreed, after being informed the new gaffa speaks 5 different languages I do not think it will be a problem anyhow.
As I see it Cellino is nurturing the corn harvest, managing his millions, moving house, sorting out all the toxic financial crap at Elland Road and endeavouring to make his yachting exploits look legitimate.
He will also have a good knowledge of the European football market, and may have a player or two in mind to strengthen our squad?
There’s been comments added about Howson leaving, but mostly its been grasping and waiting for the dust to settle. For those that still don’t see the light, those that feel Bates is running the club in a responsible and progressive manner, that Jonny really had to go because he was being unreasonable in expecting us to push for promotion, then all I can say is turn around, see the lemming? But after today, and the final tent peg hammered home that Elland Road is one cavenous sales ground, Bates is clearly going nowhere soon with such young bucks like Lees, White and Clayton to whore out for maximum profit. From fear comes the loathing.
Yet I doubt not so many would literally dance on her grave as they have often claimed they would one day.
Might not be the right decision, but I can’t put up with this shit any longer, Elland Road stopped being enjoyable months ago. The other alternative explanation is that far from making a pact with the devil, he is actually belzeebub himself ! Drowning with your glass half full is the nicest way to go – but you seem to be buying a lot more than your drinks from the Bates kiosk. The only logic I can read from your belief that we’ll play better without him is that he was a troublemaker in the squad and now without him around the wonders of Brown, Pugh and Varyavan will shine forth.
My reference to Bin Laden was to Americans singing in the street on hearing that he was dead, but glad you enjoyed to read it that way. Now I’m no howson fan and if u look back our poor form was only punctured for 2 games after the tragic passing of Gary speed! I am going to hope, pray, wish, and dream that they suffer a loss of form and drop out of the Premier League and return the Judas ex-Leeds players to the lower leagues.
It’s no longer fun for any of us because of the level of commitment shown by Bates to the playing squad, and therefore the level shown on the pitch. Can you imagine if the Premiership was so difficult to predict that the bookies gave teams equal odds on winning the title as they do going down?
Most seem to be expecting further signings when the team gets back from Slovenia, everyone seems to have total faith in Brian McDermott and very few are expecting the sale of key players. Have we been getting a little carried away?
I’m not sure the signing of a League One player, however promising, and two strikers of dubious quality at best should have bookies frothing at the mouth with excitement anyway. Only QPR I must sat that Harry Redknapp won’t allow the player mental drift and he will recruit players whos has stanima and physical presence for CS challenges. We have an awful lot of deadwood to shift and still have deficiencies at the back so the odds are valid until Brian completes his transfer activity.
I guess that is why Brians main target is taking so long, he needs to thin the squad but no one wants our waste.
The new signings have been arriving at a painfully slow rate and history shows that nothing ever happens on the transfer front when Leeds go away in Europe on long pre-season trips. Consequently, it is the way players are combined, their fitness and self-belief that distinguishes one way team from another. Of the players you mention, I disagree on Pearce who in the home matches I saw was our best central defender central prior to the Watford sending off last season – yes, better than Lees, as I think a perusal of the match reports would show. Perhaps Norris could be a good squad player, but I am not sure weather all of those ex Portsmouth players can cope with the pressure that comes with playing for Leeds. But the pundits didnt want to know and never took me seriously until May 2010 when Leeds showed them and the bookies alike that they are not to be underestimated. Money talks I’m afraid, under Bates the club lacked the ambition to match the wage, and maybe better it slightly than what was offered to our talent to keep them. And worse, none of us will stop to consider for one second that there may be a more enjoyable way to spend our weekends.
So much so in fact, we now consider the failed Champions League challenge a high point of our history. I couldn’t offer her a rational explanation for why I didn’t go and watch a more successful team in 2001, how on earth would I justify the Bates years? Excitation-transfer explains why we continue to willingly suffer the torment of Leeds United’s plight, but are we working on the assumption that all this is an action film where our happily ever after follows the relentless torment we’ve endured? Since we’d simply be building towards a point of ecstasy, enduring the nightmare of this last decade is payment for our reward. I think a good home form can keep a team afloat(see Stoke) and once back in place I think LUFC can stay up as long as we keep it sustainable. If I was a stick of rock and you cut me in half it would say Marching on Leeds Together, I cant have a sunday lunch without Yorkshire Pudding!! Where once we would invade a weak, pathetic neighbouring village like Manchester, we are now forced to support a football team and release vocal venom from the stands.
Were all shit at it but every 5 or so rounds you’ll hit that one shot that maybe Tiger Woods would have been proud of. Why because its what I am, my 6 and 4 year olds both sing mot & have kits even though we now live in enemy territory. I dont support Leeds because they are or have been successful i support them because its my heritage, because its my birth right and because it connects me to yorkshire and my family. I have never been in the Christmas card list here in Finland while supporting the Whites but life takes its toll and if you can take it seriously well life goes on.
I’m not from Leeds, I guess you could say my closest professional team to me would of been Luton. Women are coming and going but the LUFC Club stays for the life curve (from cradle to crave) so one for the road mates. Since 1984, the side have met eleven times, ten of which were in the league, with Leeds collecting just 3 points. They are, without exception, teams who seem to believe the game is a huge rivalry, only they’ve forgot to tell anyone in Leeds and we turn up wondering what the hell is going on.
Perhaps we need to acknowledge them as huge rivals – or at least feign rivalry for the sake of victory?
Looking back over 50 years of supporting Leeds I can honestly say that Cardiff are barely on my radar.
The first, 30-year-old German goalkeeper Thorsten Stuckmann seems somewhat believable but will do little to fuel dreams of an automatic promotion push for Whites fans. I would be hugeky dissappointed but not surprised, and I will then be asssured that the last part of the season will be a struggle as it has been in the last two seasons. And we need another Gradel… we are so predicable in attack and thereby easy to defend against. We have to get in some players that are in form and have a proven skill in the top of the Championship or PL. This would usually make me happy, however, he demanded this to Simon Grayson after a great win and during a week where one of Grayson’s best mates killed himself.
I have earlier critized SG for not getting more funding for players, or rather, for seamingly just accepting that he gets no funds from Bates.
Aidy proved on Tuesday that given the right formation he can give us the penetration in wide areas that we had with Gradel. We have a squad capable of a top ten finish currently, two or three top quality additions and we can push on.
Oh, and happy birthday to Chairman Bates, the sharpest octogenarian in the North (pity about the childish need to provoke). We have played 4 without winning at home including conceding a goal and dropping points to the worst away team in the table, Coventry. The Times yesterday was reporting Everton (amongst others) will be tabling very tempting offers. He’s widely considered to be the kind of creative player the current side is desperately lacking. It would be a massive coup for the new owners and would go a long way toward getting us onside. Why would you want to leave a successful position in the top tier of French football for a second rung and currently-going-no-where English team? Surely, if this aint a false account (which seems likely), Gradel is just being polite and his words are taken out of context. He won’t be earning any more than a Championship player and I doubt St Etienne will be able to command a particularly large fee. The culture clash of what is modern Leeds United and that sort of ambition is just too large to comprehend, lol. It was in no-way because he didn’t want to be at the club and also it was his choice but not for a reason that he wanted to.
Nevertheless I would pick Snoddy ahead of him or indeed any player who has appeared in a Leeds shirt since the Premiership. Nah, if anything some people seem too scared to engage in a discussion with others here and prefer to abuse the vote system for the comments here.
Beckford would be another big signing if he was to return, these are the kind of players we need if we get major investment. 18 months on, he’s playing for a club that currently sits four places below us in the Championship. But Leeds’ problems are not up front, nor have they been at any stage since Jermaine Beckford left. This f*cked up situation is what you get when you employ Sven Goran Eriksson and give him an open cheque book. 40 k a week thats a big wedge in the champs ,will he be up there at the top end of earners for champs . Fifa rule states you can be registered with 3 clubs in any one season, but only play competatively with 2.
He was always in the right place at the right time, AND he annoyed defenders because they had no idea what do to do with him. Leeds are bad right now and for all the overhead kicks and jumps of McCormack, special goals mean nothing, scrappy, dirty winning goals mean everything.
Forgetting the past for a few seconds, would we be really disappointed to sign a fringe player (who didn’t get a lot of game time) from a Premier League club who still managed to score 8 goals in his first year after jumping from League One? We know he has attitude problems, which may have been curtailed by finding out he ISN’T the best in the World and a year or so of growing up. If that hed been a Leeds fan it would have been all over the media with the culprit going down for the attack.
They aren’t the best supporters in the world, these are just basic knuckle scraping idiots who look up to the gutter.
I have been to many games of both rugby league and football, and it doesnt take a brain surgeon to work out that fans of both sides comfortably mix and get a long at rugby league games and police presence is extremely low in comparison to the number of supporters – this is pretty much a fact!! I dont, and i am not condoning actions by police against innocent fans, but others who are looking for trouble get what they deserve and also i dont condone abuse or violence, and it is just a fact that ive seen far more incidents at football grounds.
It is a bad part of the sport, and police escorts into stadiums for away fans are the norm.

It’s just crap like this that we see all the time, fans wanting to attack other fans, and then even the police end up doing rash things.
This guy was quite clearly just walking along minding his own business and gets smacked over the back of the head by someone who’s supposed to be there to protect him.
I have been to matches as a neutral that didn’t involve Leeds and the plod behavior on occasions has been disgraceful.
There were not enough police either in the ground or on the streets when coaches were arriving and departing. They would have been throwing punches at innocent fans as well and the police prevented this.
We were walked through all the estates in South East London, generally throwing abuse at the people watching us from balconies (you can imagine the comments) and in the main, the police were good natured, spoke to us and even laughed at some of the chants.
It was far more aggressive than the recent infamous case which resulted in the death of an innocent man who was walking away after being attacked by a police officer. I promise that I’ll use them if we go out on that date that you are so desperately after.
She is an old woman now, long out of politics, and whose legacy has been blurred as much by the foibles of New Labour and the current coalition. Hell, even Clayton, our only other half decent central midfielder, has looked lost without him. It is a lame comparison but I’m sure there would be more folk in Leeds singing in the streets on hearing of the passing of Bates than there ever were for Osama Bin Laden.
We are all Leeds through and through, we will be abused and taken advantage of by any owner that wants to because we are too stubborn and too loyal to just walk away (the article above lists nearly every loathsome insult to our intelligence and loyalty and we’ve put up with them all). We can still support our lads but we make a very visible protest that the TV networks can show. Wishing someone dead (not tss) and the name calling that follows just undermines the fight, weakens the argument and takes us to Bates’ level of idiocy. The big issue for me is that GFH have started to shown intent, we have a good manager with a good technical brain and know how and the opportunity to strengthen in one or two key areas. I would say we have a good chance to go up as we know what this league takes to get out of it now and the players BM is bringing in is a reflection of that. The pre-season is being wasted and the way things have been going, players will be signed last minute just like last season and the team will have no time to gel. These things depend greatly on the quality of the managers and coaches in charge of their preparation. The pre-season is being wasted because the Leeds team is not completed yet and some players such as Brown, Pugh, Norris, Pearce and Varney should be nowhere near the first team during this pre-season. His mistake against Derby at Elland Road was a school boy error and he was knocked off the ball far too easily by Chris Martin that day.
At least without the favourites tag around the young players necks, they can play with a lot more freedom to show them what they’re made of. I was absolutely devastated by the result, completely inconsolable and to her, it made no sense that I’d willingly put myself through such emotional distress. It’s funny how a moment which caused such distress to so many Leeds United fans is now a treasured memory, the context of history allowing us to see clearly how impressive our Champions League run was. The very best horror films have no problem taking you to -10 on our emotion scale and keeping you there throughout. Or are we stuck in some kind of purgatory, reliving the same horror film over and over again, our only reward coming from the pleasure of survival?
Survival will once again be our reward, continued torment broken only by fleeting spells of moderate joy which only serve to set us up for the next fall.
I have thought a few times about supporting a team in Seria A or in Spain to make life easier, but you need the lows to appreciate the highs. To top it all the football was brilliant even 2 down with 3 mins to go we were at it, never giving up. At now 45 I have been Leeds through and through I love them like a shit marriage for better or worse can’t say it started with Glory as im too young to have had the privilege to have watched the Great Don Revies team. We are, as per pattern relieved at the ending of the present listing but so eager to see the next showing just in case the ending has changed slightly. The six and half foot giant has managed just one appearance for League One Preston and will be considered the first sign of another forgettable transfer window by the masses.
I can’t see the point in taking the risk with an unknown as Pugh does everything adequately enough. Even when Grayson assured hm we can go up, Bates retorted “So why are we 5th then”?
I’d like to see a quality right back with pace (Lichaj on permanent if possible) and a centre-back.
If he told Simon to sharpen up his act after Barnsley, he has my support: we were pretty awful for most of the game. After 19 games I reckon the signs are clear, we are about the strengths and with the same problems as last season and probably the best we can do is barely make the play-offs but not getting promoted.
If we don’t, then our chairman should stop talking about pomotion because it will never happen until he is ready to make the investments so that we keep our best players and attract some new. Max Gradel was a consummate pro, his goal-scoring and assist record is second to none and he wants to come home – what part of that is bad news? By the way brilliant addition if he did come back, I would have thought we would have to buy him for more money then we sold him for though….
With Austin looking after the defence… If Grayson could have got the defence right we’d be in the premier league along side Norwich right now! Also think recruiting Becks may make it easier for LUFC to attract better signings in other positions as I see very little attraction to joining LUFC currently.
Give me Maynard or Sharp – players who we may be able to use in the top flight if we make it. Let’s face it, he was in a bad team in League One, we were poor, but how many times did we get a point when we should have lost or 3 points when we should have drawn? He didn’t know half the time what he was doing either, so how could a defender deal with him?
And we all know how he plays with Becchio and just think what he’d be like when Snodgrass and Howson come back (Howson was one of the main feeders of Beckford)? He abandoned Leeds when Last season he could have stayed with us & with Becchio, Snoddy & Gradel, have blasted a hole in this league! So I think if Larry came calling I think there is a very good chance JB will come back home. He and Lucianno Becchio had an awesome alliance which would no doubt do well again, Beckford’s Premiership experience maybe even bringing more out of Becchio and the team as a whole. Obviously this isnt a majority but there is often more than enough idiots, In the recent past I followed Leeds home and away for ten seasons so i am speaking from what i have seen too, not just from our own fans of course. Yes you get incidents on rare occasions but all im saying is in football there are too many idiots that are just looking for trouble, i know ive seen it for myself!
There seemed to be coins thrown on pitch from Millwall supporters at Leeds players and Linesman but nothing was done.I think thats why the linesman stopped putting his flag up i.e penalty Tom Lees and fouls on many Leeds players!!!!! This one policeman has clearly been heavy handed but I think that 99.99% of those police were there to ensure that there was not a full scale riot and they achieved this. I’ve never heard of Howson being other than a model professional footballer, but maybe you know better?
This is about a once great club who not so long ago mixed it with and beat Europes finest selling it’s captain. He has been brave enough to admit to himself that there is no future at ER the way all Leeds fans see it.
The rise in abusive comments for daring to renew an ST for next season is personally shocking, all because I want to watch some football.
Leeds are 3 players away from finishing in a top 2 position, as opposed to a play off position, which is where they will finish without those 3 key signings. Leeds are the biggest fish in the Championship pond and need to have a mentally strong squad to overcome the challenge from the rest of the teams in the division, who all raise their game when they play against Leeds.
I agree that Lees also had a few poor games last season and made many mistakes and bad decisions, but with a strong experienced defender along side him, Lees still has potential. A decade of absolute dominance, including several Premier League titles and European Cups would be reasonable start, I’d say.
Granted this low has gone on far too long and the time is nigh for GFH to find one very wealthy Arab.
And we ARE idiots for thinking we would get 2 or 3 half decent players in on loan during this 2 week break…long winter ahead!
During the late 80’s all my classmates looked at the table and chose the top boys [ie Liverpool] regardless of anything else.
We were in the old 2nd Division, I will never forget my first match I was 14 and as a Birthday treat me Mum God rest her soul took me on the Train to Sheffield we were playing at Hillsborough and worse yet she bought us tickets in the wrong end. I remember my first game at ER and wearing my full burton kit with pride (although it was chuffing freezing!). It would piss my mum off for starters and she was there when we went mad in Paris so not to be messed with!!!
No reason to put myself through all this hurt and confusion, but i will never change, i have a passion for Leeds (United and the city itself) that i cant explian but im loving every minute and will love every minute til i die, Leeds to my last breath!!! There are times when i have felt like giving up, notably in the last couple of years in the old First Division, and then when we came down in 2003, but like many supporters, I am unable to resist the call of adversity. He needs to take the fight with Bates now, because without funding he will not get us promotion and consequently he will be sacked. I think O’Dea has generally been very solid and has got a good partnership going with Lees – but is he better than Kilgallon, as a good example of somebody who could well be available ?
I felt it was somewhat disingenuous of SG later to come out in defence of the players, alleging that they were getting stick from fans: the criticisms I heard last weekend were mainly directed at his management. We were and still are a championship side with a piss poor board and a lack of true ambition. Besides, I seriously can’t see St Etienne entertaining any deal other than for a handsome profit – are our unknown Saudi wannabe owners really that rich? Why can’t football fans just make their way to a game without portraying themselves as complete morons and looking as though they are looking for a fight?
When you witness kids as young as ten throwing pieces of bricks at those walking to the ground under a plod escort and the home plod do jack shit except for continue to use their batons to prod at visiting supporters, it makes you wonder why you bothered having a day out watching the footy. Whether he deserves it or not makes no difference because hitting people at random is not his job. For that we all have in common, and ultimately it’s good to see there’s life in this old club yet! BM does not say very much, but LUFC are work in progress and he knows what he wants and how to get there. Some fans takes major book makers offers too lightly and in order to support your own team they will buy those odds.That is a field day for the bookmakers they have only everything to gain almost nothing to lose. Here certain teams do stand out as having a better chance than other – Brighton (If Poyet stays), Notts.
Some players cannot cope with the pressure when they play for Leeds and that is why the team conceded so many late goals last season. I cannot believe that Brown has gone on the pre-season trip to Slovenia, when he is such a liability to the team. On behalf of sane Leeds fans, I apologise to SG for this incredulous conversation, let alone when Bates runs off to the press with it on the fans’ behalf.
The only way for SG to survive would be the force Bates to put up the money to strenthening the team and win promotoion. Bates, of course, must take the blame for not finding a compromise with Johnson and Kilkenny, particularly the former: we miss both of them, I feel, for different reasons. If you were a professional Footballer with any degree of talent would you stay under those circumstances.
Although I do think putting Paynter in instead of McCormack was not a management decision but a board decision because of the re payments from going into administration. Do wish that people would, instead of clicking down or up on posts, speand the time chatting explaining why, its not that hard to give an opinion, we don’t bite here. If we were going to sign a striker (which we are not) I would much rather look at Billy Sharp. For years I’ve read and heard Leeds fans talk about how old Bates is, how soon he will be likely to die (statistically speaking!).
As Griff said I wouldn’t care if we were banished to the BSP at least when we’re rid of him we can begin to rebuild. Said it before, I think we have a mid table squad and any player with ambition who is better standard than mid table championship has a right to better himself. As for being 3 players away from a top 2, the same could be said about most of the teams in the Division. Forest, QPR and Leeds United are four that come readily to mind, while Wigan, provided they keep the likes of McManaman and Maloney, could well perform better than their new Manager warrants, for they have Premeriship level talent in their ranks.
I agree on mental pressure, but again I would exempt Pearce from your stricture: on the contrary, he seems to be one of the tougher characters in our squad. Yes disappointment is an understatement but with pride and passion I can safely say when my time comes I will Die a Leeds supporter.
Not sure as Wolves would want at least a million and could be a luxury with Forsell and Somma also available once he recovers from injury. It’s no good, as No I says, having Premier-level facilities, without the team to go with them. Where most former Leeds players being linked with a return to Elland Road is just a romantic notion with the hope they can still do half a job for us when required, I firmly believe that Beckford, and more importantly, Leeds United on a. They came steaming through with their riot shields, hitting my stepdaughter in the process. Shame on the police who claim to uphold law and order and are quick to arrest those that they consider incite trouble (maybe me now?) But in reality they deserve all the abuse they get and until the higher ranked officers stamp out this sort if behaviour , they can not expect any respect from law abiding citizens who demonstrate exuberance whilst supporting a football team. As for Brown et al, I would have thought that Varney, handled properly, could be a useful squad player – and we are light on forwards.
My grandfather was a police officer and in his day you behaved according to the laws by demonstrating right, not wrong. This is about what impact it will have on the rest of the squad and how the vultures that are circling will now view us as fair game. I hope this low life who abused his position loses his job and never has a position of responsibly within society ever again. Once upon a time we used to boo any player that had the audacity to seek a move away from the hallowed elland road turf. Even players who turned us down to go elsewhere were mercilessly booed and chanted at until breaking point. I’m happy with appointment, and good article, too, fast reporting and concise, to the point etc. If you dont meet that criteria you are a supporter by proxy and the feeling you will get from supporting them will never be as deep.
Nothing is my guess, unless I get a knock at the door at an anti social hour and charged with incitement.
At that point I suggest intelligent human beings and citizens of the UK refer to this article in self defence and hopefully without a baton around the back if the head. After his subsequent move we all booed him to the point where he refused to take a corner in front of the kop on his return.
I dont know anyone that has given up supporting a team in adulthood cos they are rubbish and return to the table to pick a new team.
The same man who apparently turned us down in the summer for riches and another massive club.
Leeds is more than a superficial choice its a family and you have to go through the mill to enjoy the good times.

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